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Per to appear on Swedish talkshow

Written by tove on September 5, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - On Wednesday September 10th, Per will appear as a guest on Swedish TV show Ola 21:30. It’s a live talkshow where Ola Lindholm and a small audience interview famous Swedish people. The program will be on at 21:30 CET, as the name implies, on SVT 2.

  The show will be broadcasted simultaneously on SVT Europa.


Jippie!! Underbart ju :)
Kul att per är med i lite program.
Då blir det till att ställa videon...

vad kul!!

They forgot to say that it’s a live show.

Nope, they didn’t! (-:

“It’s a **live** talkshow where Ola Lindholm....”

Is Ola’s talk show in Stockholm?

mmm...can’t wait! :) :) It’s also time for Nyhets morgon, isn’t it, Per? :)

i think it’s time for Sen Kväll Med Luuk!!!!!

I think it’s time for Sen Kväll Med Luuk också! And I think it’s about time Marie Fredriksson published a note telling us about her current state, about her health and whereabouts, don’tcha guys think so? Take care!

cool! I’ll record the show!!

Vad kul!!
Entligen lite TV med Per.
Jag får börja räkna dagarna.
Jag Börjar nu.........................

i think marie is waiting for her new album to come....

did he (Ola) really do that? I´ve always thought he´s kind of funny, and I liked “Ola´s talkshow” a lot .. I haven´t seen that Petra Nielsen interwiev, though, that sounds really stupid!!

Yes,he really asked it .
He said that he read that she had 2 abortions and he asked about them ,when , why and so on.
And they seemed to have fun....

weird.. I´ve always thought he seems pretty nice!

Yes, I´ve seen it too.
I thought before that he ´s a nice guy, but after that I´ve changed my mind.

yes, Sen kväll med Luuk would be also nice!:) we have to wait and see. And soon it’s time to buy På promenad, yeah! :)

It was a nice and relaxed show.

Pretty nice show. The beercase was funny :) “I hope it’s not number 2” :D


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