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Per: “Marie may join me on stage, who knows”

Written by tevensso on July 25, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - In today’s Aftonbladet Per says that they have plans of letting Marie join on stage to perform “På promenad genom stan”, the song she also sings on on the album. She will not be in Halmstad, which is sold out, but probably later on along the road. “I want to kick off the tour by myself,” Per says. “But you never know with Marie, she may be around in her boat and joins us,” he continues.

  After the enormous success with both the single “Här kommer alla känslorna” and the album “Mazarin” - both are still at #1 - this will be this summer’s big success tour. “It’s you saying that, I won’t say it, yet. But sure, it feels totally amazing,” Per says to Aftonbladet.

  Per also tells Aftonbladet that the situation is a bit weird, after years of having Marie with him, he’s now alone. “I’m very used to having Marie with me on stage, so I can stand around looking at the fans!” he laughs. “I’m all exposed now!”


I can’t find any words! It would be so GREAT to see Marie again! Get the hankies ready... I’ll cry happy tears! :o)

C U around folks!

Great news! Pleeeease come in Stockholm!!!:-))))

Wow! It’d be so great to see Marie live! Yea, if you can, please take her to Sthlm! :-)

Depends on her daily boat trips. :D

Looks like Marie “Sailor” Fredriksson really enjoys her boat trips :P

@Judith: “Sjöman/sjökvinna” LOL ;-)

Well, if her boat trip can be missed for a Stones concert, I hope she can take a day off to join Per on stage ;-)

I’d like to know which concert she will join if it’s not Halmstad..and I still think that they shouldn’t have been doing the premiere in Halmstad.

As far as I know, the concert will be entirely in Swedish, containing songs from Per’s four Swedish solo albums and some Gyllene Tider songs.

Oh my - is it true?? I still can’ t believe it! But why not HALMSTAD?? Oh please - dear Marie - JOIN US IN HALMSTAD! YOU ARE THE REASON WHY I’M THERE!!

@Anonymous: The freaks are on any concert either, aren’t they? (-;

it would be good for marie , to get on stage and take finds little by little again, nothing to much . :-))


How wonderful!! Always great to hear positive news about Marie. Per is so gracious and humble!

When will you be touring Argentina? It would very nice for me to see you both playing in concert here again!

Roxette Rules!

@Sonia, hope they could go there and come to Brazil soon ;)

Per, you Super Super Sweetie!!! I knew you would do this, but nobody believed me!!!! SEE YOU IN STOCKHOLM!!!!



Sant vet aldrig med Marie! :) ...Men jag vet att Per kan inte ljuga!! :D det blir Halmstad...eller?? PUSS TILL MARIE....Jag saknar dig. The Moet&Chandon is waiting to get opened...I bought it long time ago for the moment when you will be standing on stage again.....


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