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Per and Marie to attend The Stones

Written by tevensso on July 23, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - According to an article published today in Aftonbladet, both Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson are on the guestlist to attend the Rolling Stones’s “Licks World Tour” concert in Stockholm tonight. “Per will definitely go, but Marie isn’t sure. If the weather is nice, she will prefer to go out on the boat [with her family],” tells Roxette’s manager Marie Dimberg to Aftonbladet.

  The concert will take place at Cirkus and is the third the Stones will give in Stockholm. Last 18th they played the Olympic Stadium and on the 20th at the Globe Arena.

  “The tickets for this concert disappeared so fast that it seems you have to be an artist or record business related to get one,” tells a source. Catarina Oscarsson from EMA Telstar, the promoter of the show, claims she doesn’t know, though, who wrote Per and Marie to the guestlist, “There’s actually no guestlist that I know of, we haven’t invited anybody special. Some of the tickets were sold via the [Stones] fan club for instance.”

  The Hellacopters will be the opening act for tonight’s show.

  Update: Aftonbladet has published pictures of Per and Marie at the concert, which they both enjoyed enormously. “Fantastic! This is the best I have ever seen,” said Marie, who was there with her husband Micke Bolyos, Per and Åsa Gessle, to Aftonbladet. “I will go home now and cry with joy,” Per exclaimed. “Give it 15 plus! 15 plus!” he added.


Hello everybody,

This are good and bad news. What’s up with this guestlist ? euh well ? may be a “replay” of what happened this 9th January 1993 !!!

Anyway, I hope this time we can have a CD of this.

To Marie: have a nice trip on boat
To Per: enjoy your ride ...
To the fans: have a nice day


No, since it hasn’t happened yet.

Bruno: what do you mean exactly? :S

How’s the weather in Stockholm? (-;

What are you talking about Bruno?
And you Anonymous, what photos? Do you mean photos of the concert? How can there be a photos, cos the concert is tonight???

Seems like he somehow talks about Roxette’s unplugged show ’93!? ;-)

Marie - good choice - nothing beats a boat ride on a nice summer evening!

@Sascha: i got so far too ;) but I don’t really see the point? Unplugged took place at Cirkus.. and? :)

why bother mentioning it let them enjoy the concert in peace :)

Kiwein1, it’s raining. So maybe no boatcruise for Marie.

To Judith: don’t you remember what happened in 1993: To sum up, there was an acoustic concert on MTV (Unplugged show) and MTV didn’t want Roxette to release it on CD for the fans for financial reasons (following to what I was said cos i have Internet since the begining of this year)

To Mari: Thanks for taking my defence.

Expecting to see some new pictures on the daily Roxette asap.

C U soon.


Bruno: As far as I know, it´s a Rolling Stones´concert, not a Roxette one, so I do not know why you are expecting a live CD. As regards the MTV Unplugged CD, it had nothing to do with financial problems but with the Tourism album. Per though that the MTV Unplugged CD would sound similar to Tourism which was considered sort of an acoustic CD.

This is great! I’m going to the Stones concert too!!

@ Per, While you’re doing the meet and greet thing inside...I’ll save a place for you and line, or I’ll save a spot for you in the front row. Unless you want to go with our original plan and just sleep outside the night before. Don’t forget to email me.

....any pics now ??

Here’s pictures. Marie was also there! And yes, she has hair!,2789,334989,00.html

Btw, I really don’t understand what Roxette’s Unplugged has to do with Rolling Stones not unplugged gig. Please, explain to me. Ok, it’s same place, but there has been a million concerts since Roxette’s one.

I don’t get the Rox Unplugged - The stones thing either :P

Anyway, enjoy the pics! Marie looks fantastic!

Marie looks gorgeous! I’m so happy to see her again:-)

Marie looks sooooooooo GREAT! I hope she feels as good as she looks!!! I’m VERY HAPPY right now!!!

perhaps its just me or does it seem marie has finally put on some weight?

Hehe, I think that the one who has really put on weight is actually Micke - is it really him?

Sorry, it was a misunderstood.


She looks FANTASTIC !! :) Great picture !! :)

All the best

She looks great, and her hair has grown back!

Marie looks looks so well, and having a good time, made my day :DDDDd

Great picture!!! :-)
I wish they had published a closer shot!

I don’t understand why some of you keep harping on Maries weight? Already forgotten that she is/was very very ill? It’s poor of you I think.
She looks FANTASTIC and her health has the priority. Marie - älskar dig!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristiane, because it’s great Marie’s finally got more kilos. She looks healthier!

it wasnt an insult she is notorious for being thin even per says so so calm down already

Wow - do all Swedes look that good? Both Per and Marie look terrific. Glad Marie is feeling better and is out and about - nice to see her smiling.

Oh folks what a stupid discussion is that here? Did anyone here have had a chemo yet? Can tell you that this has nothing to do with some kilos more or less or looking more healthy or not. Just hope that Marie feels that good she looks like on this as it seems only pic avaiable.

Why Oh why Don’t Aftonbladet host bigger pictures on their site.



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