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Gessle tour is a success - other summer tours are failing

Written by roxeteer on July 27, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - Swedish tabloid Expressen reports about Swedish summer tours. As we very well know, Per Gessle’s “Mazarin” tour has been a huge success. Many of the concerts have been sold out and according to Expressen, the tour will profit millions of Swedish crowns. “It feels unbelievably cool that the sun is shining on me again,” says Per.

  Not everyone is as happy as Per. A classic Swedish group GES - Anders Glenmark, Thomas “Orup” Eriksson and Niklas Strömstedt - released their second album earlier this year, eight years after their highly successful debut album. Their summer tour was expected to be successful as well, but everything has failed for them. Only 2,000 people appeared to their show in Lysekil, making it the record low for that arena ever and causing a loss of 340,000 SEK. The record high was in 1989, when 24,000 people attended a Badrock concert. According to Expressen the 25 concerts of GES summer tour have mostly been unprofitable and the average loss has been 250,000 SEK per concert.


Hmpf ... who is GES ??

Per time to release a new Roxette album next year! :D

Per is good!

GES is Glenmark Eriksson Strömstedt. Some of you may remember that Niklas Strömstedt is a friend of Per’s and they’ve worked together on some songs. Strömstedt used to be married to Efva Attling.

GES’s self-titled album from 1995 is a true Swedish classic. They were expecting this new album and the tour to be as successful, but this time it didn’t happen.

The new album is quite nice, but nothing too special.

8 years for a follow-up no wonder it failed sheesh

(Anders) Glenmark produced Frida’s album “Djupa andetag” for example, he has been Eva Dahlgren’s producer for many of her albums and he has released solo stuff aswell.

Thomas Eriksson is also known as Orup. He has released quite some solo albums, very good voice + nice guy :)

And Visa already explained bout Strömstedt.


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