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Clarence Öfwerman writes music for Christmas TV series

Written by roxeteer on November 13, 2003 to .

The long-time producer Clarence Öfwerman, who has worked with Roxette since the very first single, has written the music for this year’s Swedish Christmas calendar TV series. TV’s Christmas calendar is an old annual tradition for children and has a different theme or story each year. This year the series’ name is “Håkan Bråkan” and it will be broadcast every day from December 1 until Christmas Eve on SVT.

  Now it’s two weeks to the premiere and Clarence has all the music ready, at least for the first 16-17 episodes. “In the last episode there will come an aunt from space in a sleigh. I don’t know what music there should be, but I still have a couple of weeks to make up my mind,” he says.

  Making music for TV has been a new world for Clarence. “I’ve just started to realize how many people and how much technology is involved. It was also unbelievably cool to be able to go to Berwaldhallen and play with 40 strings from the Radio Symphony Orchestra.”

  Editor’s note: According to the article, Clarence’s favorite Roxette songs are “It Must Have Been You” and “You’ve Got The Look”. We hope it’s the reporter who has made the mistake.

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Editor’s note: According to the article, Clarence’s favorite Roxette songs are “It must have been you” and “You’ve got the look”. I hope it’s the reporter who has made the mistake.

>> LOL!!!

Senast sedda film: ”Sköna Sussie”, den var okej.
Latest see movie: “Sköna Sussie”, I wonder if he means “Smala Sussie”

Maybe the reporter is not that good and have written some mistakes in that article...

I strongly doubt that clarence made those mistakes, he is the producerer of them...

If I had produced the best song ever I would never say the wrong title for it...

This news is great!!! Now there are two reasons to follow this year’s ChristmasCalender; firstly because I like the cousins who made the manus, they are famous childrenbookauthors and are for me what Gessle is for the Halmstad-citizens (they are from my hometown) and now this! Go Clarence...

Anonymous, but if there isn’t any news about her?? What if they haven’t heard anything about her health lately?

Like Sofia says, there is no news about Marie. As far as we know, she’s doing OK.

Bah, spoila tv-serien så :/

Clarence, I love you, man! Can’t wait to see (and hear!) Håkan Bråkan!
BTW, you looked sharp on Swedish Hit Music Awards!
And it would be really cool if you could come to DVD signing together with Per on Nov. 26th.


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