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Gessle to perform in Oslo and Helsinki

Written by roxeteer on August 19, 2003 to .

HELSINKI/OSLO (UPDATED) - The Daily Roxette has now found out the dates and venues of Per’s first concerts outside Sweden, in Oslo, Norway and Helsinki, Finland.

  Although EMI Norway wouldn’t reveal the exact date, the music club Rockefeller confirmed to The Daily Roxette that Per will perform there and the date is September 23rd (d&d management has confirmed this). Tickets are available at for 270 NOK each. Rockefeller is the most popular live music club in Oslo. It has a capacity of about 1,000 people. Roxette performed in Rockefeller during their “Look Sharp!” tour in 1989.

  Meanwhile, EMI Finland Label Manager Ramona Forsström told TDR that Per is indeed coming to Finland. Later d&d management confirmed that Per will play the Tavastia rock club in Helsinki September 25th. The tickets are available at Tiketti for 25 EUR each.

  Please note that both of the concerts are for 18 years of age and older.

  The first hint of Gessle concerts outside Sweden was published in Aftonbladet on Wednesday. Per revealed that when the Swedish tour ends in Eskilstuna on August 17th, he will have concerts in Oslo and Helsinki. “After that I’m trying to relax and write some songs,” he told the Aftonbladet reporter.

  Ketil Nordgaard and Thomas Evensson contributed to this article.


Is he coming to Finland? Yes(?)
Am I going to be there? YES!!!

Any date/venue for Oslo?

as Visa wrote....

***** Editor’s note: We’re trying to find out more information on these concerts.*****

This means that all he knows is what he wrote in the article! So when he knows more, he will write it here!


we can just guess that its oslo and helsinki

oh it would be so cool if he came to helsinki :)

Per. We would like to see you in Denmark soon

What about S:t Petersburg? It’s not so far from Helsinki at all, but we all warmly welcome you in here, Per! Please, visit us again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If He sings only in Swedish I suppose He’ll only visit Scandinavia and no other countries..That’s my opinion!

@Judith: Sorry, I got so carried away when I read that Gessle was going to play in my “backyard” that I didn’t read the editors note :-)

@Ketil: no prob :D

“Rock Club” - maybe the events will be indoors then? Rich-UK

yes, both shows will be indoors. You can see pictures of the Tavastia klubbi here:

(not Per but Buddaboys with Eva Dahlgren on stage)

Yes, I like the idea of a small Per Gessle Tour in non-scandinavian countries!!! Of course he should chose clubs or other small venues. There is no question that he won´t sell out a stadion in these contries, but imagine how happy the fans would be !!!
Let´s see, I remember the first solo concert ever from Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode). He played at Volkshaus in Zurich (capacity +/- 500), while Depeche Mode concerts are always in Hallenstadion (capacity +/- 12´000). He´s solo concert was sold out for months. I think if Per would do about 5 concerts outside scandinavia many fans would go to see him. I just remember Roxette 2001 in Zurich. I know that there were fans from Switzerland, France, Austria, Germany, Italy, Argentina. God knows, there were fans from other countries too. I think the same would happen if Per would go on tour with his solo stuff. It´s worth to think about it.

Can anyone guess when the tickets may go on sale? Thanks, Rich-UK

You can’t expect Per to tour other countrys just because his fans are there.. yeah it is great he is doing two extra date in Finland and Norway but asking him to go to Germany and stuff is over the top. The RS tour did not come to the UK so I went to Sweden to see them..... as I did for the Mazarin tour!!


You forget that Per Gessle has a lot of fans outside Sweden and that not all of us can effort to visit Sweden just for a concert. Maybe a small gig here and there outside Scandinavia as a little bonus would be nice and might be possible, if he wants to. I do not believe it would become a flop (although he would not be able to fill a big hall). Remember Fanclubmeeting ’97 in cologne, were he also performed a Swedish Song (Den Öden Stranden ) outside Scandinavia, which was well visited.

This is what it means:

The tickets cost 250 NOK and there’s a service charge of 20 NOK. The doors open at 8pm and you have to be 18 years old to get in.

Thanks roxeteer! :)

SO tempted, but NOOOOOOOOOO, must not.

If someone is willing to pay for Per to play in other countries, he just might... but it wouldn’t be financially viable I wouldn’t think.
Plus what is the point of going to another country, just to have a load of people that are not actually from that country go to the concert?! If they can do that, then they can go to sweden to see him! Oj.

I think the only chance we have to see PG live outside scandinavia is at a FC party like the one in 97!

is that an idea? ;)

Just bought the tickets for the Helsinki concert :D

Me too. Kewl!

Same here! :D

(well, about 4-5 hours ago but anyway ;P)

Yeah, Tavastia is sold out!

Would be easier to help you if we know where are you from Anonymous. Anyway, Ryanair has cheap prices.
No more concert after Helsinki (on this tour ;)

Have you try Finnair or SAS? Well, kinda expensive.

Now Tiketti have started to reply to e-mails. Apparently it’s possible to order tickets on the Finnish web site (by guessing what the different links mean) and then replying to the Finnish invoice to get detailed bank transfer instructions. I’m so glad it seems to work out in the end. Now I just hope to receive my tickets in time for the concert, but I think it will be OK.

By the way - the tickets don’t seem to be sold out yet! Isn’t Gessle popular in Finland!?

See you all in Helsinki!!!


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