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“Join the Flumeride” in the stores

Written by tevensso on June 11, 2004 to .

HALMSTAD - As reported some weeks ago, the “Join the Flumeride” DVD is now out in the stores in Sweden. The DVD can be purchased in two stores in Halmstad as well as via Internet at the “Join The Flumeride” web site.

  The web site describes the movie: “Join The Flumeride is the true story about Gula Tidningen and Pincette. A colorful musical journey through USA no 1s, barr√© chords and spectacular hairstyles. This movie is full of songs - all of them are hits!”

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Very good timing for releasing it, ha.

Swedish with English subtitles.

Why warning? This DVD will be the first I buy when I get to Halmstad, it ROCKS!

Is it just a parody of Roxette or is there more to it?? I really don’t know much about it...

Is the DVD region 0? I’m thinking of getting it, I just need to know if it can play on my North American DVD player that can play PAL discs...

I gotta try and get this... darn, darn, darn. :(:(:(

Yes, “Flumeride” is a parody movie of Roxette.

@Manda I’ll get you one - don’t worry!!

Mut, I LOVE YOU! ;)

This DVD will be the first I buy when I get to Halmstad EITHER!!
But i’m afraid it will be sold out :-(

i ve seen this “join the flumride” once... and i hope the dvd will be released here in Southamerica.... “dreams are dreams”

Who sais the opposite? Look up the word “parody” in your dictionary.

“Insulting”? Mockery is the best kind of flattery, said someone. If you think this movie is insulting then you are probably not from Sweden, and maybe don’t see it the way one should.

Per loves this movie, by the way. That should say something about it.

“Mockery is the best kind of flattery”

And it generally comes when a band or artist becomes more than a simple artist, it kinda becomes an institution* by itself.

*dunno if the word translates properly to english.

Per is IN the movie... so surely that tells you something?
I love it me... and everything. ;)

Too bad you can only but it in real stores in Sweden ans can’t order it unless you have PayPal, which is available only for some 20% of all countries... Would it be possible to offer a few copies for sale for some decent online stores, like Skivhugget, so that people ourside Sweden could buy it as well? I’m really interesten in this release. Thanks.

I liked the idea about this movie!!!! Would someone please help me???? How can I buy it??? Does it have only in Sweden???

Well, in my opinion, if Per appears on it that’s because it’s not an offensive video!!!

Go into, they can probably help you.

This DVD should be so funny! Yes does anyone know if this is region 0? While I can play it on my laptop or PC I would like to play it on a regular DVD player, by the way the DVD is 22 Euros including shipping so this is not bad because DVDs here cost around that!

Anyone who wishes to swap this DVD for “The Ballad and Pop Hits” DVD please drop me a mail ...

I just want to give credit to the Join the Flumride gang. Ordered the DVD thursday afternoon, and by monday noon it was in my postbox! Fast and reliable. The DVD is awesome, and so is the music in it! :)


Just bought the DVD... 22 euros for a DVD including shipping is not too shabby! Now I wonder if they realize that I live in Canada? :-)

DAMN, this is a great movie! And the new extras are terrific! Too bad about the menu problems on some players (mine of course). Thumbs up!

Link doesn’t work with me. Only got small black letters saying “Join the Flumeride”, nothing else. Anyone knows this problem?

the link doesn’t work:(

Do you want a copy for yourself but havent gotten hold of any? Check this thread out:

There are only 500 copies made and when i spoke
with Tobias (the director) mid last week there where already more than 300 sold....

//Micael of pop25


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