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Fashion and cosmetics firms offer “Roxette” nail polish, shoes

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on August 31, 2004 to .

NEW YORK - What color is Roxette?!?

  According to a U.S. cosmetics firm based in California, Roxette is in the “red” family. As part of their “Wet ’n’ Wild” line, Markwins Beauty Products is marketing a shade of nail polish called “Roxette.” The shade could perhaps best be described as a raspberry-red (think “Ballad Hits”) color.

  Tina Perez, the Wet ’n’ Wild brand manager at Markwins, tells The Daily Roxette that “it’s one of our more popular colors… it’s actually been around for several years now. Roxette is a ’hot’ name and the color is a ’hot’ red.”

  The crystalic, calcium-enriched nail color sells for around $2 USD a bottle, and is available at many retail locations in the United States – both in-store and online.

  Meanwhile, the designers at fashion house XOXO have given the name “Roxette” to a pump-type, Mary Jane-style shoe in their collection.

  Making the connection to the musical group Roxette, the copywriter at writes “Look sharp! These dressy, sporty mary jane pumps from XOXO have a great hybrid style.”

  The shoes sell for around $72 USD.

Scoll contributed to this article.

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well im a boy....where’s the Gessle Deodorant?? Where’s the GT’s After shave?

Wet n’wild? Yeah.... right... probably named after the Dominatrix woman in London... Think Per was given one of her cards by a certain girly on here. :D Roxette the dominatrix... mwhahahaha.

The shoes are awful! :D

..The shoes are awful.. Anyway I bought quite a lot of XOXO bags and other items while being in NY earlier this year. Pretty nice items... Wonder why those shoes look THIS awful, then.. *uah*

indeed these shoes are ugly :D *yuk*

i don’t use nail polish.. but maybe Per wants to change the one used in A thing about you video? :P

’Made me laugh hehe’ I thought roxette was a womens name ? where did per get roxette from ?

do they have to pay roxette to use their name?

Hey those shoes will only work if you’re Sarah J Parker!!

in paris this shoes were a must have for girls this summer!!

The shoes are extremly ugly! I would never wear them.

Hope that they have askt if they can use the Name. If not I think they have a problem.


Just take a look at the Room Service era and it is not difficult to conclude that Roxette’s colour is indeed red!

What kinda girls would wear such shoes? I can only guess. What’s next? Roxette condoms( with an “almost unreal” slogonl)



Some smart US fans could make some money selling this stuff on Ebay!! I have to admit, I would buy the nail polish :p

i definetly have to get these for my Roxette collection...

ahaha... you people are funny, but ..The shoes are awful.. !!!!!!!!! thats fore shure. kisses me...

I guess I’m the only one who truly loves these shoes. And my sister does!!! After ROOM SERVICE tour when MARIE had polished HER nails red, I started to like this colour of nail polish.:)

The shoes look like Daisy Duck’s!

hehe...right on tevensso!!

nothing I’d like to gift my girlfriend with, but anyway....good stuff to know...

it only shoes, I mean shows, how people mind on music...there’s a kind of atmosphere, almost like a virus for each band...and ocasionally that atmosphere spreads all around or a new epidemy, from nothing, starts...good least, a new US realease for 2005??? maybe?? hmm...

The Roxette nail polish color looks very much like “I’m Not Really A Waitress” by Revlon.

LOL Thomas!!!! I knew they reminded me of something!! LOLOL

It’s amazing... ;-)

ohh! ok, per use the lipstick so why not!
where can i buy the items :-)

Comment removed by author

to Bunny and to the others: will we be paid to wear such shoes ?? Anyway i’ll keep mine ....

It makes me think about the Look Sharp album where they speak about a fashion line ... It had more style ... (I speak about the girl with the bra ...or without)
Get dressed for success !!! not to look like stupid !!! Hope not to be misunderstood at all !!!

I love these beautiful shoes and the nail colour,but here they’re not available .

I’m not sure if shops in Lithaunia have these ones for sale...

there is also an energy drink called rox...

OK, who knows more ROXETTE things???

I want these shoes for my rox-collection:)

It does surprise me they can use that name for these products. Didn’t Madonna sue some website because it was called she thought she had the rights to that domain name and no one else, kinda similiar ?

No, not similar. One might be confused with thinking you were getting the musical artist named Madonna. But there is no such confusion with nail polish or shoes... it’s clearly NOT the musical group you are getting. As long as the intent is not to confuse or defraud the consumer... there’s no problem.

Per has taken the name from the song “roxette”

I like the shoes ;o))

Oh my God!!! Is that true already?! They will have the accessories for everyone... I think that this was the right idea. I hope it works!


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