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Brainpool’s “Junk” premieres this Thursday

Written by Jud on August 17, 2004 to .

MALMÖ -   Brainpool’s latest project “Junk: a Rock Opera” will be out in the stores this Thursday, August 19th. The double CD – which will also be presented live with the Malmö Symphony Orchestra (MSO) during the Malmö Music Festival on the same day – contains a total of 28 songs in English.

  The band, consisting of Jens Jansson, David Birde and Christoffer Lundquist, celebrates its 10th anniversary with this release, which is the first since 1999 when they released “You Are Here.”

  The live version of Junk with the MSO will naturally differ considerably from Brainpools CD-version, which is being released by Playground Music. The group has worked on the recording off-an-on for about four years, in between other projects. Most recently, Lundquist – who has played with Roxette – co-produced Gyllene Tider’s “Finn 5 Fel” album.

  Some of the songs from “Junk” are available to listen to on the band’s official website.

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Me like the sound, another album I want....

#8. “Working with my hands” sounds great

cd2#14 “Los reyes de la música rock progresiva” (The kings of progressive rock music)

so they are aspiring to get that title eh?, well, they may achieve it.

It will be broadcasted live in SR P3 21.03 on Thursday!

i was soooooo happy to listen to the new stuff!!!!! brainpool RULEZ!!! The songs that are available are incredible.. OMG how will this sound live with an orchestra!

Nobody is interestet in such an article after we read the article before :-(

i wonder if one of them speaks Spanish, they already had that “a postcard from Juan” song in Painkiller :P

next year Frida turn 60... there will be a big party in Switzerland.... (Frida has worked with Marie and they have a good relationship) ;D

I’m interested in Brainpool juust because of ROXETTE.

Hello - I really wany to buy Painkiller but it has been deleted from production - I’ve searched online at lots of different music stores and I went into several stores in Stockholm and Gothenburg recently, all with no luck - I’m really happy to pay for it but I can’t find it - would someone like to sell me an original copy or a CD-R? - if you can help please e-mail me at the address in my profile - thanks! - best wishes from Rich

Edit: thanks to Judith I have managed to order a second hand copy online - thanks again :-)

Rich, you have mail :)

ps: look at the first URL I gave you :D

Happy people who can think about Brainpool at the moment...

Of course I’m happy, it’s great to have new material from Brainpool. I’ve been a fan or liked their music since the very beginning. I still remember when I got Soda before they played in Barcelona with Roxette, how amazed and happy they were when they saw I have the CD and how much they liked to see my sister and me sing along their songs, jump, scream, shout during their performance :D No need to say we were the only ones who knew them so we got special attention from the guys, esp. Christoffer and David :P

Junk sounds good on their site.....

Waiting for the news. Ha ha ha. Though I was also surprised to see the article about Brainpool. But as they have connection with ROXETTE, why not.

almost Mazarin band on stage

Jens, Christoffer, Helena + Clarence

Jonas, Anders + Per missing haha :P

You can hear the live recording here (until thursday)

Somehow my computer can’t play it...


:D :D :D :D

yes... they have conexion with Roxette... plop!

and maybe they have not a own web site, thats why we have to read their news here...

Have Brainpool ever warmed up ROXETTE’ s concert?

have seen junk, it was nice! helena josefsson appeared on stage, too... =)

Even Nordic MTV han news about Brainpool.


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