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Roxette speaks out on TV4

Written by tevensso on November 28, 2009 to . Source: TV4.

Lasse Bengtsson on Swedish TV4 has produced a 23 minute segment with lots of live footage which aired on TV4 today. These are the main points:

Why a Roxette come back Marie?

Marie: - Why not??

How do you feel?

Marie: - Damned great.

Per, another tour?

Per: - Yes, it's amazing to be on tour again. There's absolutely nothing negative about this.

Did you believe you'd be together like this again?

Marie: - Yep.
Per: - Well… I never wanted to ask myself that question. It was always up to Marie. And I'm amazed it goes so well.

Are you serious Marie?

Marie: - Roxette? Yes. It was self evident to me. My sickness came as a bomb, but that was a loooong time ago. Roxette's fans have been amazing all through this.

Per: - She's missed this, I can tell. You've always been a stage artist, even though you've been great in the studio too lately, ha ha!

What's the difference?

Per: - Now the fans are crying mostly, a lot of scenes out there.

Per: We've recorded 14-15 songs, chosen keys, direction and stuff. Plus we're killing time.
Marie: The songs are "totally amazing". When I've heard Per's demos for this album I was totally blown away.
Per: She's such a fan you know!
Per: The recordings sound great. We're sticking to our Roxette sound, but hopefully updating it so it feels relevant to us and preferably others… It's my songs and Marie's voice, as always.

Any differences between the classic Roxette songs and these new ones?

Marie: - My voice is lower now.
Per: - Ha ha, no but we have our style, it's sort of how you dress your Christmas tree you know?

Per: - A fifth US #1 wouldn't hurt!

So, what's this leading up to? Is this a test for the future?

Per: - Yes definitely. There's a huge possibility for a new album, then we'll see. It's a huge step for a real Roxette concert. It's up to Marie. A huge step.
Marie: - I really hope there will be a "creme de la creme" tour sometime. We'll see. We have so many wonderful songs to choose from. We have so much more to give.

How was the gig?

Marie: - Fantastic! Best one so far. Everything clicked.
Pelle goofs around with Marie so Per can't hear the question.
Per: - What was the question?? It was good, Marie was excellent.

How does this predict the future?

Per: Ha ha, we have 25 concerts left, let's do those first. But let's say we have a very good time at work!

Rapper covers “Listen to Your Heart”

Written by tevensso on November 25, 2009 to .

New Orleans heavy weight rapper Juvenile has made a cover of Roxette's hit single "Listen to Your Heart." Juvenile's 2006 album "Reality Check" debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart. "Listen" is featured on his new album "Cocky & Confident" and features Q Corvette.

Roxette on TV4

Written by tevensso on November 24, 2009 to . Source:

(Updated) - On Saturday November 28 Swedish TV4 will have an interview with Roxette made by Lasse Bengtsson. The interview will be aired on Nyhetsmorgon. According to Per the segment will be over 20 minutes long!

The Daily Roxette meets Per at Night of the Proms

Written by colinvdbel on November 15, 2009 to , and .

ARNHEM (Updated) -

On Friday the 13th of November, the Daily Roxette joined Roxette at the Gelredome in Arnhem for a wonderful night. During the first half of the Night of the Proms, a Swedish symphony called ‘Midsommarvaka’ magically changed into the first string arrangements of ‘Wish I Could Fly’. After the stunning synergy between Roxette and Il Novecento, the presenter of the evening promised more Roxette during the second half. In the intermission, The Daily Roxette had an exclusive interview with the Man himself.

Update: click here for a fullscreen slideshow

First of all, welcome back in Holland Per! How does it feel to be back so soon after the concert in Amsterdam earlier this year?

It was a different story. But it was great, of course, coming here with Marie, Jonas and everything else - it’s cool, yeah. And we look forward to having these seven nights in a row in Rotterdam. I remember playing in Ahoy before. It’s a great crowd.

So what are your feelings about the Proms, since it’s such a bizarre thing on its own?

It is. Very much so. It’s impossible to understand, unless you see it for yourself. You have to really be a part of it to understand it. It’s really hard to describe to friends at home what we are actually doing - it’s fun, it’s great! It’s also a great step. I think it’s a very clever move of Marie, instead of doing a full tour or a full concert. She’s not ready to do those things. With Night of the Proms you share the responsibility with other artists, and you're just doing your four or five songs. And we're doing lots of shows, so she's getting back into the concert mode.

Read more…

Heavy metal cover of “Fading Like a Flower”

Written by colinvdbel on November 12, 2009 to and . Source:

Finnish heavy metal band 'Warmen' recorded a cover of Roxette's "Fading Like A Flower". The song has been released as a bonus track on the Japanese version of their fourth studio album called "Japanese Hospitality". You can listen to the song on Warmen's Myspace page.

Ettexor contributed to this article.


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