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Per Gessle on tour: Halmstad already sold out

Written by tevensso on June 23, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - Today the tickets for Per Gessle’s summer tour went on sale at Ticnet/Biljett Direkt. Already early in the morning three of the positions of Ticnet’s “Top 5” were taken by Gessle and, at the moment, four of the five positions are taken by Per. In addition, Halmstad’s concert has already been sold out.

  The other shows that are selling the most are Stockholm, Göteborg and Helsingborg. None of which are over 90% booked yet, according to TicNet’s system.

  Editor’s note: Tickets that aren’t picked up in time (within three days) go back into the system to be sold again.


wow, go per!

Congrats Per! Must have been some time since you last sold out a concert that fast (GT in 96, I guess?)... ;-)
I’m so looking forward to that concert, can’t wait for July 29th!

I didn’t manage to order Halmstad. If someone ordered too many - let me know! I will gladly buy 1 to 5 tickets!

Take a look at the new Topp 5 at Ticnet - bye bye, football/soccer ! ;-) It’s probably only a matter of time until the fifth spot goes to one of Per’s concerts, too...

It is football :)

OK OK.. I was thinking of soccer, but used the wrong word - that whole soccer thing is too confusing since the German word’s “Fußball” and “Fuß”=foot and ball=well, ball ;-)

Football=Br. E, Soccer=US E. :)

It is is what the americans call it coz they can’t win the world cup everytime its staged. ;)

Vixzter, that’s so true!

Mari, from great football-land Finland :D

#4 is “DIF”... is that Rene Dif, previously of Aqua fame? Man, I wish they would get back together!

Rene Dif the most talented singer/songwriter of our generation??

I’ll be a bit off topic too;

according to my dictionary (an english dictionary) you can say both football and soccer so let’s stop picking on that!!!



Falls jemand aus DEUTSCHLAND ein Halmstad-Ticket zu viel haben sollte + noch eine extrem nette 18jährige Begleitung sucht, bitte melden!!!

[email protected]


Matthias (

According to Helsingborg sold out too.

...I haven’t got a ticket to Halmstad!!!!! Beeeeeeeee! :¨( . So I will stand before the hall and listen :) Hej, don’t anyone the ticket (to concert in Halmstad) to sell??? Please!!!!!!!!!! I need it! I am from the Czech Republic and 29th July I will just in Halmstad!


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