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Gessle brings Mazarin to Oslo

Written by tevensso on September 24, 2003 to .

OSLO (UPDATED) - Per Gessle performed at Oslo night club Rockefeller yesterday night in front of crowd of a thousand fans.

  The set list for this concert was quite similar to the one played during the tour through Sweden. Per started off with “Kung Av Sand” and went through most of the songs included in his last album “Mazarin” and, of course, Gyllene Tider songs. Some old solo songs, such as “Speedo” or “Regn” that were played in the first concerts in Sweden, were left out. The set list:

Kung av sand

Vilket håll du än går


Inte tillsammans, inte isär

(Hon Vill Ha) Puls

På en promenad genom stan

Timmar av iver

Flickan i en Cole Porter-sång

Jag tror du bär på en stor hemlighet

Smakar på ett regn

Här kommer alla känslorna



Juni, juli, augusti


Om du bara vill

Tycker om när du tar på mej

Det är över nu

Gå & fiska


Tomorrow Per will give the last concert of his summer tour in Club Tavastia, Helsinki.

  Update: Click the picture on the right to see the band’s original song list in full size.

Ketil Nordgaard and Felicity Brown contributed to this article


I was there, and it was great! Although I think he should have given extra extras due to the demand from the crowd. I mean, e v e r y o n e was yelling “En gång till, en gång till”! (One more time) I saw a lot of disappointed people who were expecting more songs. Perhaps there were reasons for not performing more songs that I don’t know of.

I was there also, the show was fantastic!!!!!
The crowd was cheering and shouting and I was too. I also got a plecter (did I write it correctly?)
wich is now my most priced posesion.
One negative thing about it: the show was too short...The crowd wanted more songs.
Anyway: it was the second best day of my life (the best being the Room Service gig in Gothenburg).

The concert was PERfect! The crowd was just fantastic, everyone sang with him all of the time. Per enjoyed it just as much as the crowd did. I wish he would release a “Mazarin Tour” CD some day. It was so great to hear him preform the songs live!

And the translation of the norwegian aticle:

Dr. Feelgood

In the culturelife, Feelgood is the falls fashionword. And Per Gessle in the biggest king among the pop-artists.

Concert: Per Gessle
Place: Rockefeller, Oslo
Audience: Ca. 900
Current CD: “Mazarin”

But there was another king that was allowed to open the yesterdays pleasant evening, that was “Kung av sand”, from the mans Gyllene-Tider period. And Gyllene Tider has got to take some of the honour for the high pleasantfactor under the concert. Gessle spiced the whole setting with “happypopclassics from the pre-Roxette-time; “(Hon vill ha) Puls”, “Flickan i en Cole Porter-sång” and ofcourse the finishing “sommartider”, a song that the drummer (from Brainpool) started on one song to early. But the perfectionist
Gessle just laugh at, in style with the concerts humorfilled tone(s).

And it seemed that Per enjoyed it just as much as the crowd did. Maybe because the songs from his new-and brilliant- pop-pearl “Mazarin” was received with community singing. (everyone singing).

Gessle was clearly surprised by the crowds response on “Här kommer alla känslorna (på en och samma gång)”. That‘s not so weird, when you think of what this man has delivered with genious pop-song from Gyllene Tider, Roxette and as a solo-arist. There was also represented older solosuff yesterday, and among them an exelent version of the eighteen year old song “Inte tilsammans, inte isär”.


Per Gessles fresh CD is actually a stroke of good luck, not just because it proves the swedes strength as a songwritersgenius in the tradition with Beatles, but also for the career when Roxette at the end became more as a shape, rather than content.

With Marie Fredrikssons illness, there is not for certain there will be any more Roxette. And that does‘nt mather eighter. But we would love to see a norwegian Gyllene Tider-tour next year, and more chapters of Per Gessle solo, now that he has taken the doctorate in feelgood-pop!


SuiraM, thanks a lot for the translation! I wasn’t there, and nevertheless I can feel the shiny vibratoins this brilliant guy sends through all of us... Though I got a bit offended by neglective words on Roxette in the end of the article. Let us wait until King of Sand is joined by Queen of Rain and they together bring us neverending beauty...

You‘re welcome! In another newspaper, Aftenposten, they writes today also about the concert. Not that good review as in VG. 3 out of 6.
In norwegian:

I enjoyed EVERY minute of it.
It was fantastic!
Met Per afterwards, and he told me he saw my union jack flag. :D:D:D
And I got a hug.
It was THE BEST!!!!!!

yay for you mands!!!!! :-)


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