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Lundquist’s Junk Musik abandons the CD

Written by Jud on April 20, 2005 to .

MALMÖ - While some Swedish artists sign an open letter to stop the downloading of their work, others find Internet a fast, easy and simple way to release music.

  This is the case of Junk Music, a publishing company founded in the spring of 2004 by, among others, Christoffer Lundquist, member of Brainpool and producer of artists like Per Gessle, Gyllene Tider, Bo Sundström and Ulf Lundell.

  Yesterday Junk Musik became the first Swedish company to abandon the CD and release their first single online. The single in question is “Lady Gwendoline” by Metro Jets (David Birde and Magnus Börjeson). The song was recorded on Monday 18, mixed by Christoffer early yesterday morning and put on sale online a few hours later at the price of 10 SEK (approx. €1). Singles by Brainpool, Florian Horwath and Justin Winokur are also available via Junk Musik’s website.

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Well, I think it’s nice to have an online release, but I also think it’s nice to have the CD.

I prefer to have an original cd.

cool, hope it works out for them. oam

I think its awful!

A. if you consider that most sites offer legal mp3s at only 128 Kbit - less than CD quality!

B. Most mp3s are confined or have some kind of digital lock on them so you can only use them on one pc - it f’s up or your pc ias nicked you have to buy it again!

Basically they’re trying to make it so that we dont actually own the music anymore! And for 128 bit I don’t think so !!! 128 kbit compares to music in the 70’s I read in PCPRO!

I’m for original CD’s with booklets!

I want to have a new ROXETTE cd, please per & marie!!!!!


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