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Här kommer alla känslorna (på en och samma gång)

Written by tevensso on May 16, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - Keep your browser tuned to The Daily Roxette and come here on Monday at 00.01 CET. With the kind permission of Capitol Records Sweden, The Daily Roxette will stream 30 seconds of Per Gessle’s new single “Här kommer alla känslorna (På en och samma gång),” which is being released to radio stations the same day. The street date, confirmed by Capitol, is June 23rd.

  The B-side is called “Nu är det ju juli igen, ju” [see note] and is an instrumental number. The single is published by HipHappy and Capitol Elevator Entertainment and has been produced by Clarence Öfwerman, Christoffer Lundquist and Per Gessle.

  Meanwhile, here’s the single sleeve!

EDITOR’S NOTE: The B-side title is a humorous take-off on a traditional Swedish Christmas song, “Nu är det Jul igen [Now It Is Yule Again],” changing “Jul” [Yule] to Juli [July]. -LEO


Instrumental song!!

Great done mr G!

Per looks very cool!!!, I hope that the songs sound better than the last (ramone´s cover), I believe that the title of this song is very mature, more than what Per has done before...:-)

will it be out in the stores on monday?

hey maybe somebody who have recorded it will upload it somwhere?? c’mon share it with us :))

again—will it be out in the stores on monday?????
If yes-in which most probablY??

cover is nice.. halmstad? reminds me of early times :D

i think it looks great! i like the handwriting instead of font as well

@daniel_alv & Emil__BG: Yeah, I was wondering that, too! Most online shops don’t even have Mazarin listed yet, let alone the single... if the single’s released on monday, shouldn’t it at least be mentioned somewhere, e.g. in EMI Sweden list with new releases?

June 23 is the street date of the actual single.

It means that the single will be released after the album. So you can conclude that there will be only one single.

Ohhh can’t wait to hear the song..... how many hours???

I am waiting for the album! Hope to reach it from Hungary as well...

Ginza has listed Mazarin.... and it’s two versions, one CD and one CD+DVD... CD: 159 SEK and CD+DVD 169 SEK....

visit us att at 5 o ‘clock pm and you will here a part of the new Gessle singel!!!!!!!!!!!!

@ genius lover :
When? Today or on monday?

kinda excited here though i never got into pers solo stuff that much BTW stop saying oh i heard the whole song thats just summarily cruel lol

Oj då, det blir många känslor samtidigt! Hur ska det låta?? *nyfiken*

cover is much better than for the album. this for album is awful :(

C’mon guys! Please don’t let us mundanes wait any longer!!! The fans will buy it anyway!!!
“This song must be out there!”

where will he preform in tv which shows? and will he go out and sign items like 97?

To jobarth: I‘m sorry, but we played it today! It´s a great song anyway...

Thanks for playing it :) It’s really a great song!

Guitars, whisteling, laughs... :)

My first listen to it was not so positive, I hipe it’s better with in better quality

@genius_lover: Argh, I missed it! When did you play it? I started listening at 17.03 or 17.04 - guess that was already too late *sigh*

they played it at 16:58 or somethign like that

mm wasn’t it later? Anyway, it is worth the waiting :)

no, not much later, I watched the end of south park on TV4 after I heard the song.... and that ended 10 past 5 so...

Greaaaaaaat picture !!! Can’t wait to put my hands on Mazarin :D

Fernanda - Brazil

Sometimes I love my jobb at the radio =)

do you want a new homepage? (the radio)

was it you that talked so nice about the new song before you played it??

Nice? =)
Well, I talk a little bit about the song in swedish! Are you from sweden maybe??

yeah, I’m from Sweden.... Someone said so many good things about Gessle so I thought it had to be a Roxette fan....

Of cource I am a roxette fan! Or shoud I say Gessle fan? He is one of the best singer/songwriter from Sweden ever...

yeah, i agree on that! he is the best!!!! but I didn’t like the song so very much.... I hope I like it more the next time i hear it

I heard the song fore the first time the day after Paul McCartney where in town (Stockholm) at the record company. And I thought it was too “thin”. But I promise you, after you have heard twelve times you will love it!!

what? so you heard it like a week ago? How unfair is that?

Ok, I hope so... I liked the intro alot, but I don’t remeber so much of it, I just have to wait until I have it on my computer...

Oh boy

PLEASE, someone upload it before Monday, cause I’m going to have several exams next week and I won’t be able to listen to this song until next weekend... so PLEASEEEEE, someone, help a Per Gessle fan to enjoy this song THIS weekend.

I’m going to die if I don’t listen to this song soon... God !

All the best

I agree with LoneGunman!!! And please stop talking how wonderful this song is when not everybody can listen to it!!! That is called torture!!! :o(

“what? so you heard it like a week ago? How unfair is that?”

Some people here are very funny (or jealous?), as far as I understood it he went to EMI and there he had the chance to listen to the song, what should the correct “action” have been?

“do you want to hear Gessle’s new song?”
“Sure.. but wait.. this is not fair towards the other fans!”
“No, don’t play it”

Would this have made you all feel better? ;)

@ camillarox: Of course I’m happy for all of those lucky ones that have already heard the song!!! But I would be happier if I could listen to it, too!!! :o) And of course I’m jealous when I must read here all the time how wonderful this song is!!! If I wouldn’t feel like this, I’d go to see the doctor!!!! ;o)


camillarox >>> Was that what I said? That he shouldn’t have listened to it? I just said that it’s unfair that some people hear it first, I didnät blame them for it.... That’s life, some people hear it first, some don’t... You can also see it this way, the people who have heard it will miss the excitment of our chat tomorrow when we are waiting for the song at midnight!

The best song I’ve heard from him in a long time...

Where did you hear it?

visit us today att at 11.30 o ‘clock pm and you will here a part of the new Gessle singel!!!
You can also write down some words in our guestbook.

@starrox: working fine here!

Oh man... how sad is that ? :( I’m almost sure that someone already has the song, but it looks like no one will upload it !! :( Sometimes I hate to live so far away from Sweden... (at this time I would be already at EMI’s with a bomb in my hands and making they play this song for me too).

Anyway, seems like I won’t listen to it until May 26th !! See ya there !! :(

All the best

Remember: visit us today att at 11.30 o ‘clock pm and you will here a part of the new Gessle singel!!! Just choose the button “lyssna”.
You can also write down some words in our guestbook.

will sb record it ? listening doesnt work :(((


Not working for me too ! :(


hm it’s working fine here..

Oh, so it was not just me... the livestream didn’t work for a short time here, too!


It was working fine here, but suddenly it stopped and I wasn’t able to come back since then.

Someone PLEASE record it !!


Try the direct link, it should open in Winamp:

I can listen to the radio with no problems? What connection do u have?
LOL Now Per’s Kix a la Elvis version playing :D
What was the song that u played before this one?

Now soon! ;)

Hi Rob, thanks for the hälsning :)

@Judith: DSL 768kbit down/ 128 kbit down - but that was not a problem with the connection, but with the server, maybe it can’t handle that many people...

hm could be.. anyway, enjoy! :)

I did and I’m already uploading the mp3 :-) Give me 3 more minutes...

Starrox - I LOVE YOU (not in a sexual way, but I do love) !! :) GREEEEAAAAAT SONG !! :)


All the best

too short. a little bit too acoustic. but nice. i hope whole album is more electric however :/


Sounds a lot like a Cowboys Movie song, don’t you think ? Billy, the kid, would love it !! :)

Anyway I think it’s BRILHANT !! Can’t stop listen to it... SO COOL !!

Starrox... THANKS AGAAAAAAIN !! :)

All the best

Great song!! Love it=)

Great song, especially whistling-part. And it’s not commercial, which is nice. And it’s real music without electric instruments, great! Sounds a bit traditional Swedish music. Just great! I’m pretty sure that younger Roxette-fans don’t understand this kind of like music...
And thank you Starrox!!!

@ Mari - I agree 100% with you (but I don’t like the wristling part, actually)... anyway this song sounds VERY swedish and I just LOVE it !! :)

All the best

PS: Yeah, no eletronic sounds.. yuhooo

Almost forgotten: THANX Starrox!!!!


thank you starrox

really great song. can’t wait for the album :))))

Great song (I like this more than TWATG-style) but who are singing backing vocals? Could one of them be Marie? Sounds like her.

I really doubt it’s Marie, I mean wouldn’t it have been mentioned together with the news about Marie singing in “På promenad genom staden”? I’d say it’s one of the singers Per recorded some demos with, but we don’t know for sure until someone tells us what the credits say, of course...

Expressen gav the single 4 out of 5 in yesterdays papperissue. Nunstedt wrote that HKAK will be this years big summerhit. They also wrote that Gessle was going to preform at Victorias (the crownprincess) birthday in july which will be broadcasted live on TV.

text + translation:


7 hrs to the stream! :D

aaaa! I‘ve missed everything again!

I just can´t wait to hear the whole album.


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