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Written by tevensso on June 1, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - In a few weeks Per Gessle’s new album “Mazarin” is out. At the same time he debuts as a movie director. “I’ve made a DVD-movie called ’En mazarin blir till’ (The making of a mazarin). I’ve shot it myself and edited it in my computer,” Per Gessle tells Aftonbladet. The DVD is included with 5,000 copies of the album. “It’s rather than good, but you can see how much fun we had. The film radiates a hysterical feeling of happiness.”

  The new single “Här kommer alla känslorna” has started a movement in Sweden to get Gessle on tour. It has quickly become the most played song by the Swedish radio stations.

  The commotion surprises Gessle. “I didn’t expect anything like this. I didn’t even have a record deal when I started on “Mazarin”. This is an emotional insurrection toward the thinking of the business. I’ve just collected songs, recorded them myself and paid myself,” Per says in Aftonbladet.

  Per’s colleagues, like Mauro Scocco, Eva Dahlgren/Buddaboys and GES have had a hard year selling albums Aftonbladet claims. “Yeah the recording industry is in a deep crisis. But nothing like that is on my mind. I haven’t had to please anyone. I can bomb majorly and it’s OK. That way a whole new world opens up. You get more honest and spontaneous,” Per comments.

The idea about a solo album came a few years ago?

  “During the Room Service tour Marie and I decided that the next thing to do was our own albums. That was around Christmas 2001. I started writing like crazy in Swedish then. It was damn fun.”

  Aftonbladet wonders if this is a breaking point. “It’s easy to think that, with Marie getting ill. No one knows how Marie wants to work onwards, if she wants to tour. It’s up to her of course. But it feels new to me because I’ve dared being more personal with age. I dare singing more about real things, in Swedish. I didn’t want it to be silly and ingratiating.

Marie Fredriksson sings on one of the songs.

  “I asked Marie if the wanted to sing and I played demos for her. Then she wanted to do as much as she could. So we chose “På promenad genom stan” because it’s about Halmstad.

Summer tour?

  “I’m up for it. We’ll rehearse for the release party, then I’ll see how it feels.” He’ll decide within a week. He’s got a band, and three gigs are already set. Two of them on TV. “Allsång på Skansen” June 24 and Victoriadagen July 14.

  Gyllene Tider 25 years next year. “It would be fun to do something, maybe a tour. I’ve always fought that, but right now I have a different taste in my mouth. Great fun,” Per concludes in Aftonbladet


Oh, it’s gonna be like viewing the world thru Per’s eyes :P
it’s interesting to see another artistic side of Per... i hope to catch one of those 5000 :/

so is that CD going to be in Swedish?

With the only 5000 copies of the DVD, maybe Per’s playing mind games with us :P Well it worked, I just ordered mine. :)

zee: what CD do you mean? If Mazarin: yes, it will be in Swedish.

hmm, maybe I’ll have to order it at CDON then.... but we swedes should not have problems finding it in the stores, should we?

Can you order the CD+DVD at Skivhugget? Thanks, Rich

yeah, skivhugget has it listed with a DVD....

Judith: no no no, I mean the DVD of this movie!?

Well the DVD will actually be in Turkish.

Hi folks!

tevensso - DVD in Tyrkish?
*lol* I really like your sense of humour!

Hey! I heard that one of the songs on the Mazarin album is in Danish!!!

Take care!

you are so funny guys...

I will order the album on ginza today, with the DVD!! It will be exited to hear the songs, I think it will be a really good album! I like the songs: Spegelboll, På promenad genom stan and Födelsedag very much!


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