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Per Gessle recommends summer songs

Written by tevensso on May 20, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - Early this morning Per Gessle was interviewed by Anna Hansson at the Swedish radio channel P3’s program “Morgonpasset”, where besides commenting about his new single, they have been playing and talking about summer songs.

  Hansson started the interview off congratulating Per for the single, “I read you have just made the hit of the summer!” she said “yeah, I read that too,” Per answered, adding “we’ll see if it happens, of course it’s great fun!” A summer hit that Per will never forget is “Trouble” by Lindsay Buckham, the guitar player and singer of Fleetwood Mac. “This song is like a rented car on the freeway, your elbow outside the window and this great song on the stereo,” commented Per, and went on describing his feelings at that moment, “there’s a sense of freedom in that state, the myth and as a tourist you pick it up at once!”

  “Ever falling in love”, by the Buzzcocks, is, according to Per, one of the best songs ever, “we always played this song in the rehearsal studio when I was in Gyllene Tider,” he recalled, “we fed on songs like this, so when I hear this song I think back to the end of the 70s, long hot nights in Halmstad.”

 For Hansson Gyllene Tider is images of the beach and barbequeing hotdogs, but Per thinks it depends, “I am very associated with Tylösand nowadays, so I guess it’s a sensation now if I reveal that I have never been swimming in Tylösand. My dad was a plummer and he managed the watersystems at Frösakull, so I’ve never hung out around the Tylösand area, but other beaches… there are so many great beaches in Halmstad,” he stated. Hansson answered jokingly that she was in shock, after this revelation, “wanna lie down maybe?” Per asked, before they jumped to the next song.

 The third song to be heard was “Heart of glass” by Blondie. “When I think about a summer song I think about the sound of simplicity and luxuriosity that you can find in this song,” Per commented.

 Per explained that he will spend a lot of time in Halmstad this summer, and work on his record, and revealed that there won’t be a tour, but that he might do a small gig somewhere “I haven’t decided yet, do you think I should do that?” he wondered, to what Hansson replied “Absolutely!” “So I guess I better do it then.”

  At the end the interview, Hansson told Per that he should have a premiere bath at Tylösand, “Do you think so?” Per answered, and went on “yeah.. there’s so many people.. too messy!”

(Mattias contributed to this article)


So much better than RIX FM yesterday.... PER HAS MADE THE HIT OF THE SUMMER...

May do a concert.... ummmm wonder where, perhaps HALMSTAD!!

Keep up the good work Per!!

Sounds great that there will be a solo album from one of the greatest song writer and singer ever! Looking forward to it!

Did anyone record it...?

yes! Mattias! I am to put it online.. asap! :)

despite the bad quiality of the music parts.. but the talking sound ok :)

i have it, i can send through icq just contact me

it works fine here...

Now the only trouble is to know where he will play and to get tickets to him. because he is defently going to make a small tour or one gig. And I have to be there.

the interview is online at
“Senaste sändning” at the bottom of the page choose 07:10 - 07:30

I hope he do one concert in Stockholm!

Per, you missed something! Tylösand beach is wonderful. Even when it’s crowded! :) Give it a try!


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