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Advertisement cleverly claims Sweden’s biggest boyband is in town

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on August 3, 2004 to .

GÖTEBORG - “Sweden’s Biggest Boyband is in Town,” proclaims a full-page advertisement that’s been appearing for several weeks now in newspapers here in Göteborg. The circus-like display font used in the ad is unmistakable, given the success of “Finn 5 Fel!” and the advertising surrounding the release of that album. It’s the same font… so it’s obviously Gyllene Tider’s upcoming appearance at Ullevi this Saturday evening that’s being hyped, right?

  But having captured our attention, the ad continues by saying “Or more accurately, we’re almost always in town.” It turns out this clever ad is actually promoting the Göteborg Boys Choir (Göteborgs Gosskör), a group with members between the ages of 7 and 24 years old.

  It’s one more example of how pervasive the Gyllene Tider phenomenon is in Sweden this summer.

  Ulf Sollin, a spokesperson for the choir, tells TDR that the ad was created by Inform Reklambyrå and is one of a series of pro-bono ads the agency has produced recently to promote the choir and attract new members. Göteborgs-Posten, in turn, donated the space in their newspaper.

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Hehe... could have fooled me. The font... the people of all ages sitting and standing... waiting for something. If this would have actually been an ad for Gyllene Tider, it would have been quite good.

Now, when it’s not, it’s even more clever. ’Cos it gets you to think about GT, and you wanna see what it say’s more... and you see that it’s about that boychoir. You remember it ’cos you thought it was about GT, and when someone else mentions it you say “Yea I know that ad. I thought it was about GT.”

So... it is in a way about GT, even if it’s not meant to be. If you understand what I mean....

I think the daily rox is desperate for news this week...that was a very loose connection to GT!!!

Poli: Hey thanks for sharing that article!! I think the guy who wrote it must have visited my site (the MF worship page, no longer working thanks to ending), because there are 2 quotes that he couldn’t have found anywhere else but the worship page. He must have visited my site (while it was still working) to get research!

Back to ad, I must admit that this ad promoted GYLLENE TIDER, but not boy choir. I don’t think this will increase it’s amount of members. Now evereyone is more interested in GYLLENE TIDER.

@Sparvogamarie: Don’t read it if you don’t like it! Since they even use the same font and write that the biggest boyband is in town it can’t be more obvious what they try to make people think, so I think it really has something to do with GT and therefore it fits perfectly here. Well, my opinion...

I thought it was a really cool ad and a very cool way to make the choir more interesting.


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