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“Mazarin” limited edition postponed

Written by tevensso on June 12, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - Due to problems at the DVD pressing plant some of the limited edition of “Mazarin” is postponed until June 20. The normal version will be out as planned.

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Arhhhhhhhhhh just got an email from the fanclub about this... not too worry they are holding off delivery until the DVD ones arrive!!

Great, we’ll wait anyways

arggg I dont want to wait

MOmmmmy I dont want to wait Muhaaww



CDON is atleast marketing the album... They sent an e-mail today to their customers that told us that they sell Mazarin for 139:-, with a big picture of the it....

here u can see it

oh well, that’s life.. as long as we get the DVD no problem :D

Every Mistake Immaginable.

^ ha ha ha I have to agree

That’s what I expected from EMI. Nothing else.

Hey, I think EMI wanted to put their superfragilisticexpialidocious copy-protection technology on the DVD as well but it resulted in DVD-players blowing up all around their headquarters, so they now need to quickly figure out a new way to nag the people who are willing to pay them $$$ instead of downloading.

yeah maybe...

the most sad thing is that i can’t get it signed here in Sthlm on Monday if I don’t have it....

calm down - its only 4 days

now cdon says the release date for the cd+dvd is the 17th of June (today) ... yesterday it said the 20th. I dunno what to think anymore ..


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