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Next single off “Mazarin”

Written by tevensso on July 21, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - According to the site CDON the next single from “Mazarin” will be “På promenad genom stan” (7243-5528782) . Release date and b-side are yet to be decided.

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Great news! - I am surprised that Per is releasing “På Promenad Genom Stan” as a solo single because Marie is singing on the track but it is an excellent choice of summer hit - sha la la la la la la la, best wishes and enjoy the sun from Rich-UK

Yep, beutiful song! Nice choice!

Per said he didn’t want any singles from Mazarin.
Still great.

That’ s a really surprise!! I thought it would be “Spegelboll” ’cos I’ ve seen a 12” single of it at Ebay. But - very well decision!! :) I’ m wondering what the b-side will be ...

not the best decision i think. should have been “smakar på ett regn” or at least “spegelboll”.

:S cool song but really not the one I would have chosen.

Födelsedag would have been my choice, but then, it is quite GT-ish, so maybe we are to get a song like this from GT next year and then it would be too much of the same? ;)

Yes! Yes! Yes!!!! I love this song so much, a perfect single to take us into the fall!!


The best news of the year!!!!!!!!!!! ===))))))))
Marie rulezzzz!

uyyy Great!!!!!!....

A really bad choise. Nice song but it isn´t a single.

well it is now :P

*Surprised* I was pretty sure it would be “Smakar på et regn” or “Födelsedag”.



I’m so happy !! :)
All the best

Muted responses from a few fans. Same from me: It doesn’t sound like a single to me. I was quite certain Spegelboll would be the 2nd single, as it would show a different side to the alum.

På promenad genom stan is a fantastic song, but I can’t see it doing as well as Här kommer.. in the charts. Hopefully I’ll be proved wrong :-D

Oh goody!!!

I liked that song when i first heard the album,

very summer breeze to it. lovely radio hit. :-) sunshine and grass to me. go marie ;)

I just got the album today! Fantastic song. I actually downloaded a streaming version of it when it first leaked and fell in love with it the first time. Actually earlier today when I was listening to the album I was thinking what the next single should be and this came to mind first. I log on now and see that it’s true. :) Perfect choice for the 2nd single, in my opinion.

YEEEEEEEEEESSS! Great choice Per!!!

It’s a wonderful summer song!!!And it’s GREAT to see/hear Marie in the charts again! ;o)

As I said before: in autumn I would choose Tycker om när du tar på mej as 3rd single!!!

I only have to sleep 3 times and I’m heading towards HALMSTAD!

C U around folks!!!

Erm... hmm... I guess someone now has to personally visit EMI and have a talk with them :-))))

Who me? (Whistles)... ;)

LOL Pietro :D

so Thomas? ;)


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