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Roxette’s “All Videos” DVD to be updated with new clips

Written by roxeteer on September 24, 2003 to .

Per Gessle was asked a short comment on Roxette’s future by Aftonbladet. “We are waiting until Marie knows what she wants to do and how she’s coping. But the next thing is that we’ll update the DVD with the latest singles,” Per says.

  Roxette unveiled their first - and so far the only - DVD release in 2001, aptly titled “All Videos Ever Made & More - Roxette The Complete Collection 1987-2001”. The DVD contains the 35 “official” music videos they had released, five previously unreleased video clips and two documentaries.

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I KNEW I was right not to buy it the first time ’round...!

Hope they ad more than two video’s...
Maybe some solo stuff

yet another release with THE SAME??

I hope they do NOT just add the new videos to the DVD and leave it as a “second edition”.. but make a brand new with some other interesting stuff... but I guess that is asking for too much ;)

I don’t think I will even buy just for the sake of say two extra videos... I might look a bit daft!

they can’t be serious! They have to mean that they will make a new DVD with those to included....

This is not fair. That DVD is expensive enough, and now we have to buy the same one just for two videos. I love Roxette, but those are the kind of things I’ll never agree. For example there are about 10 versions of just one single, and you should spend a lot of money to have them all. I would like to buy them all, but I don’t, and I won’t. They should release very different stuff to make them worth to buy, ’cause fans aren’t as rich as Per :-p

I’ ll buy this dvd.I want it.

I can’t believe it! Do they really want to release the same stuff AGAIN? With two more videos on it?? Nobody will buy it..the fans already have both new videos..and ppl who aren’t fans won’t also buy it, because they probably have the 2001 release. And if they don’t have but are interested the will buy the “old one” on eBay, I guess.
What the hell is going on? They can’t be serious about that. I, as a fan, feel kind of betrayed..sorry, but things like that make me really angry!!


Maybe I should become a fortune teller. Do you remember the thread “Roxette’s Future Releases”.

I made some comments about future releases being obviously ironic (at least I thought so).

But this “joke” seems to become true.

I won’t buy the DVD again because of two new clips. The record-company and Roxette-Management must come up with something better.

A Room-Service-Concert + the new Videos, that would be better.

I hope noone will support this, if it should REALLY be an identic release except the new clips.

Roxlander: well said! Give us something new instead... give us a DVD with a live concert and those two clips!

hummm... maybe this is the reason EMI Brazil didn´t release it yet!
(this year they started to pass a advertising on the TV about the brazilian release of the DVD but they still don´t have any dates...)

Yeah now that would be good... RS live + the extra videos... that will be worth buying!!

We should start a petition and stop this thing before it starts rolling! (-;
I don’t want the same DVD again - I want a live DVD.

Is this a joke? Can´t beleave it that it should be true. Who would buy it? I think most of the fans allready have the DVD. It makes only sence if they put some buonus materieal on the new DVD. :X

@Anonymous: Maybe you’re right, maybe they just need some more money..

Can you hear it ring, it makes you wanna sing
You’ll live like a king, with lots of money and things:

Im really getting cross with roxette if this isnt a per joke!!!, tallk about
If they care for there fans they would Be Room service live with the new videos, if not it just very wrong in my view. hope people agree with me.

PS no way near the end of roxette. just look at blondie still going on, they are just taking a break that it.

I’m not going to buy the DVD if it’s the same + the new videos....nothing really new, so why buy it?
I’d support a petition!


well said oliver .

Kiew: *lmfao*

How many times is Per still gonna make me buy “the look”? Come on, PLEASE release a DVD with the JTJ tour, MTV unpluged, CBB live and the RS tour. You can add the two new singles as an extra to the DVD!
Some time ago there was some fans compaling there own DVD in the discussion section of the Daily roxette. Marie D put a stop to it with an email to the guy making the DVD, maybe it is time for us to email her back with a DVD request...

Hey great news... another (DVD) re-release... they make gr8 coasters, you know!!

@Kiwein1: Great banner! *g*

Sorry, this isn’t my pic, but I simply MUST post it...sorry snape, I know you wanted to post it later, but it fits perfectly right now:

I thought that the worst thing Roxette did was to re-release Dont Bore Us... Then they released another Greatest hits compilations...
And now after the DVD 97-01 they want to do the same thing with little change: 97-03? Very stupid idea to try to repeat something like was Don’t bore us... re-release action...

LOLOL Kiwein :D:D:D

We should make a boicot (?? spelling??) :D:D

*starting a campaign “DON’t buy it”* :P

Kiwein: nice pic ;)

what about us that already bought a DVD? I missed A Thing About You and ON videos but I´m not gonna buy a dvd again for 2 videos!
Per stop playing with our feelings please! We supported you during the years the way we could. Please don´t cash us again and again.

At least release a few tracks from RS live tour along with ON and ATAY!

I decided not to comment it any further before we get any further details, but I can’t resist.

Per: if the whole project will only come down to adding two clips to exactly the same DVD we already have, then, FORGET the idea! It will just be waste of money and time, why market a product almost noone will buy... Would YOU be interested in such?...

It’s all about business, and nothing more!

If you won’t buy it, just don’t... Nobody is pushing you, you’re not obliges to purchase just because you’re a fan!

The material to be realeased on that DVD is probably decided for a long time ago so all your requests to Mr Gessle are useless.

First: he won’t read it,
Second: he doesn’t care,
Third: the record company will be happy to be sure of another million of DVD’s to be sold!
Fourth: Per and his family will be happy with the money and success

Business is business! Just like that!

I think that he reads it - didn’t they change the LOVE PIES to BALLAD HITS after reading the comments here? *g*

@ anonymous so you will buy it, fine, do it, but there are maybe some fans here in the whole wide world who havent the money to buy a dvd twice !!!!!

@ liesebieke
Third: the record company will be happy to be sure of another million of DVD’s to be sold!

are you sure millions of THAT dvd will be sold, i dont think so, see above

sorry for emi and per, but im out


Maybe he’s ashamed of the quality of the previous release, and they’re gonna make a better one... with better sampling quality etc...

*thumbs down* if it is otherwise

*no comment*

Well, they can ofcourse still include the video’s, but instead of those documentaries maybe some live material???

@Anonymous: detta om Pers skjorta behövdes inte skrivas här... även om det var roligt! :)

I hope when the updated version of the dvd is released, it’s relesed region code 0. I have the current dvd but can only play it on my computer. It would also be nice if they added the video for the Look ’95.

Why is it whenever something like this arrives, someone always has to put in, ’not as rich as Per’... AND????
I wish for ONCE he wouldn’t get blamed for everything!
He works hard for that money... if you can’t afford this, don’t get it!! I haven’t had the money to buy things for a good while so I don’t!
If you have to question it, you can’t afford it!

I do agree, it’s a bit sudden to re-release it, but Roxette are not the first, CD’s are re-released every week with just one extra song on. And they certainly won’t be the last!

Can’t they do like the live hits?

All the songs from TBH and TPH live, and the videos for ATAY and ON + one other concert (like Crash boom live or something)

@fayv: AVEMAM ist RC0! Your problem probably is the fact that the DVD’s PAL and you need NTSC....

It’s moments like these that I’m glad I was too poor to buy the first one. Now I can get them all at once! :)

They are joking. Sooooo stupid!!!

I´d like to know from where Daily Roxette knew Per was talking about the “All videos” DVD... Per only mentioned there will be an “uptaded DVD with the most recent singles” but didn´t say it was the “All videos” DVD he was talking about. Maybe he´s telling about a new release, with updated stuff... I really hope so!!!
It´s very confuse this information...
This is what he told, in swedish:

“Per Gessle och Marie Fredriksson kommer inte själva att motta priset. Fredriksson är sjukskriven året ut och vad Roxette har att bjuda på i framtiden är ännu inte klart.
- Vi avvaktar tills Marie fått känna efter vad hon vill och hur hon mår. Men närmast kommer en uppdaterad dvd med de senaste singlarna, säger Gessle” (Aftonbladet)

I don’t think I’ll buy it if it’s a measly two new videos it will have to have something more for me to spend my hard earned money on it ;) I mean what’s gonna happen in 3-4 years if they have a few more new videos?? Update it again and then we have to buy it again...those days are over for me!

Give us something totally new or nothing at all.

BTW I agree that we shouldn’t jump to conclusions who knows what Per meant and anyway my main concern is that Marie returns to top health I couldn’t care less about a new Roxette album.

“Maybe he’s ashamed of the quality of the previous release, and they’re gonna make a better one... with better sampling quality etc...

*thumbs down* if it is otherwise”

Hopefully this is the case. I was disappointed with the quality of the older videos on the DVD. They should have been remastered! However, considering how many videos we got in addition to the documentaries, I’m not surprised by the lack of quality. It should have been a 2-disc DVD set - so that there would have been room for the all the videos digitally remastered with remastered sound quality as well.

I think we should wait for more details before we jump to conclusions.

Also put the TWATG singles on it, plus ’teaser japanese’ and maybe a few easter eggs, then it’ll be a winner!

well it says “update”.. if he meant a new dvd, he would say “a new dvd with new stuff and the latest videos”????

Didn’t Rox have the rights on some (4???) Unplugged songs? maybe time to use them? And what about a digitalized Look sharp Live, or at least the CBB + some RS tracks? THe Sthlm concert was recorded (and available thru the net), so I guess it can’t be thaaat difficult to add some tracks.. :S

Sure it’s our choice to purchase it - but many here are collectors and just to go on with their collection, they will have to buy it, 25€ for the same? :S

I’d rather have a new album (whenever) with an extra DVD with the new videos ...

Kiwein: funny banner! Laughing my ass off!

Maybe Per meant like a mini DVD with a few tracks on it? EMI would be crazy to spend money on re-releasing a DVD with only 2 new tracks. Who the hell will buy it??

Anyway I guess nobody is forcing us to buy it, and if the collectors wanna spend their money on it they can (I know a guy who has 8 different versions of WICF, collectors don’t care so much about spending money on stupid stuff!) And like Hotblooded said, Marie’s health is more important than a DVD!

Why Per does such a good work (album, dvd, tour, ...), when he is solo,

but Roxette do such unlogical and bad things.... ???


thats exactly what i thought all the time when this discussion started...

I agree with Ferdan & TheRain1981. If it’s gonna be updated with just the 2 new clips, then it should be done properly with high quality remastered versions of all the old clips (LookSharp vids are terrible quality), preferably on 2 discs with a discography and the alternate versions of AU and IMHBL, doco’s from HAND & RS and even a few solo songs wouldn’t hurt. (and no spelling errors)

Or it even better would be Live DVD of some sort with a whole bunch of extras :)

But i guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Well, the re-release would mean that the DVD did sell quite well.
Anyways, I’m sure they’ll come up with something more interesting than just adding the two new videos. Let’s wait and see!

Just wait for full details! Whatever it will be - you’re not forced to buy it... I’d be fine if they updated the DVD every year with the latest stuff. Here and then you could pick the latest edition when it’s worth it.

Exactly: when it’s worth it! But don’t you have already the ATAY and ON clip?? It’s nothing new for us, is it? So, it’s definitely not worth about 25 EUR.

I won’t buy it, too!
My problem is that I can’t believe that they really wanna do that..they’re making fun of us, aren’t they? They want to take all the money we have with crappy ideas, that’s my problem, since I thought that Rox aren’t THAT commercial.

Yeah, life’s a hard one, isn’t it! (-;

Per maybe needs some more clothes, he has only one shirt and one pair of shues .....that´s why he needs the money.

I ´m just kidding.

and Roxette isn’t one of those disappeared bands yet! I mean, Beatles and ABBA and Elvis.. they release albums again and again with remastered songs, new “found-lost-in-the-last-drawer-of-the-desk-of-Elvis-oncle’s-brother” songs, now we have to “celebrate the 50 aniversary of the first day Björn played his first note on the piano his dad bought him when he was just 5” etc etc.. but Roxette is *still* a band ... what will be when they are not anymore????

Maybe this new DVD is going to be a Re-Release which is only available at Mc Donald’s Restaurants?


“One BigMac and the crappy DVD from the Sellout-Band, please”

@Snape: LOL! Yeah, that would be great - I think I would buy it then *eg*

this is bull shit for all the international fans who spend their hard earned money to buy stuff that is re-wored every 4 years jesuys christ!

I’ll buy it. Its is getting out of date considering it says 1987-2001 on the cover. And it would be nice to see the other to see the other 2 videos. The DVD in Australia I saw and bought for $20 australian, big loss. Seems to be quite a few tight asses around. Everything that is released isn’t meant for us fans. I think an updated DVD is a good idea.

I think an opdated dvd with only 2 videos is stupid i wont by it!!!
If they make a new dvd with room service live or mtv unplugged crash boom live or some other interviews or behind the scens then I defently would by it

I have the feeling that they will release a TBH DVD / TPH DVD. I don’t think ’All Videos’ will be updated...for two videos? How stupid can EMI be, all the printing & distributen costs...nah!

I guess it’s excellent news for all rox fans! I do hope, as well, it won’t include such few extras though! The latest videos are, of course, welcome, but it would be great if it included more documentaries, rarities e.g.: the making of some videos etc. Please consider it from a businessman’s point of view! You know, the more extras, the bigger chance to buy it in such a great number! Please also think of those who have already bought it! Thanx! Wish MARIE all the best! Bye

A double TBH and TPH DVDs would be cool if it had some rarities and live footage from the Room Service tour.

The DVD re-issue sounds as if it could be crap but, hey, let’s wait and see what it is before we complain any more.

the daily roxette; tell us the trutjh please search for the truth

MTV Unplugged 1993?
This is indeed one of the shows I’d like to see in digital version one day. Roxette Unplugged is never broadcasted on VH1, although they show almost all MTV Unplugged shows from the 90ies, bought from MTV (and thank God, without many irritating publicity breaks).
I recorded the show 10 years ago but the quality of old VHS tapes is so poor... So I never ever watch it anymore.

Now that Roxette are doing a rather long break, I would call it logical to update the DVD. So it can be a Best-of from the start till 2003. If there is a comeback of Roxette, we will surely experience another kind of music. Marie will probably do some sad songs as well as songs full of live. Per hopefully recognized that a song needn’t be overproduced to be a hit. Maybe, there will even be an almost-accoustic-album? Nobody will know.

You don’t have to buy an updated version. ATAY-video came along with its single. And ON will surely be published on the next single. As usual. Right, it’s only MPEG quality, but who cares?

On the other hand, it would be great to include the two missing videos in a further cd-release (perhaps a cd-dvd-bundle as with mazarin). Let us not prejudice Per, for he surely will come and explain his plans. (Hopefully, he will. Would be great.)

I bought the All-Videos-DVD this spring. I didn’t even have a DVD player by then. And yes, I think Roxette should have waited with its release until the both best ofs and the singles came out. Nobody is perfect.

It is not worth being angry on anyone.

Keep on thinking!


Lets wait for details..
but if all this is truth i won’t buy the new DVD...
it’s pointless..
Give us a live show mr Gessle!!!

I don’t have the 2001 DVD, but I would be really angry if I had it and it was re-released with 2 more videos.

The best thing to do (in my opinion) would be TBH DVD + TPH DVD incluiding ALL the previous videos, BUT also new material e.g. solo stuff, live unreleased recordings, those “promo-videos” with M&P talking about the albums (HAND and RS had those!), interviews, etc.

Subtitles in Spanish, Portuguese, English, German and others for those would be superb for the songs’ lyrics and interviews.

I don’t know how long the “Join The Flummeride” movie is but it could be incluided as well...

Just my opinion ... hope Marie, Per and the management make the right choice!

a new DVD will be good but yea it should include new stuff... not just two new videos..... why not the MTV-unplugged or a live concert like many have said....... I love Roxette but i want them to release something new .. not just the same......

Maybe we should be thinking of this as simply a re-issue... the first edition is probably sold out or nearly sold out in most places and rather than printing a second run Rox and EMI just decided to spruce it up a little. As somebody said earlier, not everything is made for the fans - this sounds more like something for the back catalogue to me. Really, nothing to get upset about, EMI wouldn’t bother releasing a second edition if the only sales they could count on were from die-hard collectors, I would think. Hope this version gets released in Canada and South America and all of the other places missed first time round!

Quoting TDR, quoting Per.....’Seriously speaking though, Per feels that you don’t have to buy it again if you don’t want to, being confronted with some fans’ reactions to the new plans’

Stick that in yer pipe and smoke it. >:(

Roxette shouldn’t bother. If whatever they do from now is going to get thrown back in their face.

@roxtexanet: Bloomin’ good post there! Couldn’t agree more. :)

I really cannot get over, how evil some fans are!!

Per: “Some things need updating...”

well, great per
so when roxette do some new stuff in 2005 or 2006 or whenever, will the dvd update once again and again ??
fantastic, keep on dreaming *angry*

sold out? muahahaha look around in the shops and check it out :P

They’re gonna have to make this a two disc set otherwise the bitrate will be two low. I would buy it agina if.

They include the new 2 Latest Clips.

The Roxette versions of IMHBL and AU

They Remastered some of the earlier clips cos they are not in the best condition.

They Upped the Audio Bitrate on all Videos to 384k

Added a few Extras, EPK’s, Interviews, Docos, DVD-ROM content.


already got the first dvd... most of us i believe!!
i think a second edition with new stuff will be better!

I’d buy it. Maybe this release will have a better menu screen than the first edition.

@di troia- i think a discography would also be nice, everyone else seems to have one :)

also agree definitely has to be a two disc set.

Hopefully, a Region 0 or 1 version for this DVD will be released so fans in the US can enjoy the videos.

The DVD is Region 0..

I think this is not a good idea, believe me, there will be only the two new videos, nothing more.
Now we are in times when everybody hopes that Marie will be the same as before and waiting for new materials. The management thinks that “kicking a dog in its ass” is the best to do now.

They’ve only added 3 new vidoes...
1) opportunity nox
2) A thing about you

I am not sure of no. 3, but I think it is a new version of :

3) The Look

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