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MP’s song wins Finnish Eurovision semifinal

Written by roxeteer on January 22, 2005 to .

JYVÄSKYLÄ - The song “Everything But Still Nothing,” co-written by Gyllene Tider guitarist Mats “MP” Persson and performed by Christian Forss, won the latest semifinal in the Finnish selection of Eurovision Song Contest 2005 on Friday night. The song got 26% of the given votes, and was especially liked in the Western Finland where 45% voted for the song.

  The other writer of “Everything But Still Nothing,” Patrick Linman, had also another song in an earlier Finnish semifinal. That song, titled “Kissed By A Fool,” was performed by his own band Place-2-Go. The song came fifth and didn’t make it to the final.

  The Finnish selection will continue with two other semifinals and the final in Tampere on February 19. Because of the poor results in previous Song Contests, the Finnish candidate must take part in an international semifinal in Kiev, Ukraine on May 19. The Eurovision Song Contest final will be in Kiev two days later on May 21.


(Music and lyrics: Patrick Linman and Mats Persson)

You gave me all your time, yeah

You were there

And you were mine

You were kind

And you were smart

You took me home when I was lost

But heavens gotta know

I guess you never loved me anyway

You wasted a lot of years

A lot of tears

While you were mine

But that didn’t seem to bother you

By my side you were always fine

So heaven let me know

Did you ever really love me anyway

Still I’m glad I found you

I’ll be there to guide you

If you ever need a friend

’Cause I’m totally surrounded

By your open minded

Way of thinking, way of talking

So I’m sorry to say

You gave me everything but still nothing

You taught me how to laugh

And how to cry

And how to smile

You made me realize

I was special in your life

But heavens gotta know

I never loved the way you loved me, oh

Still I’m glad I found you…

You gave me all your time

You were there

And you were mine

You were sweet

And you were humble

You told me everything you knew about love

But heaven let me know

Did you maybe, love me after all, oh

Still I’m glad I found you…

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Congratulations! MP rules!

Is that song available for download somewhere? I’d lov to hear it!

congrats MP

Did Per´s song for NORWAY win?

@zelda: what???

Beautiful and wise lyrics I must say, would love to hear song too

Good luck!!!

@zelda: really what are you talking about???

Zelda, uhh?
Mats’s song is not good at all. It’s like Boyzone with guitars or something like that.

@ above

Aren’t most of the contestants always...?

Anyway, I think the performer had more to do with the winning than the song...

I didn’t get to be so lucky as to hear the actual song, but I can imagine how terrible it was. :o) something we in Finland call PURKKAPOPPIA!

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