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Marie’s CDs from the box to be sold separately

Written by daniel_alv on March 8, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - Not surprisingly, as it was the intention from the very beginning, EMI has now released Marie’s five remastered solo albums that were packaged together last year in the box set “Kärlekens Guld.”

  With stock on the previous back catalog diminished, these new CDs will replace the older versions of the same albums. The albums are to be sold as “mid-price” CDs.

  • CD On (sales limited to Scandinavia/Netherlands)
  • Skivhugget (International shipping available)

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I was not aware a box set was released, sorry Marie....

i got the box set, thought they where relesed already as single albums at same time.

i don’t think the box will be deleted... you can still buy it in the shops... and the box by Gyllene Tider is still aviable...

@Anonymous: How many box sets do you need to buy? :O 15? What about giving the money for the poor people instead to Capitol Rich ones to construct more houses with swimming pool?

hi everyone,

Are these albums available in Belgium ? I have never seen a solo album from Marie in Verviers (south of Belgium), neither in Liege.
And what about Per’s solo albums (the only one i found was The world according to Per Gessle)

Are we forgotten ?

if yes, this is sad

Anyway, I wish you the best there is

Have a nice day


Both Marie’s and Per’s Swedish solo albums are generally not released outside of Sweden, with a precious few exceptions, such as Japan and Germany. So you are not forgotten, it’s just that normally Swedish music, in Swedish, does not sell at all outside of Sweden. Which is perfectly normal.

Oh I will have to buy the box!!!, did not know it has extra tracks....

Well.. I saw the CDs sold separatly on the record stores when I was living in Sweden.. so that’s nothing new..

yeah, it’s new... if someone sold it seperatly before it was the old one or they had just spiltted the box up in seperate CD’s... because the new ones was released at the 5th of march

Ah cool! I already had some of Marie’s albums and didn’t want to buy them again in a box. Now I can complete my collection, Marie’s work is superb!

i have none of her albums... so i am thinking of bouying the box....

Depends on where you’re from, but (Skivhugget) are usually very reliable. And cheap.

You can buy the Box Set by clicking on the following links:
From the USA:
From the UK:

@ pietROXette
Are you trying to make some sort of profit? ;)

Anyway, the box or the remastered albums separately (check the spelling ;) are a must...Although the bonustracks on Den Ständiga Resan don’t quite astonish anybody...

I do not speak/understand Swedish so was hesitant to purchase the box set. Now that they are being sold separately, I would like to buy one or two - could anyone recommend which two CDs from the box I should start with? I will probably end up buying all of them eventually.....

@ Shane

Well, Den Ständiga Resan & Efter Stormen are probably my favourite Marie albums...However, Het Vind has also some absolutely fantastic songs...

@ animalkindgom

Thank you.

@ animalkindgom

Thank you.

My suggestion, buy the box not the CDs on their own. It’ll end up costing MORE than the box set.

I had two of the CDS already in the box and since I am not the type to collect multiple copies of the same CD, I sold both of them on eBay.

The box isn’t that FANTASTIK! It’s just a cardboard box sleeve and the CDs are inside in their jewel cases w/their sleeves. There is no booklet (Like the PG one has, then again GT one doesn’t have a booklet either if I recall correctly).

It is worth it for the extra tracks and for the folks who don’t have a DVD player, you get the CD that comes with Äntligen DVD which is the concert. Also the box has the CDs numbered in order of release which I thought was cool.

So there you go. For people in the USA check CDnow/Amazon, often they will have sales on Imports. A few years ago I got the GT Box Set, Halmstad’s Parlor, Juni Juli Agusti Single , Det Är Över Nu single and e.p. for dirt cheap. I think the total for all of that came out to about $70 bux or so.

Happy hunting!

I don’t wanna talk about Skivhugget’s international shipping. I had a lot of problem with them...

@ Jackie_Radiorox and MF Fan in Chicago

Thank you for the feedback - probably be best if I just bought the box set now, rather than picking up one CD at a time. Having all of the CDs will be a good way to learn the language! :-o

Yep, besides there are translations of the album songs on the Web! :)

@ M.F.-Fan in Chicago:

For instance here > :)

Forgot to say: click on “lyrics” ;)

That’s a great idea, escpecially for the people who have these album already since a few years. :-)


Thank you very much from M.F.-Fan in Chicago, now larshakan.


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