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157,000 people saw Per live in Sweden

Written by roxeteer on September 22, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - Per’s Swedish tour this summer was a huge success, as we all know. Expressen has some statistics to back this up. A total of 157,000 people saw Per live in concert during his Sommar-Mazarin tour. Here is a list of the concerts and their number of attendance:

  • Halmstad, Jul 7: 13,000
  • Helsingborg, Jul 30: 12,000
  • Skövde, Aug 1: 8,000
  • Finspång, Aug 2: 8,000
  • Varberg, Aug 3: 12,000
  • Malmö, Aug 5: 10,000
  • Göteborg, Aug 6: 22,000
  • Kalmar, Aug 8: 9,000
  • Jönköping, Aug 9: 7,000
  • Karlskrona, Aug 10: 7,000
  • Stockholm, Aug 12: 17,000
  • Sundsvall, Aug 14: 6,000
  • Leksand, Aug 15: 9,000
  • Karlstad, Aug 16: 7,000
  • Eskilstuna, Aug 17: 10,000

Per thinks one of the highlights was the mid-August concert in Stockholm. “Over 17,000 wonderful people showed up. Playing in Stockholm has always been tough for a country boy like me, but eventually it was an excellent concert,” says Per.

  “The tour was fantastic, but all too short,” Per said to Expressen. “I hope there will be a follow-up.”


woo hoo!! he thought Stockholm was the best... wicked man... you made it for me Per extra special at the FC meet and greet.... it was a night I will always remember!! :)

Sorry, thought I had logged in............. doh!!


Who said 250,000? Not us at least. “Over 155,000” was TDR’s quote earlier. For a 3 week tour in Sweden I’d call this nothing short of amazing.

Some people are never happy!

and in any case, he was the most successful this summer :)

Gessle saved my summer!!!! And now I’m left craving for more! Now it’s time for Gyllene killar LIVE!!!! :) THANKS for all the fun and sweet memories! :)

gyllene_tjej: well, here I´m - live! ;-)

I cannot believe it! It’s more than just great!!!

Superb figures... very commendable.

Wish there was a worthwhile demand for him/them to play in the UK.

I agree...That night in Sthlm was amazing!!!What a wild audience there...(and thanks to my Lord Herrlin !!)

Yeah, Per thanx for a very HOT summer!! Sad that it all went so fast!
....and please give out the next tourdates a bit earlier.....hmmmm..what about January ?? ;)

@gyllene_kille: ROFL need to get jealous ;)

Does anyone have the song-list of Per’s gig? I’m going to see him tomorrow, I’d just want to know what’s to come!! :o)
Greets, Maiken

Ah but was it 157,000 people??? Cause a lot of the same bunch saw most, if not all! So would be the same person, just at however many concerts in some cases!


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