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Written by tevensso on September 25, 2003 to .

KALMAR/STOCKHOLM - As previously reported, SVT1 will broadcast the awaited documentary about Per “Per Gessle - Ta en kaka till!” tonight at 20.00 CET.

 Hans Engholm and Anders Karlsson have recorded the documentary and explained to Peter Åhlé, from Oskarhamns Tidningen, about the experience.

 It all started with the release party held in Halmstad on June 10th. Engholm didn’t really think “Mazarin” would become such a hit. “We were asked by EMI and Per’s manager Marie Dimberg to record the release party for the album at Hotell Tylösand,” explains Engholm to Barometern. It was not clear, at that point, what it would be used for.

When the single “Här kommer alla känslorna (på en och samma gång)” started to be played on the radio and Engholm and Karlsson got to hear the whole album, they understood that it would become something big. “We contacted SVT and asked them if they were interested [in the material], they said ’sounds exciting’, and now it’s on its way. The 30-minute long “Ta en kaka till!” will be on TV tonight.”

 The documentary features an interview with Per at his home, live footage from Slottskogsvallen in Gothenburg (with 22,000 in the audience), rehearsals, and a bus trip through Halmstad. “Our point in the documentary was to describe Per Gessle 2003. There’s no going-backs, no Gyllene Tider or Roxette. The film goes just around ’Mazarin’,” says Engholm.

 The film speaks about Per’s love for Halmstad, for the Swedish language and how much fun he has with music. “Why he does this instead of “sitting in a castle in France counting money,” says Engholm. “Mazarin” was recorded during the winter in Christoffer Lundquist’s studio in Skåne. Then Per worked hard with the camera and the result can also be seen in tonight’s program.

 In addition, their company, Produktionsbolaget, will make the DVD for Mazarin. Both Engholm and Karlsson agree with saying that it is very nice to work with Per, “he is nice, simple, engaged and professional.”


Oh I’ m so curious about it and cannot see it tonight ... :’(

YEAH! “Only” a bit more than 9 hours left. :)

Can someone record it please???????????????????

30 minutes, i am taping it

Oj oj...gyllene_tjej..pleeez keep me updated afterwards...during....
something of the release party will be also included? Oh - Oh.....sigh...why is that already so long ago again...can somebody press rewind?

Starts in 8 minutes. Wee!

Hey I was being filmed, together with those two lovely Bulgarian girls who were beside me!!

Hi Danny & Annie I taped it!!!

If someone can mpeg it and upload, pls let me know ;-)


Can someone please tell how the docu was and what are the greatest, funniest...etc moments? Anything from the release party in it?

I was taped too

what a lovely documentary, sa warm and relaxed! Just too short! *sniff* Thank you Per! Mmm....30 minutes and I feel like flying, GESSLE IS GORGEOUS!!!

Ok, I’ll try to talk a bit about it now for those who couldn’t see. :)

It featured clips from Release party - just live songs with great close ups at Per, no signing session. The audience is shown every now and then but you have to look close to find yourself. Then, there are some clips from the DVD which we alredy know, live from Slottskogsvallen - very great quality if that’s how the DVD is going to look like then it’s magic! :o) There are some shots from rehearsing studio in Sthm as well.

The documentary starts with Per saying “Gutten morgen, wie gehts?” :))). People are running to get a good spot.Then they show HKAK intro and the audience singing the chorus. Per says that the first 30 seconds is the best as everything is so new, the atmosphere, the audience, but on the other hand he’s so focused that he can’t fully enjoy it. “You start to realise what’s going on when you see the people picking up garbage afterwards and all these car queues.”

He says that he loves writing in Swedish as one’s mother tongue makes it easier to express yourself and avoid ambiguites. He confesses he hasn’t worked in such conditions as with Mazarin since his first GT CD recording in 1979. People ask him how did it all happen and he has no idea what to put the success to, “we just recorded a record we felt for” He mentions the creative atmosphere and lots of fun - 3 guys sitting, drinking beer and recording the record, missing their families in between. Per’s commenting on it from the terrace in his house with the view to the garden and a hammock...but unfortunately he’s not lying in it.:))) Instead, he’s sitting relaxed in a chair dressed in a black Tshirt cool black trousers with red “flamy” pattern and sandals.

Gungar from release party now. He says he could never make a record for another reason than really feeling like doing it himself. He says that in Roxette he sort of hides himself behind Marie and now it feels like “you’re on your own baby”, which is exciting and cool ( but no so easy) and brave at the age of 44. :)

Födelsedag and a trip through Halmstad, very pedagogical as they show it all - the caslte, Nissan, Norre Port, Halmia...even the mazarin and the couple mentioned in På promenad genom stan lyric :) Per equipped with sunglasses is sitting on a bus bound to Kärleken - otherwise empty. He says that the fact you’re born in a small town influences your personality and the way you are, which is noticable in the way he’s writing songs. ( rather in Swedish than English) “I often write about the small thoughts but big feelings”

På promenad is on and Gessle walks through the city :) He feels a great connection between the people of Halmstad, they are friendly and proud of what he’s doing.

On the bus trip he shows his old school which was a bit smaller at his times, ( where he met MP) as well as his childhood house. He thinks Marie lived in the area for a while too. He was the one who mostly wrote things, songs or poems but wasn’t able to play any instrument, even if he “had” the melody in his head. He says he got his first guitar at the age of 17 and learnt the classic 3 chords :)

Om du bara vill release party. “I can’t possibly imagine not writing, playing or listening to music, I never saw it as a job, but the best thing I know, a fantastic possibility to live.”

Vilket håll du än går. According to Per it is nice to sit on the bus and contemplate, he always took long bus rides to school, he had much time to reflect on life in general. Many of his songs text contain lines he picked up somewhere - on the bus, from the taxi driver, a film... ( Flickan i en Cole Porter sång)

Small clips from party at Per’s house. “If I don’t write a song for a while sooner or later I have a feeling in my body that I need to write one, I never really had any “dead periods”. My wife calls it that I’m giving birth to a song.

Then he mentions Corbijn, he thinks he’s a great guy, very spontaneous and with huge tallent. Per got 60 photos from him and 55 of them were of such good quality that they could easily count as sleeve photos.

Födelsedag again, in black and white.

Before the show you have to be really focused on what you have to do, especially the small things that can result in big results. It’s a real mix of emotions, horrible and at the same time magic and really stimulating.

Spegelboll Göteborg. :) He likes the “arena format” type of shows, he never thought Mazarin would reach that far, but it feels great as he loves communicating with people, who sing along, when everyone goes wild.

Per’s celebrating with champagne afterwards how does it feel? “the moment we went off stage it felt we could do 10 more songs, but you shouldn’t “overdo” it. The audience was 15+ ( as compared to Per being 5+ according to Aftonbladets Tshirt he got)

Then Per takes a walk down the rocky shore in Sandhamn , it feels like 35 degrees, with AB and expressen reviews. ” It’s always nice to get good review from media, I can’t really say it was expected...Most music journalists are really competent, they write the truth so i read it, even if it hurts sometimes. But this time it went well, hahaha”

Then some Swedish fans are interviewed giving reasons why he’s best - his voice, special texts, Gessle and summer goes together...magic.

På promenad genom stad - Per says that once you’re on tour you’re on tour till it’s over, some days off in between don’t really work for him, it feels really strange to get home see the mail and talk to mum. “it works, but i don’t really function then, I am totally asocial.”

PHEW...more or less, that’s it, enjoy :)

Thank you!!!!!!

Was the live concert clips showin in widescreen or full frame.

I’ll be pissed if Per’s DVD’s is in Full Frame like Maries.


Thank you for typing it down!


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