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Tour premiere gets the highest marks

Written by tevensso on July 29, 2003 to .

HALMSTAD (UPDATED) - The tour premiere went well according to Swedish TV4. The announcer called the concert a “greatest solo hits” performance. 13,000 attended and the place was crowded according to Aftonbladet. The set list:

Kung av sand

Vilket håll du än går

Om du bara vill


Inte tillsammans, inte isär

(Hon vill ha) Puls


På promenad genom stan

Timmar av iver

Segla på ett moln

Flickan i en Cole Porter-sång

Jag tror du bär på en stor hemlighet

Småstad - with MP Persson as a guest guitarist

Smakar på ett regn

Tända en sticka till

Här kommer alla känslorna



Juni, juli, augusti

Gå & fiska!



Tycker om när du tar på mej

Det är över nu


Extra extras:


 Aftonbladet gives the concert “five plus” (world class). Hallandsposten calls the success “monumental”. According to tabloid Expressen Marie Fredriksson was there and she loved the concert. Expressen also gives it four “stingers”.

  After “Här kommer alla känslorna” Per exclaims “Amazing, we should have filmed this!” Well, it isn’t too late. Expressen says “shoot the whole shebang”. Hallands nyheter claims the new world record for whistling out of tune was set during “Känslorna”.

“Give the audience 15 plus!!” Per says to Aftonbladet.



Look how handsome he is with that beige jacket :)
Good choice :p

Can´t wait!

Red shoes, pls!!!:-))))


varför var jag inte där?!?!?!?!?!
ångrar mej ungefär väldigt mycket :(
Gessle är kung!

greeat concert

cant wait for Varberg......
hope he will sign stuff as he did in Halmstad- I didnt got anything signed trough my mm got the book signed gt one

Can someone please post the setlist here?

1. Kung av sand
2. Vilket håll du än går
3. Om du bara vill
4. Gungar
5. Inte tillsammans, inte isär
6. (Hon vill ha) Puls
7. Speedo
8. På promenad genom stan
9. Timmar av iver
10. Segla på ett moln
11. Flickan i en Cole Porter-sång
12. Jag tror du bär på en stor hemlighet
13. Småstad
14. Smakar på ett regn
15. Tänder en sticka till
16. Här kommer alla känslorna (på en och samma gång)
17. Födelsedag
18. Spegelboll
19. Juni, juli, augusti
20. Går och fiskar
21. Regn
22. Tycker om när du tar på mig
23. Det är över nu
24. Sommartider
25. Billy

why so many GT stuff?
If I wanna see GT, I go to the GT tour next year.. I don’t say the songs would not sound OK (I guess not as good as with GT though), but doesn’t he have enough good stuff on his own? He said when he was deciding to go on tour or not that he didn’t want it to be a GT tour, well? So why did they put so many GT songs there? :S

Now flame me ;)

@ Judith: probably to keep the audience happy, when people see Per they probably wanna hear his most famous songs! He also doesn’t have so many well known solo songs.

Did anyone see Marie at the show?

I know, but still. Macca plays Beatles songs but the band is GONE. But GT is to tour next year.. :S

Go to the Expressen link there is Marie!

I’m sharing your concern here Judith. With so many GT-songs this summer there might not be any GT-tour next year. It somehow “kill” the exclusiveness of a GT-come-back next year.

But you are just hoping that it will be a GT-tour next year.

Wow! The first time Smastad and Flickan full in live!

I agree with you Ketil and Judith (Hej to both of you!). I can’t understand AT ALL why Gessle plays all those GT-songs. My heart’s bleeding. It feels very very wrong and I can’t understand how the rest of GT agreed on it. Knowing that Per is on stage playing their songs, even though Gessle wrote the songs, I would feel very unimportant. I never thought Gessle would play GT-songs officially without the GT-band, neverever. I thought HE thought that GT was more than that.

Wow, the set-list looks incredible... 25 songs is very generous indeed!
I missed the tour in 1996 and so am looking forward to some Gyllene Tider songs next week.
I don’t think that 9 / 25 Gyllene Tider songs is that many really.
It’s great that “spegelboll” is on the set-list, as well as “speedo” and “småstad” (the three s’s!).
I would say that “den öde stranden” is a notable omission, as far as I can see.
I can’t wait!!!!!
All the best from Rich-UK

It would be interesting anyone can supply tonight’s set list, since Per said it would change. He also said the Återtåget set list would change between concerts, but it hardly ever did.


The Shows was better as the RS Shows. Per is looking very very sweet!

And the best of all: YOU CAN RECORD THE SHOW BY CAMERA! Noboday looks in your bags!

Has anyone seen Marie?

@sofiab: my first thought was “how could he sing “Sommartider” + “billy” without the other GTers?” I was actually glad Billy was left out at the release party.

As I said, it is fine when Macca plays Beatles songs in his shows because if he doesn’t, who will? But GT are supposed to tour next summer.. :S

Btw, 9 out of 25 makes it 36% of the show, so a bit more than a third, I find it a lot.

Imagine he would sing some Rox song without Marie but with some other female singer or Helena. [i know they are English songs, but it is to get the same effect]. Or Marie would have included Rox songs in “her style” and without Per during her tour... “to make the audience happy” naaah!

That’s cool, Judith, but I think that Per got it right!

From my point of view... I haven’t heard the GT songs live before so I am very excited! I thought that the GT tour next year had not been confirmed. Marie’s illness showed me that you cannot guarantee the future so I am really happy to be close to hearing some live GT.

It was a generous set-list so I guess you could think of some of the GT tracks as extras! Also, 2 songs were not played in full on the tour in 1996, making them special for the fans.

From the point of view of the audience... most people will not be such true fans as us so I think that they will expect some GT songs and would have been disappointed if they had not been played. I get the impression that most people went home last night very happy with the set-list.

My vote: the man got it right! I wish you the best, Rich-UK

Are clothes more important than music??:)))Please..put Anders’ pix on your web site!

Judith, I agree totally with you.

Why would the audience expect GT-songs when it’s Per solo?

I think it’s really has to do with Per’s selfimage, that he can’t make a non-greatest hits-tour. The setlist must be hits, at least a lot of hits. Hits is so much Per and without the hits maybe he feels like it’s not him. And maybe he thinks he must live up to the swedish audience thoughts of him; summer and fun.

Hearing the GT-songs when it’s just Per is like hearing ABBA-songs sang only by Frida.

But I guess I have to accept this fact now and respect Per for his choice...

Judith, were you at the releaseparty?

A lot of artists who “goes solo” includes some of their old material on their solo tours. Paul McCartney is mentioned.
Another example is Mark Knopfler who always plays the Dire Straits- classics in his shows.

I agree that it in a way destroys some of the exclusiveness of the GT-tour next year (If there will be one)
But I also understand why he does this.

Also, remember that Anders Herrlin plays bass, that makes 2/5 (40%) GT members on this tour. Then it’s not THAT weird that 9/25 (36%) of the songs are GT-songs...-)

Sofia: nono I was not at the party and I won’t be in this tour either... spent all the money to go and see Eva Dahlgren and her Buddornas in April :-)

Will save money for next year’s *real* GT ;-) After all, I don’t like PG’s solo THAT much, my fave has always been GT and Marie solo :-)

Dire Straits are not supposed to tour the following year.. and GT are. Aaaanyway, enjoy the tour and see you next summer :D

And most artists who goes solo and includes old material from former band/s do that because bandmembers are dead. Paul McCartney for instance.

Haha, excuse me but you think it’s “legal” to play 36% GT-stuff because there are 2 out of 5 from GT on stage?

I’m really looking forward to hear Segla på ett moln, but why only 5 songs from earlier albums??!! And 9 songs GT...

And remember I think GT is the best band on earth... so it’s not because I don’t like GT.

@ Sofiab... actually, Per (solo) singing GT songs is nothing at all like Firda (solo) singing ABBA songs! Frida sang lead on what... maybe half of the ABBA songs as she shared those duties with Agnetha. Plus, Benny & Bjorn’s voices also contributed to many of their songs. With GT, Per sings lead on all of their songs to the best of my knowledge. Sure, some of the background vocal arent the same without the other 3 guys there, but still, it’s not even close to being the same as Frida singing ABBA songs at her solo concert!

As for the rest of you who are complaining about the inclusion of 9 GT classics, please give it a rest! First of all, you can hope all you want for a GT tour next summer, but to count on it is a little bit optimistic, don’t you think? Also, Per singing 9 GT songs now will do little (if anything) to detract from the popularity of a potential GT tour next year. If they do indeed tour, they will have some new material to drive their popularity (as if they even need that).

I’m very glad that Per’s playing those GT songs... it makes for an unbelievably good playlist. My only regret is that I can’t be there to see it! I sincerely hope that they make a DVD out of this... PLEASE!!!

Well, I don’t really care about what his set list contains– he could be singing Tiny Tim songs for all I care. The main point is that Per is Alive! On Stage! And Performing!

I am very grateful for that. And since I couldn’t make it to Sweden, wouldn’t it be dandy if some of the performance made it’s way onto Roxbytes. Hint, hint!

SMOKING SUX INDEED...!! Nice that cigarettes are expensive than hell in Sweden!! Hej I’m german..I DON’T SMOKE..

Stop this mobbing here!

They played “Här kommer alla känslorna” on german radio today...what is going on in this World?? :) EN GÅNG TILL!! EN GÅNG TILL!
Vi ses i Varberg....jag hoppas...

It is very, very common that band members play the bands songs on their solotour. Specially if you have wroten every song. David Gahn for example played many DM-songs on his tour. And he hasn´t even written the songs.

If you go on a big tour infront of 10 000 people every tike you can´t do a it like a club gig with unknown songs. You have to do a greatest hits show. And Gessle doesn´t have enough of them solo. The audience would have been disipointed if he hasn´t played some GT-tracks. But you can see that he did choose them a little bit different. Only one big old hit. The rest was new GT-songs or songs that isn´t as known.

We just have different opinions...

What´s the problem with Per plays GTsongs???!!!!
You´re lucky for you´ve been in the show!It´s PER!!!!Doesn´t matter what he plays.
I´m from Argentina,here the economic situation is terrible,i can´t travel this time.I could die just for hear one song from Per on stage!!!!
A truly fan don´t think as you do.

I’m an analysing type of person. But just because I don’t adore every move Gessle makes doesn’t say I’m not a fan.
I’m just wondering and am curious about why...

jeez! So what? If I don’t get down on my knees and just love every single step Gessle does I am not a fan? Oh well, what a pity ;) At least I have my own opinions and thinkings ;)

AND PatoL if you would have read the whole comments better, you would have seen that I did NOT see Gessle live and I won’t. I don’t live in Argentina but I don’t have money either, besides I am saving for the future; GT tour for example, or simply some 2-week holidays in some nice sunny peaceful island with my gf.

It must have been great, but it is Per Gessle now!

Per ROCKED! the band ROCKED! Halmstad ROCKED! and now I’m back in England totaly shattered but glad I went!!

Will have pictures online soon.....but right now its 1am and I’ve only just got home so maybe tomorow ;)

Vikki is right-:Halmstad ROCKED!...You haven´t seen Per if you haven´t seem him in his hometown, in front of his home-audience...the sound of his crashing guitars under the stars of Halmstad, the moon rising above the stage, and thousands of blond swedish gals rockin´ -, sorry, thousands of voices chanting his name like the redeemers´ one ...this is an experience on its own, an impression that will last...

Many thanx to Ailsa, Claire and the others for the inauguration in the consecrations of Roxette....

And, of course, many thanx to you Per-: you gave us a night to remember!

My first son will be called “Gessle”....


ja, det gör vi :)

it was a fantastic concert with great songs and a really happy Mister G.
im glad i was there

Tusen Tack Per *thumbsup*

greetings from germany


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