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Written by tevensso on November 28, 2009 to . Source: TV4.

Lasse Bengtsson on Swedish TV4 has produced a 23 minute segment with lots of live footage which aired on TV4 today. These are the main points:

Why a Roxette come back Marie?

Marie: - Why not??

How do you feel?

Marie: - Damned great.

Per, another tour?

Per: - Yes, it's amazing to be on tour again. There's absolutely nothing negative about this.

Did you believe you'd be together like this again?

Marie: - Yep.
Per: - Well… I never wanted to ask myself that question. It was always up to Marie. And I'm amazed it goes so well.

Are you serious Marie?

Marie: - Roxette? Yes. It was self evident to me. My sickness came as a bomb, but that was a loooong time ago. Roxette's fans have been amazing all through this.

Per: - She's missed this, I can tell. You've always been a stage artist, even though you've been great in the studio too lately, ha ha!

What's the difference?

Per: - Now the fans are crying mostly, a lot of scenes out there.

Per: We've recorded 14-15 songs, chosen keys, direction and stuff. Plus we're killing time.
Marie: The songs are "totally amazing". When I've heard Per's demos for this album I was totally blown away.
Per: She's such a fan you know!
Per: The recordings sound great. We're sticking to our Roxette sound, but hopefully updating it so it feels relevant to us and preferably others… It's my songs and Marie's voice, as always.

Any differences between the classic Roxette songs and these new ones?

Marie: - My voice is lower now.
Per: - Ha ha, no but we have our style, it's sort of how you dress your Christmas tree you know?

Per: - A fifth US #1 wouldn't hurt!

So, what's this leading up to? Is this a test for the future?

Per: - Yes definitely. There's a huge possibility for a new album, then we'll see. It's a huge step for a real Roxette concert. It's up to Marie. A huge step.
Marie: - I really hope there will be a "creme de la creme" tour sometime. We'll see. We have so many wonderful songs to choose from. We have so much more to give.

How was the gig?

Marie: - Fantastic! Best one so far. Everything clicked.
Pelle goofs around with Marie so Per can't hear the question.
Per: - What was the question?? It was good, Marie was excellent.

How does this predict the future?

Per: Ha ha, we have 25 concerts left, let's do those first. But let's say we have a very good time at work!



This sounds very promising...2010, please come soon...Seems to be the first rox year since 2001!


Thanks very much for translating!

good news!

Thanx for the translation-I was very curious to read something about this interview! :-)

that’s good to see Per and Marie still together as Roxette, ready to respond (as was the old days) to those who will be the future plans of the band .... concerts, new albums etc ...
Roxette returned and 2010, will see them involved in the music world!

thanks for this interview.

Great interview :-D

Yea, nice video. With en subtitles would be great. Good to know that both Per even Marie are excited with the new songs. I think that autumn 2010 will be fantastic. :-D

WWOWOWOWO!!A “soon coming” album....thanx Per and Marie for my firts x-mas gift... IM HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gacel from spain

Waaah so great to see all those familiar faces in the audience! I’m in it too haha! And so great, the moment Marie saw us in the crowd is on film too: 10.38 :-) Holy moment!!!

Fantastic, so much to look forward to! And thanks for the translation!

Rox were super in Hamburg yesterday, got a huuuge welcome at the German tour start! My report: :D

14 - 15 songs? F*** yeah!!!!! Can’t wait !!!! =)

WOW!!!!!!!!! I hope they release those 15 songs on a new cd.... God knows how much me need Roxette again. I just hope that there will be many more albums to come!

Seems like Marie wants to take it serious again. She recons they still have so much to give - and I think she’s right!!

So, I lift my glass to many more Roxette albums to follow still.

Thank you Marie! Thank you Per! Thank God!

Just watched the TV4 video interview, it was fantastic... greatly produced the footage, the concerts clips, the fans... had me in tears just watching Marie’s fantastic performances so close up on stages... she’s looking confident and sounding amazing & Per’s not doing too bad either, had to laugh at Pelle at the end, the clown!

... how many weeks till Hanover! :)

@Sascha can’t you post your review here as well? Rather than link to another site?

I hope the new album by Roxette, is ready for the summer and not have to wait until next autumn !!!!!!!!!!
Hurry I want a new cd soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just some counting...

Pearls Of Passion - May-August 1986 / Ocotber 1986
Look Sharp! - March-August 1988 / Ocotber 1988
Joyride - January-November 1990 / March 1991
Tourism - April-May 1990, December 1991 & March-July 1992 / August 1992
CBB - February 1993-January 1994 / April 1994
HAND - January-November 1998 / February 1999
Room Service - January 2000-January 2001 / April 2001

New album recording works started in September, recording takes 10-12 months, so my tip for new album release date is November 2010.

I have the feeling they’ll be faster this time! Production time like for the solo records. Of course a worldwide release takes some months extra for preparation.

@Paul: I thought it was a bit much for the comments and maybe even annoying to have the identical text on different sites. ;-)
Do you regard the link as spam? I hope not! RXB is not commercial and meant to be complementary to TDR, not a rival. We link to TDR all the time (newstips and links). Okay? :-)

They both sound ethusiastic, and 14 songs sounds even better! I would be great to make some kind of release following NOTP in order to benefit from the visibility Roxette has gained in a typical Rox-country like Germany! But it is probably too early... Neverhtless, it’s nice to have something like this to wait for!!!!

Fantastic news!
Marie and Per seem to be so enthusiastic that no wonder if they go on much and much further! To a new marvellous album and maybe something more!!! A new album! Just to hear of that makes me eager to jump up and down with joy!
Go on Roxette!

OH MY GOSH!!! This is too good news!!! Can’t wait to listen to the new album! =)

I wanna live, I wanna give, I’ve been a miner for a heart of gold...

Is anyone able to download the report? Or did someone tape it like in the good old times? ;-) I’d really like to have a “copy” of this one..


nice!! gotta watch the interview though, only read this great english translation so far.

And saw the “why not” ;)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

New Roxette album? Ja, tack :P

I wish you the best there is before you go to sleep

Very nice interview indeed, sound promising about the future :)

oh, it would be so great if sb could post that nyhetsmorgon bit on youtube. haven’t found it yet.

Seems like there’s only one person who recorded it. *hint* :D Please help us out..


Great news, thanks tdr!

This Sounds great!!!
Have Fun!!!

it’s great to hear the excitement for the new album.
it’s also very obvious from her comments as well as the backstage videos that Marie is 100% back into the Roxette groove. great news all around

jag vill känna tro

i saw roxette at the Nokia Noght of the Proms on 3.December in Stuttgart/Germany, and it was such an amazing feeling.
I loce Roxette so much, and i´m glad that Marie feels better.
But you can see that she is not the same, like yeras ago. But she´s still the Queen!
And this she will be in my heart forever!
Hope they will go on tour again, and i´m looking forward for a great new Album.


I have a HQ Rip of the interview.

res 640X360

Never Left The Joyride..


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