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Rapper covers “Listen to Your Heart”

Written by tevensso on November 25, 2009 to .

New Orleans heavy weight rapper Juvenile has made a cover of Roxette's hit single "Listen to Your Heart." Juvenile's 2006 album "Reality Check" debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart. "Listen" is featured on his new album "Cocky & Confident" and features Q Corvette.


Roxette songs have so many cover versions, we hope that this becomes a single and successful.

Hooray, more money for Per! But is it only my ears or is it recorded with really low production standards? The piano sounds like a cheap midi and the voice scrachtes my ears! 8-/

Btw, the lyrics are changed here and there.

Ouch, my ears are bleeding. I just found it. Trust me you don’t want to hear it. The chick that’s singing the female vocals needs to DIAF. Sounds like she’s singing with a mouth full of food through the telephone. Gross. Must have been recorded in 30 minutes tops and slapped together with duct tape and super glue.
But w/e. People might hear it and think, oh hey, I use to love the original. Lemme grab it from itunes. ;)

realsugar said: “Sounds like she’s singing with a mouth full of food through the telephone.

Hahaha. That could explain it.

Very much samey-same rap stuff. Not for me.

But if it gets people buying the original then it’s great.

ouch, an other cover.
If the cover is not better then the original, DON’T Cover!!

And in this case it is 100% clear the original is much, much better!!

why do people always think they have to make a cover,
in more then 99% of the cases (that’s nearly always) the cover is worse
then the original.

In my opinion this flat rapper style doesn’t fit at all to the beautiful melody and mighty of LTYH; the most of the beauty fades away through this...

Hmm, undecided about the cover. I don’t like singing people who can’t sing. The sound is ok, but the voice is...eeehh, no, thanks.


’Listen to your heart’ - forever! But only if performed by Marie and Per.
Rappers don’t care what the greatest music is.

I do like the song, really and I like the additional lyrics, also.

It sounds crap, but it’s also kind of funny.

It’s actually quite good if you like that kind of style of music!

Well, its kinds cute. The vocals are not that good. But its nice, and brings Roxette music to the world once again. Too bad its not a single.

I just found a German Hip Hop Version of Listen to your Heart on Youtube!
Here it is:
Have Fun!!!

I miss the forums from here!
I’ve just finished a rough video edit of a Roxette cover
I recorded 4 years ago - a long time I know, but my
music is just a hobby and I have a busy job and life lol!
I made a video which I am still editing:
It’s a cover of Silver Blue & I know it needs a new mix! :-\


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