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Mats Ronander to open Per Gessle’s “Mazarin” shows

Written by tevensso on July 16, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - Mats Ronander will be Per’s guest and open the shows during the “Mazarin” tour through Sweden. Ronander will offer a different and special performance together with Benneth Fagerlund on the keyboards, while he will play the acoustic guitar. They will perform songs out of Ronander’s repertoire as well as songs from other well-known songwriters.

  Ronander and Fagerlund have recently been on tour in Sweden with their show “Acoustic” during April and May.


Who’s this ??

he is a blues singer/songwritter and guitarrist who has played with many Swedish artists, and as far as I know,.. the last time I checked, he was married with Sanne Salomonsen :)

check :P

Mats Ronander and Sanne Salomonsen got divorce a long time ago although Sanne has said recently that she still loves him.

Hola Judith ;)

I haven’t tracked Sanne+Mats life so have no clue what it is now.. :P

hola Rosa :D Genial veure’t per aquí! :P

I don’t think anyone outside Sweden or Denmark knows this guy, and since this being a Swedish tour...

I think he joined ABBA on their last worldtour...

As already mentioned he divorced Sanne ages ago and he is now married to Sanna Ekman (actris).

*deep sigh* Why boring Mats??? :-P

Ronander sung Gör mig lycklig nu. And it’s a great, great song, very simple, but I love it, that’s why I know him, even though I don’t live in Scandinavia ;-)


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