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“Mazarin” gets platinum award

Written by tevensso on June 25, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - Earlier tonight Per performed “Här kommer alla känslorna”, and the classic Gyllene Tider-song “Kung av sand” from 1996, on the TV-show Allsång på Skansen. Per was also awarded a platinum award (60,000 copies) for almost 100,000 sold copies of “Mazarin”. Per looked very surprised and pleased. On being asked about the audience tonight he exclaimed “The best! The best!”

  Per Gessle has been Allsång på Skansen’s dream guest for many many years. This time around Per felt that he had something to contribute to the program.

 Besides Per, the other artists who performed at Allsång were Buddaboys (Eva Dahlgren and Mija and Greta Folkesson), who sang “Budda is a girl” and “Det var dans borti vägen”, Jerry Williams & The Boppers and After Shave.

  The program will be broadcast again on SVT1 on June 28th at 17.00 CET and July 2nd at 12.10 CET.


WOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Go Per!!!! see u friday ;P

Per is the best!
Hey, he’s wearing his green shirt with flowers again... the same one as in Halmstad!
Go go Per!

WELL DONE PER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The same shirt??? Hopefully, these strong sales will provide enough money to get one or two new shirts for the tour! Kidding, of course - Per looks great!

this is FANTASTIC NEWS!!!!!! Bravo!!!Bravo!!Per!!!! The piccie is sooooo look relaxed and enjoying pressure, how cool!!!! Well I think that the next Roxette album should be done in the same way, created just for and with the love of music......on your terms and in yur own time!!!

Well Uk Roxers, check out the shops, Pop hits is out and nothing has been said!!! Opp Nox is being aired, so get requesting!!!!


Did he sing “What a wonderful world too”? Cuz he was sick :O and he said on Aftonbladet that he sounded like Louis Armstrong. :D

My God, “Mazarin” has sold more copies than Per’s first two solo albums combined!

opp isnt on ANY uk radio stations, not up north anyway .

100000 copies after a week, isn’t that just great???

i think he will beat kents Vapen och ammunition, that sold 4 platina.... Mazarin will sell more than that!!!

Platinum already? Woohoo!

Hej, hej, hej....Congratulations, Good job Per. You are the best.

Congratulations! I can’t wait my fabulous night there:-)

Do u now why he sell so well? Hes the best!!!! No one can be compared to him!!!

Mazarin is such a great album, nearly all the songs are perfect. It deserves huge success! Just like its getting now! Well done Per!

Maybe Per should touch TBH and TPH then, they both got neither gold nor platinum in most countries... ;-)

Oh yes it is.....Opp Nox is definitely here.....have heard it a couple of times!!!!

Man this shows how lax the marketing is for this lovely powerpop song!!!!

anyway, there is too much excitement over Mazarin.....and rightly so, it is a brilliant album!!!!



What’s the name of the file that’s on Kazaa? I appreciate the info.

Take care.
Carlos E., New York.

I watch over and over Per on Skansen. Sooo great. Hope you all have a chans see it somehow...

Check out to see “HKAK” and “Kung av sand”!!! It’ s superb!!!!!!! Per - once again - great work!!

I was in Skansen at 24 June. It was great to see it.

Did anyone take GOOD Anders Herrlin pictures there at Skansen??Who can help me??
I can swap well with mine on Roxette.
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[email protected]


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