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Per Gessle brings us “Cupcakes”, with Marie!

Written by tevensso on May 12, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - A new solo album by Per Gessle, “Mazarin,” (Cupcake) will be released on June 16. The album is in Swedish and contains 14 tracks. A single, “Här kommer alla känslorna (På en och samma gång)” (Here come all the feelings [all at once]), is to precede the album, with a radio date of May 19.

  The working name was “Mazarin” and the name has been kept, since like this pastry (see photo at right), this album is full of good stuff!

  The album is recorded in Christoffer Lundquist’s studio - The Aerosol Gray Machine - with Per Gessle, Christoffer Lundquist and Clarence Öfwerman.

  Lately Per has had a partiality to write in Swedish, and since the pile of songs grew a Swedish album came to mind. So when the year was at its darkest and coldest, an album that breathes – from the first tone to the last – Swedish summer, came alive.

  The sleeve (see below) and the poster photos (click to enlarge the one shown at left) are taken by Dutch photographer Anton Corbijn who has worked with U2, Depeche Mode and Roxette, to mention a few. The album cover is shown below.

  A special limited edition of the album has been made, that includes a DVD: “En Mazarin blir till” (The Making of a Mazarin). A 32-minute long behind-the-scenes “documentary” filmed and edited by Per and his friends.

  “It’s been a totally fantastic recording,” Per says. “An incredible recording really. We stayed in a hostel and worked basically around the clock, five weeks down in a snow-covered Skåne. Christoffer and Clarence shared my dream to make a warm, immediate and yet kind of thoughtful album. Small town. Small thoughts but Big feelings. I don’t think I can get any more personal than this.”

  Aftonbladet also reports today about Per Gessle’s new solo album, and reveals a nice surprise to all Marie fans: she has recorded a song for the album, where she sings both chorus and backing vocals.

  The song is “På promenad genom staden” (Strolling through the town) and is about Per’s hometown, Halmstad. “It’s incredibly cool that Marie wanted to sing on a song for the album,” Per tells Aftonbladet.

  This is the first full song Marie records after she was operated due to a tumor last September, and it was recorded in Stockholm three weeks ago under complete secrecy.

  Per explains that Marie feels much better, almost completely fine, and that she is on her way back, “…she has gone through a bad time, but she is back, and it feels fantastic…” Per says. He also points out that the song is not a duet. “Marie sings parts and backgrounds, but it’s a full song, not like ’Opportunity Nox’.”

  “One of the album’s advantages is that nothing sounds like this. While one of its disadvantages is that nothing sounds this…” Per laughs.

Birgit Eichler, Judith Seuma and Daniel Alvedahl contributed to this article

“Mazarin - pastry; short crust pastry filled with almond-flavored marzipan and covered with frosting”.


I´m gonna faint!


That is sooo cool! But I guess this is only going to be available in Swedish, is it? Keeping in mind that Roxette is not releasing anything in Ireland anymore, it will be even more impossible to get my hands on pers solo album...
is there any swedish person that can help me out??? Please!!!!

Yes! Gotta get the special edition! The funny with Per is that u never know what his next step is.

Does anybody know how to get the DVD when it’s it on the CD?
Or is it like a limited edition bonus-CD like in TBH & TPH?

Ummm.... suddenly I am hungry! ;)

WHOOOOWWWWW!!! How cool!
Hope it will be full of sweet ballads and powerfull popsongs!!!
Btw... what is a cupcake?

A cupcake (mazarin) is like a small cake that is made in a tin cup, you know? With frosting on top. Hard to describe, and I don’t have a pic. :D

Wow, I must have blinked or something... who knew we’d be getting this so soon?! I thought it was still in the planning stages... WOOOHOOO!

This comes to me as a total surprise... a nice one actually! Tack så mycket Per, jag skyndar mig till affären!

Wow, that´s great. In this time I´m maybe in Sweden, so I can buy it there.
But another question. Will Per doing some promotion in Sweden for his new CD?

Wow! Great!

why in Swedish? cmon Per!

will the DVD be on the first edition? In that case, I’ll buy it!!!!!!

i don’t know why per is such a bastard and he told us in interview that he don’t know and he can’t make his mind if record album or not. i hate him. but i love on the other hand. COOOOOOOOOOL :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

btw, what a great title, don’t you think? should been in engilsh grrrrrrrr wrrrrrrrrrrrr :/

wow!! great news!!

@ jackeill: your expression was very rude! ;-)




bunny, you´re the best!!!

did MP help you recording the songs?

lol i just hope it doesnt sound like a brain pool albvum

I’m curious to know which other musicians contributed to PG work!!What about Anders Herrlin??

Man, that’s great freaking news!!! As for it being in Swedish, that doesn’t concern me that much. even tough I will only be able to understand a few words here and there. TWATG was one the best CD’s ever put out, but so was Atartaget! The bottom line for me is that I hope “Mazarin” has more of a GT/TWATG feel than Per’s early Swedish solo work. That stuff was ok if you’re in that kind of mood, but the uptempo stuff is much more to my liking:) Can’t wait to here it!

“I don’t think I can get any more personal than this” by Per

and that’s when he does his best music!
when he’s truly himself


@carrlin: christoffer can play the bass as you might know....



What a nice surprise! Hope we will get some real power pop again. I have this feeling we all will have a great summer :o)


FANTASTICO!!!! As a confirmed PERaholic, this is the BEST news!!!! You never fail to amaze us dear Per!!!!

This will help with my Swedish lessons!!!hehehehehehehehehe!!!!!!



After a really shitty day at work I was down.... PER I am happy again I lovvveeeeeee you soooooo much.... your an angel!!


Counting down the days!!!

I am very glad, a Swedish solo album comes!!!

Sooo great, what a pleasant suprise!!:)))

Honey bunny are u mad!?!?!?!?
I’m going to faint...=)
I can’t wait to hear it honey!!
I love you so much

Nice :)

If it was not such a sad day for me, I would even be happy :$

PER what a bastard!!! =)
But i love u always and this is a wonderful surprise!!
Go on sexy bunny!
Kram D*

Damned..that must have been a really really cold winter (some people prefer to cuddle..some are writing songs...hehehe)...WOW....I really hope that it’s not tooo limited with the DVD...please release one for every fan!!!

Is there also an English album to be released in the near future, Per? It´s been a while since the ´World According To´album.

LOL I see lots of fans interested in eating this mazarin now :D

I had never heard about it but I am very very curious to know how it tastes like!! yummie :)

(both the cake + the album :D)

Raspberries, Popcorn...Cupcakes...Someone must be very hungry out there... *GRIN* KÖTTBULLAR next okay??

Just one question about the this album going to be released by ’Gessle’ (like TWATG) or ’Per Gessle’ ? Theoretically you could see them as separate bands...

LOL Criz :D
I prefer Daim! :P

@Colin: uh?


p.s. @ Colin: I think it will be released under “Per Gessle” since al his Swedish Albums were released like that!

Great news!!!!!!
i want the DVD!!!!!
please make it worldwide!!!!

Ahhhhhhh great news!!! The problem is only the language :( but if dvd will be released only on first edition I have to buy it :). Maybe caption in english?? I hope so
@Zaine, thankyou for your cupcakes pictures. I have never seen one before. There isn’t this cakes in Brazil :)
PER I love you man!!!!!

Fernanda- São Paulo

cdon see gessle and per gessle as two different artists


PG’s TWATG is one of the best records of all, it’ll be nice to have new PG solo stuff again.

And it’s only 20 days for the single to be released!

Greetings from Buenos Aires,

Ezequiel PiR_GeSSLe

I just have to thank u, Per! Thanks for new stuff! this the second best news we roxers had... Thank you A LOT!
@Fernandinha, the language doesn´t matter, the music is all we need.

All I say is, OHMYGOD!!!! ;-) That is fantabulous!!! And, what a PERFECT title!! Cupcake!! That is sooooo POWERPOP, but on the warm, fuzzy side of it...MUST BUY WITH THE DVD!!!!!!!!

Per?? You’re THE POWERPOP KING!! There is no one higher!! I bow before your feet, man!!

wohoooooooooo! Great, I’ll take it back home from my holiday in Sweden in Summer *jumpsupanddown*

Yes Per!!
don’t forget english captions!!

don’t forget that you could include your former videos in the DVD!! :)

and don’t forget you’re the best :P

Marie sings a whole song on the cd!,2789,299878,00.html

That’s great!!!!
since i’m so deeply hungry of Marie or Per’s voice in a new songs..........
BUT! why does Marie & Per dosn’t give any attention of INDONESIA??????? nor other country?
Coz i thing there’s many of hunger people like me out there.... am i right????

YES! Marie sings on it too.....this has made my entire week and its still only 10am :-)

My ankle is feeling better already!

I love em to bits :)

What a surprise! :) AND THERE’S A DVD!

tralalalalalal and Marie sings on this album!!! :D:D:D:D:D this is the first of the surprises ;) I bet there is more to come :D

Great news. I have been waiting for a Swedish solo album from PG so long. I just wonder what type of album it’s gonna be. Singer/songwriter or powerpop? Both will do :-)

Yes, Yes, Yes!!! Thanks Mr. Gessle for bringin’ us a perfect summer!!! Bring on the “Cupcake”... and Marie!!!!:)

I´m so happy for this! This was the best piece of news I could get today!!!

vixter, what’s with your ankle???
(sorry, i’m always behindd.. :-P)

she’s singing again, yeah yeah!!!!
one can’t possibly get any happier!!!!

I can’t believe it!!!


Oh cool...This just came all of a sudden, really! :)
And it is so great to see Anton Corbijn back in the business!

Finaly Per is giving us some real extras.

If it’s half as good as TWATG [Of course it would be different] I’ll be ecstatic.

In Oz

does anybody know, btw., when that picture of marie was taken????
(and that gorgeous pic by gessle??? *yummie*)

Can we expect singing ducks on the album cover?!!

God I hope not! B&W almost for sure though.

Marie sing’s together Per !!!!!!! It’s a dream. I’m dreaming, right?????
Per and Marie, you are the best in this world. I’m really glad to be your fan. Thankyou a million for exist and make my days too much better.
I love you very very much!!! :D

@RoxNaVelha, I agree with you but an caption in english or in spainsh would be too much better for us that speak’s portuguese. But there’s no problem,I’m not complaining, all I want is to see or listen Per and Marie :D

Fernanda- São Paulo

“One of the album’s advantages is that nothing sounds like this. While one of its disadvantages is that nothing sounds this...”

What on earth is he babbling about??!

Wow, that´s great. Marie is singing on th Per Album. What a great new.:)


BEST NEWS EVER !! :) I’m SO HAPPY !! :) God, I HAVE to find a way to put my hands on this DVD !!!

About the sound stile... I think it’s going to be something REAL different... it’s not going to be so “dramatic” as his other swedish solo albuns, but also won’t be like TWATG... it will be something real different and new !! Can’t wait !! :)

Anton Corbjin ? Blargh... this guy made the worst things on Roxette universe... the “Stars” and “Salvation” videos.


All the best

@ animalkingdom:

“One of the album’s advantages is that nothing sounds like this. While one of its disadvantages is that nothing sounds this...”

What on earth is he babbling about??!

He means that the fact that this album sounds like nothing he has done before is both an advantage and a disadvantage... Per’s humor :)

I wonder which other musicians contributed to the recordings, for example is there a drummer or are drum machines used instead. I am intrigued to hear about the different style but I really hope that the music has real drums and some guitars. Exciting times and excellent news... it certainly has been kept a big secret as it is only 46 days to the release! Best wishes, Rich-UK

@ Hapsari : hey, I’m from Indoesia too... My name is Miedy, saya juga punya teman bernama Hapsari, juga sama-sama Rox mania. Is that you?!!!!

anyway, I’m happy that we could hear Marie on the album. Now I know why Roxette only released compilation, because Per was focused on his SOLO album!!!! but it still a great news anyway, because I know it will be great album, but unfortunately it’ll be swedish and probably only sell in Sweden too :(

but I’m happy Marie will on it too :)

@Roxeanne: I think it’s from the “Äntligen” tour...

Oh great we get to hear sweet Marie voice again as well... cannot wait!!

in an interview he said that he had written songs in swedish tjat was like kung av sand

That’s great, fantastic news!!!! I love Per and Marie!!! It’s so good to know that Marie is feeling better!!

Seriously people, why are you complaining about the album only being available in Swedish, and acting like you can’t get a hold of it where you are?

Per is a Swede, and was raised speaking and singing Swedish. It’s his home country, and if he feels like he wants to record something in his native tongue, I’m all for it. I’ll still buy it and listen, even though I don’t know a word of Swedish. :)

And those who are complaining about not being able to buy it, are you really not familiar with eBay or the Internet stores that sell imported music around the world? Even if you don’t have a credit card, one of your friends should be able to order it if you give them cash, right? You are Internet-savvy enough to make it here, you should be able to manage acquiring a CD. :)

The DVD won’t be subtitled of course...

It´s great news! I´ve been waiting so long for this! And thank Per for doing it in swedish! You´re doing it best that way! You have made my day and rest of the year!!!!!


I think it is great that Per did a Swedish CD - shows he is true to his roots and did not forget where he started. I do not speak Swedish but cannot wait to get the CD - especially knowing Marie is feeling well and has a song on the CD!

I hope it is worth buying....

BEST NEWS since ... well can’t say since when!

When I read the headline, I thought I’m having fever and I’m haluzinating!
It’s so gr8!!!!

New PG-Solo album, Marie recorded a song, she feels much better - almost fine!! Woohooo!!!

It’s a beautiful day!!!!!!

Per, tusen tack!

This is great news and when I read that Marie is singing on it it made it even better! Can’t wait to hear it, actually really looking forward to the DVD do you think there is a chance Marie will be on the DVD too?

Tvennsso: How do you know it wont be with English subtitles? I hope it will be as I can’t understand Swedish but I have a feeling it wont :(

Well, let me ask you a question: why would a DVD made exclusively for Sweden have ANY subtitles on it? Besides the fact that it costs extra to put it there.

yeah why should the dvd come with subtitles or be released internationally? It’s a Swedish album, ... are MF’s albums released abroad? no (except from Japan)

Well Per is in a band called Roxette who have sold over 40 million albums worldwide and there are plenty of english speaking fans like me who also enjoy the swedish stuff, and want to know what is being said.

This is not to be taken rudely at ALL; but if Per wanted the Roxette fans all over the world to understand this album, wouldn’t he have recorded it in English?? ;)

Well, was the last GT album and EP released internationally? no. It takes too much money to release a Swedish album in every single country where Roxette have fans... I mean *who* except Roxette fans would buy the album?
I don’t know, I find it too obvious that I don’t know how to explain why it shouldn’t be published abroad.

you have to ask us swedes here to translate it for you....


i don’t like mazarines.... couldn’t he choose a better title *lol*

“Well, let me ask you a question: why would a DVD made exclusively for Sweden have ANY subtitles on it? Besides the fact that it costs extra to put it there.”

Captions for the hearing impared are sometimes a standard, have you never seen english speaking movies with options to English captions?
so it wouldn’t be weird to see swedish subtitles at least....

Pauls McCartney USA 2000 tour DVD has english subtitles.... even for the songs.

It’s your secon remark about languages, tevensso, that i consider really stupid...
maybe you should reconsider your stand about the languages subject realise what are you making yourself look like.

I’m not even gonna comment on that. DUH!

Did Marie’s DVD have English subtitles... NO!!! Why should Per’s? Especially if it is not going to be a worldwide release.

If you read the information, this is not a release for Roxette fans just like his old Solo records were not a release for GT fans... It’s a way, as he did then to let out some feelings or just his musical creations.

It’s not a Roxette DVD. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it! And in any case, you know as soon as it comes about someone will translate it as has been done for just about all other releases.

People need to be a bit happier that something NEW is getting released and bitch a little less. I can not speak Swedish and I am as excited as hell and am happier that it is in Swedish and not an English album. I did like TWATG, but his Swedish records have more feeling.

but who the heck was bitchy??.... people only suggested, i only suggested english subtitles, i personally didn’t demand a thing...

and tevensso, pay more attention to the way you express your remarks.... they tend to sound “elitist”. I know it may not be intentional, but pay more attention.

and jackie, the roxette dvd didn’t have subtitles.....

and i don’t care the language of the album.... everything’s welcome from per solo.

Marie sings??

Well, surprise and no surprise: Marie has sung in every Per Gessle solo album, in ALL OF THEM.

In DVDs isn’t it that you can change the subtitles and deselect them? So where is the problem... I mean, some of you see wrong things everywhere :s
I think he should put subtitles in Swedish, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Indonesian!!!
(In DVDs you can ALWAYS deselect them to “keep it pure”, but there are fans from all around that would love to know what is he saying...)

AND in the case there would be subtitles, why should they be in English?? IF there would be subtitles for deaf people, they would be in Swedish, so?

who said there should be in english, i said at least in swedish.

Ferdan 5/1/2003 08:53

Yes Per!!
don’t forget english captions!!

don’t forget that you could include your former videos in the DVD!!

and don’t forget you’re the best

I don’t think there’ll be any subtitles at all... It’s a bonus DVD... They didn’t even subtitle the marie DVD, why should they subtitle a bonus dvd?

But I guess We’ll see at the 16th of june

@Judith: I wonder if deaf people would be so interested in a musician...

Ask paul mccartney!...... he even had translators for the deaf in his concerts ....

and judith, i later said at least in swedish, when i talked about mccartney dvd

well I didn’t mention that.. I also wondered myself when i read Ferdan’s post.. “Captions for the hearing impared are sometimes a standard, have you never seen english speaking movies with options to English captions?”

Didn’t know that :D
But well, we’ll have to be more humble and accept Per is not Paul... I mean...

I love that black-white Per pic.
He is so sexy!

I prefer blåbärsmazarin. ( Blueberry- mazarins.)

What’s the problem of putting subtitles onto the DVD? Per knows that many international fans are interested in this release! Subtitles are cheap and easy to make, so why not?

I don’t think they will.... I think they are affraid that we swedes should think that would be strange

huh? dvd subtitles, captions...are not over a few megabytes..

What a nice surprise we’re going to get an album so soon! I’m really happy now!!! :D

So, so great news! Let’s hope the album isn’t commercial or radiofriendly.

I can’t wait to put my hands on it and to see all Per’s pictures.
Per you really will kill me someday. My heart doesn’t bear so many beautiful pictures lke this one. You are the best man.

Fernanda - São paulo

Fantastic! Very Gessle-ish! It is a nice surprise!

I am very lucky.... I’ll just go to the closest store and but it.... I feel very sorry for you that can’t do that... Cause I think it’ll just be aviable in Sweden, Norway and Denmark... maybe finland....

I’m also from the Basque Country!!! :D

Living in Moscow I have no problem to get PG-solo stuff.

I’m surprised that nobody’s asking about promo live performance. Is it under consideration?

daniel alv, it’s 100% sure Mazarin is available also in Finland. Of course it will be, cos most of Swedish records are also available here, because Finland is two-language country.
Btw, Finnish TV-channel writes that Här kommer alla känslorna is already playing on the radio What?

Mari >>> That’s great for you... I wasn’t sure... Will you get it the 16th?


I prefer a new video by Jonas

Love the cover... it rocks...

Waw! It is so cooooooooool! :))))
This holiday I am going to Halmstad!
Don’t anyone know Per’s address?? Please write me! :)))

Great cover! Anton Corbijn (our Dutch pride!) working together with Swedish pride Gessle!

By the way, has anyone seen Corbijns exhibition in Leif’s Lounge last summer? Great pix!

i cant understand a word of swedish but i dont care its the music that counts. right????????????

I‘m very glad Per releases a new album. I wish I could understand Swedish. Does anyone know whether it will be on sale in Russia,at least in Moscow?

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