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“Varmt igen” featured on Jöback’s live DVD

Written by Jud on December 3, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - The Gessle-penned song “Varmt igen” – released for the first time on Peter Jöback’s album “Jag kommer hem igen till jul” in 2002, and later included on Per’s “Mazarin” album – is featured on Jöback’s new live DVD “Jag kommer hem igen till jul - live från Cirkus.” His performance was recorded last December at the Cirkus theatre in Stockholm.

  Besides “Varmt igen”, the DVD – which is out now – features various tracks from Jöback’s album, such as the duet with Eva Dahlgren “Jag tror på dig”, and classic Christmas songs like “Ave Maria” and “O Helga Natt” (“O Holy Night”); as well as a “Disney Medley.”

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Hehe I liked his play of “Varmt igen” in Skansen.
Anyone can copy it?

I like this song a lot, thinking of getting the dvd ;)

I already bought it! I love his xmas album, anybody has the Skansen performance? VI is a song I adore!

Peter has a very good voice,i’ll buy the DVD surely

So where can i sample some of his music...? I’m rather curious - esp the English stuff!! (Lord and I’m gonna have to be picky & ask for a download location that has files in .zip format; I guess that’s alot to ask)

@purple, he’s got a great voice! I don’t really know his English albums yet but seen as it’s xmas I suggest you listen to ’Jag kommer hem igen till jul’. It’s a gr8 CD full of traditional xmas songs. It would be great if he also did an English Christmas album (I keep on hoping).

so now I know what to order together with the “All about you” single ;)

Edit: Ordered... will let you know when I get it :)

His English albums are so and so :)

It seems it’s worthwhile listening...

@kibkalo you’ve got mail!

@kibkalo, I can’t manage to e-mail you! I get an error message. My e-mail address is [email protected]

roxlad, I haven’t got any!
Plz try to mail (place @ instead of #)

@kibkalo, done it!

just to comment on this. I got the DVD and watched it.. great concert! Peter has an amazing voice and he’s a great artist, very funny Disney medley :D Varmt igen is also nice, this song is like it’s been written for him, HE sings it great :P


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