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Mats “MP” writes a song for Finnish song contest

Written by roxeteer on December 2, 2003 to .

HALMSTAD/HELSINKI - An old friend of Per’s, a member of Gyllene Tider, a co-writer of “Listen To Your Heart”, Mats “MP” Persson is in the spotlight again. He has written a song for the Finnish selection of Eurovision Song Contest 2004. The song, titled “Can’t Stop Loving You”, will be performed by Patrick Linman, a singer-songwriter who wrote the song together with MP. The selection will take place in January 2004.

  “I almost forgot we even sent a song to the contest,” MP told Hallandsposten. MP and Linman met each other at a seminar for people in music business that took place on a ferry traveling from Sweden to Finland. MP was there promoting new artists from Halmstad and Linman was performing as a troubador.

  Because of Finland’s bad result in 2002, the selected song must also go through the all-European semi-final on May 12 to qualify for the Eurovision Song Contest final in Istanbul on May 15. However, after bomb attacks in Turkey, there has been talks on moving the final to a safer place in Europe.

  We reported earlier that Per has been invited to write a song for the Swedish selection of Eurovision Song Contest.

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cool if per and mats will be in the finals together...

Would be great if Per writes smth. new for contest!
No info about it though..

Yeah it would be good if Per wrote one for Sweden and MP wrote one for Finland!

Hopefully Finland will be more succesful than the years before. And that Finnish people will know to choose a good song. :o)

@Maiken: Yea, we can hope... but Finland has “by tradition” never done that well in this contest... although, allowing everyone to sing in english have made life a little bit easier for the finnish contenders.

I could very well take my words back, since I just got the list of who will be performing the contestant-songs for Finland. Anyone who knows who Arja Koriseva, Jari Sillanpää and Danny are will probably agree with me. I think the Finnish organisation doesn’t want to win, and don’t want to ever organise the contest, so they put these kind of singers up for the job, so it would be 100% sure that Finland will be nr. 99 this year also!! It wouldn’t be nice to change the tradition right?

“Artisterna i Melodifestivalen offentliggörs av SVT den 9 december”

(The artists will be published at the 9th of december)

also i heard somewhere that the 4 special artist should be annnounced 1 week before the contest...

Maiken, I totally agree with you about Koríseva and Danny. But Sillanpää is a good singer. Well, his music is not so good, but he knows how to perform. Danny on Eurovision songcontest final...that would be so embarassing :D

@ tevensso - isn’t that only the people to perform? Per was only invited to write a song..?

@ Mari, yeah, Jari rules, together with Marco! :o)


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