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Rix FM’s “Morning Zoo” features Per

Written by yoona on May 18, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - Swedish radio station Rix FM’s morning show “Morronzoo” will feature Per Gessle talking about his new single Monday morning.

  The show is on the air between 6-10 CET, Per is scheduled to appear around 8:30.

  • Rix FM (Click “Lyssna på Rix FM”.)


Hi Everyone,

Well ? Per with a new swedish album ? and what about a new english one ?

Have a nice day

Brunorox (sorry but I lost my password...)

And anyway, this is cool, but a pitty I can’t listen to this radio for technical reasons ...
I got to wait for some news on the Daily !!!

yes, a new album in swedish. there is no new per album in english.

Why there should be an English album? Swedish is much, much better for solo-Per, English for Roxette.


I wake up at 5 o’ clock *gg*

i agree with mari

8 minutes into listening to “RIX FM” and it is working!!! which makes a change for my internet connection.....

what a horrible program this is!! Thank god we got to know when +- he will be there, I wouldn’t stand listening to this crap for long! :P

your absolutely right. this is the worst garbage you could ever possibly listen to.

they’re gonna have a bbq with mr G.. hmm

I agree.... it reminds me of my local station and now I have to listen to ROBBIE WILLIAMS... can it get worse....

I want to go back to bed.... it’s my day off!!!!

this is what happens when you let private stations into the FM net :P

puh..and now they are grilling.. cmon.. this is torture!!

*LOL* Poor Per, he has to cope with grilling at that time of the day...

He has more than likely drank several cups of coffee... before he made it too the studio...

... what kind of interview is this? Per please, go to a better program next time, thanks :)

CRAIG DAVID..... c’mon I wanna hear Per’s song in full!!!

this Fylking guy is a disgrace to our country.. yack

there u have the song ;)



I really feel like NOT getting the single after this DREADFUL morning program... (OK, I’m joking, but GEZUS!)

agree..... what idiots!!!

That was all, right? I don’t want to miss anything, but I don’t want to listen to this longer than I absolutely have to, either...

BTW: Does anyone happen to know why they’re playing Pärlor by Kent all the time, it’s not even a single!

Maybe they are fans of “KENT” (lol!)

As the website says.... “BAST MUSIK, JUST NU!!”

Great Music... pitty about the presenters...

I’m uploading the “interview” or whatever that was now.. if u wanna go thru it again :P

@ Judith..... Thanx!!

interview? what an embellishing description.. :P

Has somebody recorded the interview, where can I dowload it. And did they play the song then!

@jobarth: as I said, i am uploading it :)

and here it is:

(about 5MB)


Sorry I didn’t read it. Thank you now for uploading!

Excellent Judith.....

Yes they played the song in full.... it was worth listening to the presenters just to hear Per’s song in full!!

It would be very nice if someone could translate this interview to english:)

thanks, Judith! :-)

I am about to record the (phone) interview at P4’s Svensktoppen yesterday :)

can really someone translate the interview into English, pleaase...

Per Gessle rules the world!!!! The world according to Gessle for ever .... HKAK is a great single!!!

After this morning I went out shopping to Blackpool.... (yes Per, in case your reading that sad town where you played in 2001!!) and I could not get the song out of my head all day.... need another fix!!!


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