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Second single WILL be “På promenad genom stan”

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on August 25, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - The Daily Roxette mistakenly reported last week that “På promenad genom stan” wouldn’t be the next single from the “Mazarin” album. Our information was incorrect. While “Födelsedag” was being considered, the final choice for the second single is indeed “På promenad genom stan.”

  The new song will go to Swedish radio September 8th as “Här kommer alla känslorna” is still at #1 on the Swedish singles chart (for the 8th week in a row).

  Update Aug 25: The b-side of the single will be “Inte tillsammans, inte isär” (2 timmars T&A Demo 28 juni 2003). Release date is September 17th.


Det skulle vara bra om de kunde bestämma sej nån gång..

Anyway, every song of this album will/would be a hit!!

Look sharp! A b-side song could hardly stand for an a-side... To many fan’s mind catchy “Sha-la-la” for me doesn’t seem catchy or fresh at all... I would say it’s borin’...


Thanks for that! I got really pissed that EMI never can choose the right song for a single! ;)

Will it be the Marie version? Or will they take her out...after all, it IS a Per song... not Roxette. And i’m sure Per would want this to be sold as his song?

But i’m happy... I like this song... *Contented Sigh*.

What? Take Marie out? Of course Marie will be also single version.

marie is on someother songs to that per has released... she is just a backing vocals singer....

Yeah, I know she’s been on other stuff.

Eeeeh, get out of my throat already... I was thinking out loud... Sheesh!

blah... it would have been better with Födelsedag as the 2nd single... why? Because På promenad genom stan is booooring. Not bad though. But boooring. And it will NOT sell as well as Här kommer alla... atleast I don’t think it will...

Btw... last week they played Smakar på ett regn on swedish radio P3.

Blaaaaaah....... Födelsedag should be the 2nd single..... :o(

No matter which song, I’m only interested in the B-Sides (hope there will be a REAL MXCD this time, not a 2-Track only)

But the “problem” why we have to wait is obviously the success. With a flop-LP the recordcompany would have paniced and added a second single very fast. On the other hand, with this success we can hope for a third single (could the album stay in the charts until next summer??)

Please make a video for the song!!!!!!!!!!

Rumors say that “Tycker om...” is the third single.

I really hope it won’t be the third single. It must be Spegelball / Födelsedag!

Agree... However the b-side sounds promising here.

Oh goodie.....

yeahhh!!! Gr8 Bside! “2 timmars demo?? Haha :) Looking forward to it!

great b-side!!! *yeah*

Demo from 2003?? Huh. What kind of I wonder
2 hours of sound or recorded in 2 hours? ;)

wow, sounds good
but 2 hours ?? what will that be??

and the third single is “tycker om....” according to the FC, Great, LOOOOVE that song

Gungar has to be a single!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


yay! the b-side sounds wicked! YAY! but Fodelsedag shoulda been the A-side IMHO.... :-/

I love “Tycker om ...”. Really great choice, if it’s true. I hope so.

I guess the demo was made to show how PG wanted the live version to be,, as the live version was very different to the old Scener version.... and maybe the demo was made in only 2 hours - which is a very short time - abit too short to be any good.... but who knows?

you think he’ll sing “när en morgon blir september” in the demo to? as he did live...

haha, same thought Daniel! Maybe he changed to september because most of the concerts took place in august, so it wouldn’t feel right to sing bout “ensamhetens tid” with thousands of fans on tour :D

Great choice of b-side, I thought that “Inte tillsammans, inte isär” was one of the best songs on tour!

it’s a great song, but i wanted something that we didnät have already, i hope the demo is great!

Make that three people with the same thought ;-)

Edit: Almost forgot: “Release date is September 17th.”? Does this refer to the airdate or the commercial release? Just wondering since it’s a wednesday...

only 2 tracks!!??

Release date refers to the date the record is available in the stores, as far as we’ve been told.

Well, that’s what I thought, but you never know with EMI ;-) Kinda strange they decided to go for a wednesday-release, I think!

the release is at the 17th according to ginza... and i think the wednesday is because GLF has chnged the week for counting the charts... they count the most sold from wednesday to tuesday now....

and btw stars was released on a wednesday, if i don’t remember wrong....

Gr8, not that long left to wait, i am sooo curious of the demo! Btw, does anyone know if the single comes out in jewelcase as Känslorna or in cardboard sleeve?

no idea, i hope jewelcase....

would have chosen “Tycker om..” as 2nd single + “Födelsedag” as 3rd.. anyway, hope the bside is worth sth :P

looks like a jewelcase

Wow, I love the cover! - I was thinking that the mellow flowers might make it there - great!

Woooooooooooooooh Is that the cover... if so I like it loads...

i like it to.... it’s very personal, as he said about mazarin....

where is the article??
cant find it, do you have a link???

The Aftonbladet TV-guide is not on the web. :(

maybe the interview was done when Födelsedag was still considered as a single. So on Saturday we can expect him to sing Känslorna and Födelsedag, although I won’t be surprised if he takes På promenad instead.

i hope he doesnt’ play Hkak on saturday... we have seen it twice already.... tycker om när du... and PPGS is better then.... or födelsedag and PPGS...

and the third single can change, i think

wooooo! goes to radio on my birthday...
wouldn’t it be cool if På promenad genom stan, and HKAK were at number one and two in swedish charts, with mazarin at the top of album list too?!? rock on Gessle!!

happy birthday then! :D i know it’s not tge 8th yet, but still

yeah...i really hope that PPGS reaches no. 1 and that the other still holds it positions...

yeah, that’d just be soooo cool!

mazarin and hkak is still no. 1

so we can get it this way:

1 Mazarin

1 Här kommer Alla känslorna
2 På Promenad Genom Stan

i think it’s still aviable at

oops, the DVD versiopn isn’t, but Mazarin without dvd is....


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