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Åkerlund releases DVD

Written by tevensso on September 24, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - Swedish director Jonas Åkerlund will release a DVD next year, under the prestigious name “Director’s Label”, where directors like Spike Jonze and Chris Cunningham have been released before.

  Jonas Åkerlund has directed several videos for Roxette and Per Gessle, but it’s not at this point known if those videos will be included or not. In 2003 there was a specially made DVD named “Jonas Åkerlund” released for electronics company LG’s sales meet in Stockholm, which included all the commercials and most of the videos Jonas had made so far. This is to this date the only place Per Gessle’s solo videos have been released.

  The DVD, made in 600 copies, was never commercially available.

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they better be.

Did ROXETTE videos where included in the previous DVD “Jonas Akerlund”???


Why weren’t we told of this 600 copy DVD release last year? So there are DVD quality Per solo video. Tev, do you have one?

OMG... I’m SOOOOO broke!! So many releases; it’s so hard to keep up financially!!

I have a copy of it, I haven’t been able to find an original myself yet.

I’ve read this twice and I still don’t understand it.

What didn’t yoy undestand??? It will DVD that might include ROXETTE videos.

Perhaps a miss in TDR’s article since Åkerlund has as well directed videos for Marie?...

Miss Medusa, now I need a change of underwear! LOL! I knew he was going to sooner or later. Already own the Chris Cunningham DVD - and it’s awesome!

Word to everyone out there: Director’s Label DVD’s are just a selection of videos. Not ALL the videos done by the directors are featured on these dvd’s. They are usually the director’s favourites, groundbreaking and award winning videos. So I doubt the Gessle videos will be on this release. If we’re lucky, Kix will be on this release, as it is one of Akerlund’s faves - together with WICF and Anyone.


I never knew that videos mentioned by carbon boy are Akerlund’s favourites.

@Auryte: He has selected those 3 videos for his exhibitions before. They are his “Rox Faves”. Sorry if it sounded like they were his alltime faves. I guess we can expect to only see one Rox related video on there. The rest of the dvd will be filled with the likes of Madonna, U2, Smashing Pumpkins, Metallica, The Prodigy, Cardigans, Christina, etc. and ofcourse his ads.

I still cant wait!!!



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