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Stockholm gig could be moved to the stadium

Written by roxeteer on August 7, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - Per Gessle’s summer tour has been a success in every town so far. In Gothenburg, the concert was moved to a bigger, 22,000-capacity venue due to the great demand for tickets. Now Aftonbladet is asking if the Stockholm concert should be moved to the Stadium from the Sjöhistoriska Museet. At least the place is vacant on the August 12th.

  “Of course it would be cool to perform at the Stadium, but we are still booked to Sjöhistoriska,” says Per.

  Per’s concerts and their attendace: Halmstad, Jul 7th (13,000); Helsingborg, Jul 30th (11,000); Skövde, Aug 1st (7,500); Finspång, Aug 2nd (8,000); Varberg, Aug 3th (12,000); Malmö, Aug 5th (11,000); Gothenburg, Aug 6th (22,000).


could be??????

We’ll say it on TDR as soon as we know it.

crashroxer: it is still NOT sure, that’s why the “could be”. Aftonbladet is just *suggesting* that they move from the museet to the Stadion because of the big success of Göteborg’s show, but EMA hasn’t changed anything yet. IF they do, they will annouce it and ppl will get to know through different articles etc :P

people should not do stuff becouse the papers suggest things. i hope he dosent just to show them, they can not dictate . :)

How many people is there room for at the stadium?

32 000 at Stockholms Stadion

I think there is not enough time to sell out the stadium. Stick with Sjöhistoriska Per!

Wow! Per is doing great!
Good for him, and for us of course ;-)

I prefer being in a full Sjohistoriska then in a half-full stadium!

Of course Per should play on Stadium. Every music fans wants their idols to play Stadium.

You really think nobody in Stockhom knows?

It’s not Globen. Djurgårdens IF has some info about the stadium on their site:

Oh, and I think it’s _very_ unlikely that the concert would be moved anymore. They should’ve announced it today if they were about to move it.

So anymore news on if this concert is moving!

Yea, it’be great to know where to go :-)))))


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