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Per’s IT company struggles with cash flow

Written by suburber on March 10, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - Swedish tabloid Expressen reports that Per Gessle’s, Björn Ulvaeus’, Tomas Ledin’s, Peter Jöback’s and Meja’s IT company, Fame Studios, continues to have financial problems. Per and the others are partners in that company, which still has to pay taxes and is fighting with sinking income.

  Fame Studios is responsible for websites such as ABBA, Chess, Tomas Ledin, and Roxette. The companies subsidiary, Fame Development, has tax debts amounting to 15,000 SEK.

  Neither Ledin nor Jöback wanted to comment on the situation according to Expressen’s article.


Im sure Per and the others can pay that....if they do another GH album!!

or release a gt album too!!

No wonder if the majority of their work is as bad as :-/

Exactly Sascha!

Have a look at and you know WHY they have such financial updates, not a really tough design..NO WONDER IMHO!

15,000SEK isn’t much though.

Yea, is really crappy! I can’t believe they still keep it online!

It’d be better to take down the whole site. What’s online now is simply ridiculous. It’s such a shame that the official website of Roxette looks like this...

How about letting the professionals do the job for And just let the “fame” studios go...

It’s always been a source of confusion for me why someone as conscientious with his image as Per could allow himself to be represented by such a poor site.

Aside from the music, Roxette’s livelihood is greatly dependent upon their image and how they are perceived publicly, yet they seem content to be officially represented by such a poor and unimaginative website.

The design is woeful, the content is sparse and the updates almost non-existent. Its Incredible when you consider they partly own the company that produces this work.

If it’s inspiration you’re after then pay a visit to Madonna’s official website. It’s vibrant, fresh, exciting, with streaming downloads and specific content tailored for the type of connection you have. I bet every Madonna fan has this site permanently stored in their browser settings. And that’s the way it should be.

I personally don’t visit very often anymore because I have learnt from experience that there’s simply nothing there to warrant a visit. There’s nothing remotely interesting to compel me to come back time and again.

Roxette’s official website should be THE starting point of every fans web browser and yet, didn’t Per recently say that The Daily Roxette was set as his browser’s homepage?

Ask yourself why Per.

Fame studios has designed other sites besides (which as all of you said, is a horrible site), and those others are nice:

Tomas Ledin, Peter Jöback and Björn also own Fame studios.... and their sites are nice.. so I wonder who is the one to blame behind

I agree with the others. The most of the Roxette Fan pages made by fans in their leisure time are more interesting as the official website made by professionals!!!
Per is definitivly able to compensate this negative cash flow. May be they should have employ better book keepers. I think 15000SEK less tax payment is only a thing of balancing out.
You are right! the other sides look pretty fine.


Okey... so I have some kind of idea. Dunno if it’s a good one though. But anyway:

We all seem to agree on that the site are kind of poorly updated. Right? And yes, there are quite a few fanmade sites that are a lot better. SO, why don’t we get together with EMI Sweden or something, and make a official roxette roxette site, which, I suppose, could be called I don’t quite know how to explain my thoughts... but I hope you get my point??

Just my 2 SEK.


It’s not possible to order CDs from, are you sure you remember it correctly?

maybe is that bad cos they KNOW there are too many better sites around that know Roxette better than they do themselves!! xD

Maybe I would ask some fan to webmaster it.... or even better, some fanS.... a team or something... On the other hand... on the news side, it is difficult to shadow TDR and FC sites...

@ GTiG

I think your idea is great - having an official site that is maintained by a fan or small group of fans is common and really efficient. Plus, fans know what kind of information other fans would be interested in, so the content tends to be more appealing and inviting.

Count me in on this idea. Web sites are so important for keeping die-hard existing fans and attracting new fans. Being from Canada, it is very difficult to keep up to date on Roxette and Per and Marie’s solo work, so I really rely on the Internet for updates and contact with other fans.

roxette se wasn’t designated as their ffical hoe page if youremember it was set up to promote RS and the tour thats why it hasn’t been updated int heir cd’s the offical hompage is noted as

I am a web designer! I will work for such a project! Plus I will assure we keep on updating the whole thing.

According to Dagens industri he owns 10 % of the company.
The total investment was 1,5 millions kr, and the loss in 2000 was 6 m kr., your award is in the mail!


told ya, bunny, told ya..... ;)))

thats why i prefer to earn my money with erotic sites....

phreaky: cash flow goin’ “woohooo” cuz a wars comin up....(note that sex sells especially in critical times)


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