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Brainpool’s rock opera finally on stage

Written by roxeteer on April 27, 2004 to .

YSTAD - Christoffer Lundquist’s band Brainpool is finally getting their rock opera “Junk” on stage. The band members tell Ystads Allehanda that the opera criticizes our modern consumer society. As the band members describe it, “the society produces junk, talks crap and stinks like trash.”

  Brainpool will perform the opera with the Malmö Symphony Orchestra during the Malmö Music Festival on August 19. The opera will also be released on CD on August 25.

  The opera was first mentioned in The Daily Roxette in June 2000. Since then, Christoffer has worked with both Roxette and Per Gessle. Another Brainpool member, Jens Jansson, played with Per’s band on the “Mazarin” album and the tour last year.

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Nice theme for an opera :D

me :)

btw, they are right about the society and the talking crap ;)

I thought this is a Roxette page?!

What’s the use of saying this? More of Roxette!

oh come on people stop being such bores!!! this is cool news for the people that are interested.... i agree, yes this is a roxette site but at the moment roxette arent doing anything so why not report on related news? if you arent happy with this news being published here then meh.... its just like sayin stop reporting on Gyllene Tider or Per & Marie solo on this site.... cos its not ROXETTE is it eh?

>> i think its really cool news! such a pitty we leave sweden after the tour a few days earlier *sigh*

well nobody forces you to read.

The headline says exactly what the article is about.. so this is just like any other newspaper. IF you are interested in sports, you will read the sports section, if not, you will just ignore it.. so do yourself (and the rest of the people here) a favour doing the same here.

Here for more:

@xarrr: that’s just what I think!!
I was really thinking about maybe goin back to sweden to see malmöfestivalen - I’ve missed this in so many years - mostly because I had just left the country... maybe I can do it this year... =)

thanks for the article ;) i’m very glad you reported about this.
——> mentioned c lundquist and the junkopera in my new “sagt”, :)

go brainpool!

Roxette ? Ha not until 2005...

So hey why screaming round, thatz great news and nice combination as well

One advise, just try the “Night Of The Proms”, also excellent mix of classic and Pop/Rock

Lookin forward for this CD

it has to do with a roxette-band member: so it has to do with roxette. too. and you who don’t care about brainpool, why do you care about reading the article AND posting comments???

*edit* if you don’t pay attention to things you’re not interested in you won’t have to be angry and you won’t get grey hair of this anger... =)
let the ones interested have their news... peace...

i’ll be first in line for a copy of junk. do they have an official site?

Brainpool ain’t Brainpool without Kask

Well I think Brainpool’s music is awesome! One of my favorite bands. Unfortunately they have lost a lot without Kask’s talent. And since Chistoffer Lundquist and Jens Jansson have contributed a lot with Roxette and Per Gessle, they deserve to be included on the Daily Roxette news section. And now excuse me I’m going to listen to my Brainpool’s “Soda”.

I like them... =)

Guauuu... that surprise ... without words...


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