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Written by tevensso on June 19, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - After the huge success with the album “Mazarin” we can hereby confirm the dates of Per Gessle’s tour. The album has reached platinum (60,000 copies) in record breaking time by selling in excess of 60,000 copies so far.

  Here are the confirmed tour dates:

July 29, Halmstad, Brottet - Sold out

July 30, Helsingborg, Sofiero Slott

August 1, Skövde, Boulognersskogen

August 2, Finspång, Rockslottet

August 3, Varberg, Fästningsrundan

August 5, Malmö, Mölleplatsen

August 6, Gothenburg, Trädgårdsföreningen

August 8, Kalmar, Kalmarsundsparken

August 9, Jönköping, Rådhusparken

August 10, Karlskrona, Sparregården

August 12, Stockholm, Sjöhistoriska Muséet

August 14, Sundsvall, Park Arena

August 15, Leksand, Sammilsdal

August 16, Karlstad, Mariebergsskogen

August 17, Eskilstuna, Sundbyholms Slott

 Tickets are 275 kronor (€30, $35) plus a service charge. Tickets are released Monday June 23 and are sold via BiljettDirekt/TicNet (0771-707070) and local ticket agencies.

  The tickets to the Sundsvall gig are more expensive (307-357 kronor) and impossible to get via ATG for some reason. One may have them send the tickets via registered mail though.

 Per Gessle’s tour is sponsored by AJProdukter.


Great!, first comment.
Heja Per!!!

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! come on all you UK roxers!!! LETS GO!!

cool!! now I know for sure I´ll be able to see him at atleast one concert!

Tevensso: falun or leksand 15/8??

Leksand, the other was an old schedule.

Thank you again Per!!!!!
Tack igen Per!!!


C U around folks!

Waw! 29.7. I will be in Halmstad!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But my parents don’t want to buy a ticket before... Do you think that the tickets will there for buy????!

Halmstad, 29 July, who else???

@Joyride - They will sell tickets on site yes, but my guess is that it will be sold out, so don’t wait.

No trip to Norway?? To bad! Guess I‘ll have to go to Sweden then.

Yes, they are already on Ticknet’s site, but of course you can’t yet buy. I don’t have any problem. Both Swedish and English works fine. Just write Gessle and then sök/search.

I’m just curious to know, why the TDR’s article says: (0771-707070 Sweden only). I have call them many times and order tickets by phone. Isn’t it possible anymore?

It is very strange that the concert on August 14, the only concert in Norrland, is NOT FOR SALE on Ticnet! Does that mean there is no concert in Sundsvall?

@LieseBieke: I don’t know... when I do the search for “Gessle”, the concert in Sundsvall don’t come up at all, but all others do. Strange...

See ya in Gothenburg!! Finally my kids are abel to see you! Thanks!

woooo!!! see ya all there!!!

Well Mr Editor: What about the Sundsvall concert? It is not mentioned on Ticnet, but all the others are. Did Gessle totally forget about Norrland?

Hey now it IS mentioned :-) Great!

I cant go cos my daddy won’t let me, but I really hope you guys that can have a great time! You’d all better think of me while ur there!!!

Hey fellows!
Are there some foreign people who are going to the concert in Helsingborg and who know a good place to stay for the night?
I think most hotels that I can find are very expensive...

Please help a poor Danish fan!

Somebody who has lot’s of money.

HAHAH!!! too true Mari! lol

i can only afford 3... Halmstad, Helsingborg and Malmo :)

Uhh, anonymous...So if you buy a CD you listen it only once cos” there’s a same songs” every time you listen it? Or if you eat some good food, you will never eat same kind of like food again? Or if you meet nice person, you don’t want to meet her/him again cos it’s still the same person. Right?

I am so jealous!! I listened to the cd last night on my commute home from work. Truly awesome and different. I liked it a lot. Too bad I can’t make it to the summer tour in Sweden. But next year I hope to see you all for GT’s reunion tour.

San Francisco

cos they’re only on sale from 9am on monday morning ;)

Both. The price is 275 kronor plus the service charge, which is 20 kronor.

Yes, but if you live outside of Sweden you can’t buy tickets by Internet! “Detta evenemang kan inte säljas via internet till personer utanför Sverige !”

YAAAAAAAAAY!!! tickets booked!!! Halmstad, Helsingborg and Malmo - HERE I COME!

ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH... who the heck had that stupid idea to NOT sell those tickets online to people outside of Sweden? It’s seems impossible to get a free line... anyone know a trick?

Call, call, call. I got mine that way.

I got through in the meantime - but now I’m stuck in the waiting line and get told that you can buy tickets via their homepage, too, every few seconds... well, guess what - I’d love to, but I can’t!

heheh! yeah i was like, well IF YOU’D LET ME! lol!

If you manage to get the tickets via phone, are they going to post it or you have to pick them up yourself?

You have to pay the amount within three days and then they will send the tickets to you!

well i finally got through after 2 hours on the phone (my ear kinda hurts!!) and i have until friday to send them the money and stuff.... but i still don’t really get what i have to do so i think i’ll let my dad sort it out....

Seems like the tickets are selling really good - Halmstad was on #1 of the Ticnet Topp 5 within 30 minutes after the tickets went on sale, Stockholm and Göteborg were #2 and #4... three hours later, the charts look like this:

1. Per Gessle - Sommar 2003, Brottet
2. Per Gessle - Sommar 2003,
Sjöhistoriska museet
3. Per Gessle - Sommar 2003,
5. Per Gessle - Sommar 2003, Sofiero Slott

Last time I checked that football game was #3, so it’s probably only a matter of hours until Per occupies all five spots *g*

Can you help me please? - I called Ticnet on 0046771707070 then I hear the voice of a Swedish lady - unfortunately I cannot understand what she is saying although I think that she is giving a list of choices with numbers - anyway, I didn’t manage to speak to an advisor so can someone tell me what I have to do to buy the tickets? - many thanks, Rich-UK

Rich Uk, just stay on line. They will answer.

oh NO! you have to collect them in 3 days??? i onlt get to sweden on thursday!!! do you think this will be a problem???

Yes definitely, the tickets will go back into the pool after that time. :(

I just checked - you can get tickets for Sundsvall online and even pay with credit card if you live outside Sweden! Why doesn’t that work with all tickets?


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