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Per: New Roxette album in four years at the earliest

Written by animalkingdom on March 25, 2003 to .

EDITOR’S NOTE - Since TDR published this item yesterday, we’ve learned that Per Gessle is “very surprised” that the Finnish paper published this. Apparently, Iltalehti’s reporter misunderstood what he said, as Per states he “never said it will be four years to the next Roxette album.” All he ever says, according to his manager, Marie Dimberg, is that “we will have to wait until Marie feels up to working again.” /LEO

HELSINKI - According to the Finnish tabloid newspaper Iltalehti, which Per gave an interview to a little while ago in the EMI office in Stockholm, Roxette might spend some time in the studio this summer. But a new album will be released only in four years’ time. There are also some plans to go on tour with Gyllene Tider because of the 25th anniversary, but as Per stated, “everything has to be perfect.”

  On a side note, the “thing” about the article is actually the Iraqi war which Per opposes strongly. But Per is not going to write peace songs. “We’re not living in the 80s, so peace songs don’t have any effect. Musicians and lyrics used to have power, but now it doesn’t matter anymore,” he said.


Another 4 years? Why???? I guees it’s for Marie to feel well but it’s too long I guess, we’ve had the compilations but a new album would feel good...and the World Tour? we fans want to see them LIVE :( I guess that’s the way things are now but it just doesn’t seem fair to crazed fans like me isn’t fair life isn’t fair life isn’t fair...

And having in mind their contract with Capitol will be finished in 2007 this means Roxette’s next album is last album... How sad :’(

We’ll be patient then...but in the meantime a GT tour sounds PERFECT!!
I’m also looking forward to see them live for the first time!!!:))))

Helloooooooooo everybody! How insensitive you are
Of course that with Marie under recovery there is no chance for Roxette to take another promo tour again... She must get well and with time! It’s a very selfish thing wanting a Rox album or a song every single moment... whether you like or not, or if you don’t give a damm or you don’t understand Per and Marie’s decision to wait 4 years for a new album makes total sence to me!
First Marie then Roxette and everything else in hand both might be involved with...

Wow - four years is a long time. Any chance this article in Iltalehti is as false as Expressen’s article about Marie????? Ha ha?

However, the delay is understandable - Marie’s health and recovery is the most important thing.

Did the article mention anything about solo projects?

Yea.... a Gyllene Tider tour MUST take place next year! That would be SO cool! And actually, even if I try not to get my hopes up to high, I can’t help but somewhat counting on that it WILL happen.

I want that soooo bad!! That’s all I have to say right now. Oh one more thing... about perhaps not releasing a Roxalbum for 4 years... yea it’s a long time. But even if Marie will be (are?) physically recouvered, the emotional part are gonna take a lot longer time. You know... after going through something like that, I’d guess she wanna spend all time possible with her family and friends. Atleast I don’t think she will want to be to far away from home in any longer period of time.

That’s what I think.

well spoken, DaCapo21

That’s indeed LONG... yet understandable. I hope Marie darling will be in shape quite soon, not only because of Roxette of course!

the contract may expire in 2007 but why not sign a new one? In the meantime there’s my dreamed of GT tour approaching. Hopefully!!! :o))

@Per: THANKS loads for Bla bla bla and Little miss sorrow , yet more pearls of yours! Luv the songs!

So, is this Finnish “Tabloid” of the same variety that Expressen is? I just want to clarify, because in the US, “tabloids” are basically pieces of crap that print a small amount of truth and a large amount of lies or exagerations.

First of all, I can’t see it being 4 year until the next Rox album. I mean, come on now, when have you ever heard someone say that they’re next album won’t be released for that long? Usually, they’ll say, “year, we’re going to take some time off” or something to that effect. Sorry, but I just can’t believe that 4 years nonsense. 2+ seems reasonable, but not at least 4!

Another break of a such a long time will definetly be the end of Roxette I think. Just remember what happened during the nearly 4 years between DBUGTTC and HAND.The record sales will go down again.

This is the end.


ok now im verry woried

Per PER where are you please tell us this is not true

Ok now is 2003 + 4 years that makes 2007 right
thirere contract end 2007

urgggg that would make it the last album.

I just want to cry right now

and it’s not april yet :( :(

i’m nearly crying...!! :-(( in 4 years perhaps the last album! that’s cruel! didn’t expect something like that... :’((

4 years ?? :S

If Marie needs the 4 years to recover, I can understand this decision, but if it is possible to release an album earlier, then they should do that.
The Fans are waiting!!
If there is no good reason (read: Marie’s recovering), Roxette should not wait 4 years, otherwise it will be the end of Roxette!!
(Also looking at their age, I don’t think touring will become easier after 4 years).

well after 4 years they may truly be rendered least unless between them we get some live album or rareties package. Then of course when the ” last” album come out...unless its got alot of financial back from emi nothing will happen..what a horrible way to go out

love u per and marie

Okay 4 years is a long time. But I think they need the time , esp Marie. we will see. But it´s the most important thing that she´s fine.

@stormkeeper: You hit the bul´s eye...

Well I can appreciate all of you revealing true understanding for Marie´s situation.
However, one could object, that either brain cancer kills you or you kill it within a maximum of one year, and that either extermination is a total one, so that there is no physical need for a 4 year recovery.
Under normal circumstances, I would not say that cause I could understand that an experience like this might cause a shift in the personal priorities.

I said I “could”, cause I really would in any normal case of this kind. But this is not a normal case. This is Roxette! ROXETTE!! R-O-X-E-T-T-E!!!

Roxette, who have the power and the responsibility bring to the world real sugar, sorry, real peace and pleasure.
Roxette, who alone give us the Sound of the Crashing guitars which is the air that we breath, and the rythm which is the pacemaker for our hearts.
Roxette, who make this world a better place, the best in the universe, and convey to us the flavour and the discernment of our one and only heaven, - the Gessle World!

Guys, remember the 5 years between Tourism and HAND, when the world was covered in darkness and there was no hope to see the sunlight ever again. And now it came back to us, shall we let it slip away after just two glamouros beams and two best of compilations?

Imagine Mozart would habe paused for such a longe time due to personal quarrels - the world´s culture would be poorer today...

Did Jesus ever abstained form spreading his message, though he was crucified? How, then, can it be justifieable that Roxette do?

gessle_for_god for god!

I don’t think that in 2007 will be the last album. Why? They can sign for some more years with Emi.
I have to say that I’m really sad to read that there’ll be a new album only in 4 years. I’m sad but I understand that first Marie needs a time to be recovered. She didn’t have a simple flu and I respect her.
Hope they could release a live dvd or a live cd...something like this but in ALL world please Marie and Per because untill today we don’t have all videos ever made and more in Brazil.

As stated above, what is the credibility of this article? If it’s a tabloid, what truth is there to it?

Also, read it again: “According to Finnish tabloid Iltalehti, which Per gave an interview a little while ago in the EMI office in Stockholm, Roxette might just go to studio this summer.”

Did you guys completely overlook that? That makes no sense. Why *might* Roxette go to the studio this summer YET WAIT 4 YEARS TO RELEASE A NEW ALBUM!?!?! What is the whole purpose of Roxette going into the studio then? If Marie isn’t up to working or not feeling good, how can she be strong enough to undergo a recording project this summer. Recording is not a simple process.

If the article stated that Per might go into the studio this summer, that is believable, since he more or less lives in the studio. But the word used here was “Roxette.”

And if Per did say this, lol, how exactly does he have a time limit planned out? 4 years? What exactly would make it 4 years? 4 years is a long time. I just don’t see it happening, unless they plan on putting out rarity and new compilations for the next few years.

So, until further notice, I’ll take this article with a grain of salt. I suggest you all do the same and wait for more confirmation. ;)

Sounds more logical to me too.... Let’s keep on hoping!

At least, Per is against war. GOOD :)

Firstly, for all the users here is a request. Please login before you post any comment. If you not registered then please do so! TDR is a great place to hang around and rest assured you won’t regret it. Thanks!

Now for the second part. What I see in these 4 years is a GT Tour, solo Per Album in Swedish (which actually for me means nothing) and perhaps a live album called “The Live Hits”. Anything beyond this is hard for me to think of.


How come most fans seem to be a little bit selfish here?? 4 years wouldn’t even be that long, sure it took 5 years after Crash Boom Bang for HAND to be released.
First Priority is Maries health.
Besides that, I would be surprised if we don’t see any Solo stuff from either Per or Marie (Or the both of them) within the next two years anyway.

1) he´s talking about an album - they might release an ep in the meantime.
2) waiting four years lets me think that they´ve fulfilled their contract with emi, pushing out those greatest hits albums, and might want to change record label for their next release (which they can´t do before four year´s time).

I really hope there will be a GT-Tour next summer!
So I could combine 2 gr8 things, GT live for my very first time, and a Sweden-journey :)

Rock runt riket!!!

That’s almost the same how I think about! ;)

Well, (IMHO) under some reffering surcumstances, they can at least try to record and most possibly release another soundtrack single or just a couple of singles, so they will continue reminding people Roxette is still around.( So they did 13 years ago with IMHBL).

Wish luck&health to both of you, P&M! :D

I think a break of four years is as worst as possible. I remember me waiting for a new album after C!B!B! was through and how dissapointed i was as HAND finally came out. No crashing guitars anymore but dance tunes instead. I really don’t know if another break is neccessary. Room Service was a step in the right direction and i hope Per will keep on releasing stuff...
Marie’s health is important enough to give her a break, but isn’t singing the best she could do to heal herself? I think so but who i am to say so??
Stay tuned for more roxette-stuff in the near future!

Thank you so much for the new CD. The gift is brilliant. I really get crazy when I listen to the songs.

It’s good to have such Powersongs in hard times.

Thank you and love to all Roxers

Since you´re out of office, I can´t get in touch with you... If you want to, I´d be pleased to receive an e-mail from you! Thanks! :-)

@the others
Sorry for bothering you... ;-)

Per what ever you think to do ! We will suport you as your fans . We Know you won’t let us without Roxette !

I knew it, I knew it :))))))))))) Per, Marie, I love you!!!! I don’t have to wait for 4 years anymore. :D

Tabloid is the first thing here that screams at me. I trust those things about as far as I can throw a 34,000 pound bus (17 Tons). Doesn’t matter what country it belongs to, I refuse to trust a tabloid.

Now.. there’s been a retraction. *lol* Now I find THAT funny. First of all, just a suggestion to everyone:
The second you see something that contains the word “TABLOID” in it... don’t take it as fact. I mean, come on. These are people who print up stories like: “Elvis lives and he’s married to Liberace” or some crap like that. (No, I haven’t seen that headline, I MADE IT UP!!! *lol*) Anyway, just be weary when you see the word “Tabloid” printed anywhere.

Love ya all.

@everyone: Read the article again. Now it says that Per never said that it would take 4 years for a new album to come out. They’re manager says that they will just wait until Marie feels well enough to work again as she used to do.

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.


PS. Luv you both! You are real darlings :)

Hi everybody

I thing that waiting for three years isn’t so a long time! The first priority is Marie and than a great new Album.

2006 is Roxette’s 20th anniversary, and it would be great to get a party, with the new one!

Let’s have a little bit patience and we will be all happy, Per and Marie didn’t forget the Fans! I mean, they are waiting the right time, and Roxette will be climb the charts again!

Let’s Rox

Hey, I’m just happy to hear there are plans for a new Roxette album with new material - well worth the wait! :o)


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