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Frida re-releasing “Something’s Going On”

Written by purplemedusa on June 14, 2005 to .

Frida, the brunette of ABBA, will re-release her 1982 album “Something’s Going On” June 20, at least in the UK. The album was originally produced by Phil Collins, who kept Per Gessle’s arrangement of the song “Threnody,” which is featured on the album. It was also the flip side of the lead single off the album.

  “Threnody” is a poem by American poet Dorothy Parker (1893-1967) that Per Gessle used as lyrics for music he wrote. The new album release contains two bonus tracks.

  Frida has kept quiet the last few years, the last thing heard from her was “Djupa Andetag,” released in 1996, where Marie Fredriksson appeared as a collaborator.

  “Threnody” was once written for the mystical group Modern Times (Gyllene Tider’s first name for a hesitant international career), but was sent to Frida instead. Later it was released by Gyllene Tider on an EMI compilation: “Radio Parlophone 2.”

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It’s a beautiful album which balances rock-pop with heart-breaking ballads, mainly dealing with Frida’s divorce from ABBA member Benny in 1981.

Well worth buying!

It was released over a week ago 06/06/05 according to HMV.... wish I’d known! I am off to buy it laters :)

the front cover us horrid ?!

Note: as I heard Frida released a single together with John Lord last year.

it´s a good album.

In fact, all her albums recorded in the Polar label were remastered and re-released with bonus tracks: Frida Ensam (1975), Something’s Going On (1982) and Shine (1984). Frida’s last album, Djupa andetag (Deep breaths) was released on 1996, and it features the duet Alla mina bästa år. The song was released as a single (the last one off the album), in 2 CD-singles.

It was not the last work by Frida. She didn’t recorded a new album since then, but she has participated as a guest in some albums:

In 2002, Frida recorded the song “La barcarolle” with Italian opera-singer Filippa Giordano. The song was only included on the Japanese release of Filippa’s album, “Il Rosso Amore (Deluxe)”, and due to that hard to find for the fans.

In 2003 she recorded a couple of songs with Swiss singer Dan Daniell: “Lieber Gott” and a new version of ABBA’s “I Have A Dream”. Both songs (along another track only sung by Daniell) were released on a charity CD-single, only available throught the German Fan Club and the Official ABBA Fan Club. The benefits were donated to the organization “Kinder in Not” (Children in need).

In 2004, Frida had a guest appearance on Jon Lord’s (former Deep Purple member) album “Beyond The Notes”. The song, titled “The Sun Will Shine Again” was specially written for her. It was not released on a commercial single (only on a promo).

So, in essence, she hasn’t been heard from since 1996? Three promo recordings that no one can find is hardly the same as releasing public albums in my opinion.

“The Sun Will Shine Again” is available on Jon Lord’s album “Beyond The Notes” and on the live DVD of the same name. And she did a lot of promotion in a lot of German TV programmes.

“Lieber Gott” and “I Have A Dream” were also released on Dan Daniel’s album “Liebe Ist...”

The point is: “Djupa andetag” was not the last she has done. She didn’t disappear. These guest appearances are common in her. Just remember her duets with Ratata (1987), her collaboration in Artister för miljö (1992) and the duet with The Real Group (1992).

I bought the charity single, and “Beyond The Notes” is widely available. Maybe only the fans know about those released, but she’s still recording, somehow.

Purplemedusa said the last we heard from her was “Djupa andetag”, and that’s not correct. Aprilsnow said she released an album last year, and that’s equally wrong. I’m just bringing some light into this.

Thanks Staffany! Frida singing on Jon Lord’s album... what a surprise! By the way, “Beyond The notes” also contains a wonderful play “A Smile When I shook His Hand” devoted to George Harrison.

This is such a good album.... I’ve played it loads since I got it!


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