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Expressen columnist demands a Gessle tour

Written by tevensso on May 19, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - Swedish tabloid Expressen’s columnist Anders Nunstedt suggests in today’s Expressen that Per Gessle should start booking gigs and renting a tour bus, and fast! “This single is most probably the big hit of this summer,” Nunstedt says.

  Today the new single, “Här kommer alla känslorna (på en och samma gång)”, is released to the media. Nunstedt gave the single 4 stingers out of 5. “And if things go the way I figure, this record will spin so often it starts smoking the next few months.”

  In four weeks the album “Mazarin” will be out. After hearing about half of the album Nunstedt reports that “…Gessle seems to have a formidable album up his jean jacket sleeve…” Simple, straight-forward pop with a personal touch, light-years away from Roxette’s non-lyrics. The album is full to the brim with happy choruses, Nunstedt continues.
This is a very fresh album, nothing you can expect from tired old pop veterans, like GES. The only thing Nunstedt misses is the younger Gessle’s troubled love lyrics. But he’s only heard half so far. And that half demands a tour.

  Per Bjurman of Aftonbladet is also raving about this single. “Per Gessle has never been better”, “Oh shit: This is a summerhit if I ever have heard one before.” and “So everyone else, I’m sorry. It is the eternal pop addict from Harplinge who has written the soundtrack of the upcoming summer.” The b-side is a weird little instrumental thing called “Nu är det ju juli igen, ju”. “What this means I have no idea about, but try saying that title 15 times in a row!” Bjurman says.

  There is no information whether Gessle is going to perform the solo material live, but Bjurman hopes that he will. “That would be very, very fun,” Bjurman concludes.

  Per was also interviewed on Rix FM this morning and P4’s Svensktoppen yesterday afternoon. In Svensktoppen’s interview Per commented “This album consists of part really old material, of which some is from the 80s even!” and “I haven’t put out a solo album in Swedish in an amazing 18 years. This means I’m very old.” The album breathes very much summer and very much Halmstad. Being asked who else than Marie is on the album Per says only Marie that you [the interviewer] know of, and laughs.

Kajsa Evensson, android & Judith Seuma contributed to this article.

  On a side note, Per Bjurman has listed Per’s best songs ever in his column: “Ska vi älska så ska vi älska till Buddy Holly”, “Flickorna på TV2”, “Kärleken är inte blind (men ganska närsynt)”, “Timmar av iver”, “Flickan i en Cole Porter-sång”, “Teaser Japanese”, “Dangerous” and “Småstad”.

  And “Här kommer alla känslorna (på en och samma gång)” of course.


yes per! go touring and release a tour dvd :))

a tour including all his solo material. what a dream! can’t wait to hear the whole album!

Wow, what happend to Expressen?

BTW, the interview on Svensktoppen’s available online at , at about 6:30 - you can fast forward, so you don’t have to listen to the pretty uninteresting rest ;-)

thank you for the link!

I uploaded this interview too, so:

Morronzoo (bout 5MB)

Svensktoppen (about 2MB) - this one much better than the “interview” this morning:



expressen probably feel guilty =)

I´m so happy!!! I just wanna listen .... “På promenad genom stan” !!!!!!!! WITH MARIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous, it’s a fact that really good music doesen’t sell as much as bad music. Look at charts now, full of shit.

This is such a good review, I almost believe that Gessle paid Expressen... hmmm no that was a cruel thought... really happy for Gessle...
I hope I will like the album... but the new single is not my cup of tea! But it is certainly better than the average shitty chart song anyway!

Oh a tour.... wow that WOULD make my summer!!!

isn’t TOO LATE to plan a summer tour??
I’s good for you Swedes or fans who live in countries very close to Sweden,but what about fans from other countries??
It’s too late for us to plan everything in time!:(((
*Carrlin from ITALY* from other countries really suffer tremendously

Yes, yes, yes. I’m waiting for 16 th June. I hope I can buy LP in Polen.

TOUR, TOUR, TOUR Per please!!!! :o) You turned my world upside down, ahhhh :) Hope the lambmeat you tried was nice! ;) Counting the days till June 16... OMG!

Cool for a fool!


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