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Written by tevensso on June 13, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - As TDR already announced earlier this week, Per will be signing his album “Mazarin”, to be released Monday, in different locations in Sweden. Here are the dates and times:

Monday, June 16th at 12:00 in Halmstad - Åhléns

Monday, June 16th at 17:00 in Stockholm - Åhléns City

Wednesday, June 18th at 15:00 in Malmö - Folk & Rock

Wednesday, June 18th at 17:00 in Lund - Folk & Rock

Friday, June 27th at 16:00 in Göteborg - Rocks


i hate it, i don’t have my Mazarin+DVD on monday!!!!!

oh no!! please, not Rocks!! as far as I know, you have to buy the CD there if you want it signed ..

well this is what it is about haha, the record stores set these signing sessions to SELL albums :P

yeah, of course I understand that. But the other record shops where I use to buy my CD´s doesn´t really care if I bring a CD that I bought somewhere else to the signing session ...

I´ll be there!!! somebody knows if it´s dificoult to be there, i mean if one pay or its free? how meny people asist to this kind of partys in Åhleans???

Rox On!!!

You pay for the CDs of course, otherwise it’s free, and normally you can’t bring the actual CD they’re signing from some other store. But if you bring a single or two to be signed it’s usually OK.

it is not a real party, Per will be sitting by a table, people will queue up and will go one by one to the table to have the CD (that you will have previously purchased at the store) signed :)

sure u can bring it, another thing is that Per is signing it ;)

In Japan,Mazarin don’t sell,
I wanna Mazarin.

I´ll be in Halmstad . I can´t wait. Jippie!!!

i’m going aaaaaalll the way to Gothenburg! frm the UK! hehehe. how insane am i! lol!

Well, xarrrr
Meet me in Denmark and I’ll go with you to Göteborg... *smile*


they have said that marie will make a solo record before roxette

@DesmondChild: are you really going??? kewl!!!

i arrive in Goteborg on the 26th :) leave for Halmstad on the 28th :D

Yeah, good planning... :-( First I must buy CD to get it signed and then buy another one to get the DVD. Per, are you checkin’ how devoted fans you have? Anyway, see you in Åhléns City!

Why is he signing in both Lund and Malmö?? It’s only 20 km between those cities... he could have come to Örebro, Linköping, Karlstad or Västerås instead...

1.-Thank you for information regarding GESSLE (åhlens) , so, I ´ll be there!!!!!

2.- The boy who meet FRIDA in Gessles party, please, can you bring me some information about her?????

hmm hope my cd/dvd come tomorrow or I will not buy a thing more from ginza

i skiped the signing, i am so mad about the fact that i didn’t get the CD today....

A was at the signing in Åhlens in Halmstad! It was great...I gave some mazarins to Per also.
I got the DVD to and it’s just great. Very personal, and alot of family footage! You see alot of Gabbe in the “movie” and it’s seems like they had alot of fun during the recordings!

Rock on

wow! sounds like it was GREAt!!!! were you allowed photoes with Per?

i cant wait until next friday! yyyyaaaaaayyyyyyy!!

@johan_akerberg: hej!! did per only signed his new album or also other stuff? could fans take pix with him???thanx.

You were able to get all your stuff signed, and also pictures with him...Alot of the girls were hugging him to

euh, so in the end some copies of the dvd were made?

Thanx johan! :)

WOOOOw!!! it sounds so fantastic!!! next friday cant come quick enough!!!

Hi people!

Is there anyone who ordered the signed copy from
Åhléns? Do you know if it´s the regular version or the DVD version (I got confused after somebody said he´s already got the Mazarin-DVD).

I can´t decided if I order the signed version or the DVD version :(
I want both!! :P

Hugs from Brazil,

Don´t even waste your time... I already know it´s the regular version. God, I can decide if I buy the signed version or not... What a dilemma! :)

Hej alla! I was in Malmö and Lund and Per was SOOOOOO NICE!!! I hugged him and took a lot of pix! Per - JAG ÄLSKAR DIN NYA PLATTAN!!! :P


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