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SVT will air Gessle documentary

Written by tevensso on August 18, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - Swedish Television will air a new half-hour long Per Gessle documentary on September 25 at 20.00 CET. “Per Gessle - Ta en kaka till (Have another cookie)” is the working name. “It’s a very personal and private image,” says producer Hans Engholm to Aftonbladet. Hans is in the process of creating the documentary together with Paul Möllerstedt and Anders Karlsson of Produktionsbolaget.

  Besides the trio’s own footage, the show will include some of Per Gessle’s personal videos. “He’s shot loads of film himself. From when the recording of ’Mazarin’ started a year ago,” Hans says. He’s followed Per through his victorious tour during the summer. Hans filmed the concert in Halmstad the other day, for instance. “Per is amazingly uncomplicated, and great to work with. I think everyone sees that,” Hans tells Aftonbladet.

  There are also plans to release the documentary on DVD after it has been aired. “Yes, we’re discussing this at the moment, but nothing has been decided at all,” Hans Engholm concludes.


We want a DVD, we want a DVD!!!! *gg*

But this is just an halfhour long documentary.... and it almost seems like it’s done although there has only been two shows! -odd,, maybe there will not be much Tourmaterial in the documentary...

But I still hope they film som concerts and release on DVD.. a DVD with full concert, “En Mazarin blir till” and “Per Gessle - ta en kaka till” would be nice!

i guess this has nothing to do with the filming of göteborg, am i right?

i don’t get the point of releasing a dvd for just a documentary half an hour long, so hopefully they include the göteborg gig on the dvd... or should i say the documentary that will be filmed with some live footage in between?

YESSSSS!!!! This will supposedly be an addition to the DVD which is going to be made in Göteborg next week :) Oh my, Gessle, you really know how to make my day :) Rock on!!!!

hej poli! too late for a meeting, i’m leaving to sweden on sunday!!!! i’m attending göteborg and stockholm gigs. my father is travelling with me, but i’ll meet tamara in stockholm, do you remenber her from ’el basico’?, she do remenber you! hopefully will make a ’kdd’ in september, so you can join us, as well as the rest of spanish roxfans, we’ll show the pics and tell you all about our swedish trip.

i don’t have any telephone number of you, neither a mail address...

I’m taping that one for sure, just gotta know WHEN hehe ;)

Yes, I saw them filming in Halmstad. They were also filming after the concert, when Per was giving autographs. It would be great to see myself and my friends in this documentary!!!

Anyway, I was at 3 concerts now: Halmstad, Helsingborg and Skovde, and all of them were great!!! Extremely good job, guys!!!

Per: you should really think of some lighter clothes for the shows. How do you manage in jeans and long-sleeve shirt in this heat?

See you in Göteborg, Stockholm and Leksand!!! You will hear my whistle again!

Oh my, soo great... Still dreaming about the Halmstad gig... ;-)

I want this DVD

Is SVT Europa broadcasting the documentary?

Please anyone, I shall pay good money for a copy of this on VHS, if someone could tape it and let me have a copy! Thanx!!

They filming in Eskilstuna also..
most of the time—>> fans
before concert they make few interviews,than filmed whole the time reactions of the fans ,singing,jumping... and so on...

In Stockholm there as the camera in front of the stage filming Per...all the time..

Yeah, and Stockholm there was a smaller camere filming fans also.

How long will it be??

Why do they only makeit half an hour?? I wanna see atleast 1hour!!! 30 minuites is to short, no doubt about it!

@Mari: Doesn’t look like SVT Europa would air it, but of course they can still change their schedule...


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