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Gessle-penned song on Wadling’s new album

Written by tevensso on March 14, 2005 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - Swedish musician Freddie Wadling (The Flesh Quartet, among others) will release a new album March 30. The album is called “Jag är monstret” (“I Am the Monster”), and contains songs written by other artists, like for instance Jocke Berg (Kent), Mauro Scocco and Per Gessle.

  Per’s little contribution is “Måla mitt minne” (“Paint My Memory”), a mid-tempo song written for the “Mazarin” album in November 2002, but was never fully recorded. Some of the melody is borrowed from Per’s own instrumental “View From a Bridge”, written for the opening of the Öresund bridge a few years ago.

  Titiyo sings with Freddie on this song.

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Gessle has so many songs that he gives them to other musicians!

Tevensso, do you know which song on Wadling‘s new album is Per‘s one, what it‘s called?

Yes, what is the title, please? :)

Does this mean it’s a ’new’ song by Per written for him, a demo discarded long ago or an existing song?

Dunno yet. :S

I’d say he would have written it if he’d know... ;)

Anyway, it can be any of these:

1. Drömmarna
2. Jag brinner
3. Måla mitt minne
4. Det sitter i dig > I say this :P
5. Farlig liten jävul
6. Jag kan bara ge allt
7. Då alla stjärnor föll
8. Flyg min väg
9. Tjuven (ligger i täcket för bytet)
10. Jag är monstret
11. Ett fönster mot gården
12. Disko Kebab
13. Bär ut mig käre Jesus

1. Drömmarna
2. Jag brinner
3. Måla mitt minne
6. Jag kan bara ge allt
7. Då alla stjärnor föll
11. Ett fönster mot gården

One of these...

What happend to the songs Per would write to After Dark? It was written in HP that He would write for them but I havn’t heard anything about that sense that

Let us know as soon as you know witch song Per has written please

Workaholic just like me :)

Tack Per for solving the mystery :)

“Måla mitt minne” sounds very much like Gessle

@Judith: What do you mean by saying “Tak Per for solving the mystery”? Did you get this news straight from him?

Per may have been involved in the answer, yes.

“View From a Bridge ” is by Per? It‘s something new to me, I thought it was Clarence‘composition/

so, it might be on Mazarin!

“View from a bridge” is from Per and Clarence

“View from a bridge”? Where can i get this song?

It was released commercialy?

If you have it - [email protected].

@Bunio: I already sent you the song :)

heyy I want that instrumental song! pleas send it to me=) [email protected]

@Magnuswesters: Done!

Did u know this guy is the original bass player of Leather Nun? And Leather Nun is the band that “the supposed” Marie´s ex husband plays drums?
Just curiosity...
(supposed because nobody knows if it’s true).

@tuca interesting news...

Hey! Seems Per’s song is also being released as a single ... here’s the link to EMI’s site, the cover to the single is also there!

Has someone heard it already?

En vacker dag
så ska jag sitta ner
och måla av
mitt minne utav dej

Så blå så blå
var himlen där du stod
I en koltrasts sång
jag såg för första gång
jag såg vår första gång

Då som mjukt i guld
solen föll på din vita hud
som om livet blev öppnat av
Gud sha la la
Hey ey
Sha la la la
som om livet blev öppnat av Gud

En vacker dag
Så ska jag sitta ner
Och måla av
Mitt minne utav dej
Mitt minne utav dej

Då som mjukt i guld
solen föll på ditt bruna hår
som om livet fick börja den
våren sha la la
Hey hey
Sha la la la
Som om livet fick börja den

La la la la...
Na na na na...

thanks PiR_GeSSLe

I was looking for “View from a bridge”, the instrumental song by Per and Clarence, too.


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