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Per Gessle to sing for the Swedish Crown Princess

Written by tevensso on May 20, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - Every year on July 14th and since 1978, the Swedish Royal Court celebrates the “Victoriadagen” (Victoria’s Day) in Borgholm, in honor of the Crown Princess Victoria’s birthday.

  This year is this event’s 25th anniversary and a great party is being arranged: artists like Per Gessle, Peter Jöback and Robyn will perform for the Princess.

  Kay Wiestål, who together with SVT’s producer Göran Winberg, is arranging the event, is very glad for the fact that he has been able to book Per and Robyn for the event, “I have tried to book Roxette and Robyn many times, but that was hard, they are so controlled by their record companies,” Wiestål explains.

  In addition to the artists mentioned above, Lisa Nilsson, Sanne Nielsen, the trumpetist Magnus Johansson, the illusionists Stefan Odelberg and Peter Glyt will also perform at the party.


I wish I was there!
I like the Swedish crown princess very much!!
..... and I also like Per of course!


Yes, but the Victoria Day has been celebrated since 1978...

If she is 25 this year then she was born in 1978, didn’t she?

Its the events 25th anniversery. The first ’gig’ were on Victoria’s first birthday, when she was 1 year old.
Hard to plan an arrangement like this to perfectly hit the day she was born....

This year; Victoria is 26, the anniversery 25. It ain’t so difficult to understand, is it? :-)


yepp as easy as that :)

proof that emi’s overcontroling has screwed roxette

Victoria was born 14 July 1977, if I’m not mistaken. This makes her exactly 53 days older as myself! :-) It’s not the first time Per sings for her I think, he sung for her together with GT, didn’t he? birthday is in December!!!!!!!!! ;)

I think he shoud play for Göran Persson!

Congraulations..... I am 7 days older than Princess Victoria... can Per sing for me???

She’s in lucky. I’m jealous. I would like to bee in her place.... :)

She’s a lucky girl. She’s a princess, she lives in the same country as Per and he will play for her.
What else she wants for her birthday?
All I wanted was to watch Per playing for me on my birthday :D

Fernanda - Brazil

It’s the best birthday someone could ever get.

Wich songs will he play do you think?


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