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“Pop Hits” expected to match “sister’s” success

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on February 18, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - With “The Pop Hits” scheduled to be released on March 24th, in Sweden and in many other countries, the first single from the album (the “sister album” to “The Ballad Hits”) has been sent out to radio stations.

  According to Li Eriksson at Capitol Sweden, “the trend is clear - in Sweden radio producers go nuts and it is already the highest climber, the highest increase in plays and the highest increase in audience – jumping from #69 to #11 in the airplay chart.”

  Beginning this week, the video (done in animated cartoon style) is being played on Hot Rotation at MTV Nordic.

  The cover of the album, shown at right (courtesy Capitol/Roxette Recordings), fills in the popcorn star outline as expected, and adds some confetti and party glasses.

(daniel_alv, Roxmaniac and Judith Seuma contributed to this article.)

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Är det ett party eller är det...........????? PARTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!


I like them so much.

i love it!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!

Mmmh... Looks a bit weird!

But it’s an eyecatcher! :-)

Ey! Me likes!

it’s nice! like it :)) party party party :)

Party Party

me like ;)

YAY!!! Now this a cover I like!! Thought the cover with only the star looked a bit boring... but this is totally awesome!!!


shouldn’t the last track have been let’s party when the cover says party party, the star says stars...

and shouldn’t the single to On also be changed?

WOW great cover.

Uebaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I loved it. It’s really great!!!!
Fernanda - Brazil


Me wonders when it will be released in UK???And the single ON too!! Everyone I have shown my video to has gone wild!!!the question they asked was when can we buy it????
It’s time to PARTY.....say, any London based Roxfans wanna make some noise with ON and me?hehehehehehehehe that would be something!!!!


I dig the cover! It says, “good times, celebration and party!”

I thought they would have had some little poppers in the pic too!!
Good on you Roxette love the art work!!!!

Are you all in denial? The cover SUCKS. There is no other word for it. It looks like some cheap wedding CD. It doesn’t even fit in with The Ballad Hits. I would have preferred only the star because then the 2 CDs would somewhat be the same, but this cover is too busy

No way! I love this Cover! It is great, it is fun, it is the BOMB!

Does not fit to the Ballad Hits cover I think..! )-:
I liked the “empty” version a bit more, looked more noble.

Maybe it doesn’t fit the Ballad Hits cover because it’s not the Ballad Hits!! Have you thought of that?
Ballads are more subtle so is the cover and The POP songs a little more busy, so is the cover!! For me as a designer/artist I don’t tell anyone my plans till it’s done, for this reason, someone will bag it before it’s done.
Opportunity Rox On with this new Roxette material! We are lucky we are getting this stuff as it is, not for any reason but NO OTHER DUO have gone this far and still produce top quality material that I know of, so sit down, shut up, look and listen! Please enjoy what they are doing for their fans, yes that includes you!!

I love it - it looks awesome - I don’t think that it matters that it’s a little different to the Ballads cover - it’s still the same style - the Ballads background had milk bubbles and this cover has other stuff - it’s great! - Rich

I love it! It’s fantastic! It’s pure POP :)
The cover really fits the tracklisting!

Let’s party, party, party ....

i like the previous one better as well... it’s less... ehm... well it’s simple and that suits roxette better... it would be nice to have two versions though... this one for the limited edition.... and the simple one for the extra 9 million.. :) aim high!!

Don’t you remind it a bit of Tourism cover? BTW, i like it... :)

This one looks really cheap, like “dancing hits for a children party” ...

And the Cover-Art didn’t fit to TBH, and this is NOT because of the content, the old picture published here on TDR was fantastic together with the one from TBH...

Remember what was written about the Cover-Design of the GH-Compilations?:

“While the raspberry motif is being used for the ballad album, it is expected that some other object that ties in, yet is different, will be used on the up-tempo collection. The end result will be a series that
has a coordinated look and feel... “

taken from:

there’s no “coordinated look and feel” anymore, only the first three Covers fit each other - Hope it will be only on the limited version or just in germany.

Woohoo...great news. That’s what I expected - ON is going to be a huge success in Europe, I hope Marie and Per can go on with their success in Germany as they did with the Joyride and so on.

Concerning the cover: I don’t know what to say, it’s just great, greater, the greatest.

Regards from Germany

it fits TBH, if they change the style of ON single to

The designers must be REAAAALLLYY busy, because it must have taken them at least 5 seconds to come up with the CRAP, CHEAP, CHILDISH design...

I guess it was done for free can’t see how someone can actually pay someone to design something like this for their best work done throughout the years!

this cover should present 15 years of great pop music? no - never. the star without this crap was perfect but now this idea is just botched!

The cover is great for one reason only. Trying to see it from a non roxfan point of view... it sends out signals saying that this is a happy album, with lots of poptunes. And a happy album is good to have at any party. Which leads to the conclusion that non roxfans will see this cover, and think” oh, what is this? It seems cheerful so it must be good....

A happy CD-buyer are always more likely to buy a CD they might not buy if they were in a bad mood, and this cover helps to get people in the right mood for buying CD’s.

Just my two pence....


the positive thing is that the star looks better i think on the new cover

This cover ROX. And I can believe what EMI is saying about “OpNox” charging up the airplay charts in Sweden... I just heard it twice in under an hour, monitoring only two stations (RixFM and MixMegapol)! I wonder if I’ll hear it again if I switch to Radio Stella now... (-:

Do you think they need the money?
I think not! I think now all the ignorant “Roxette, are they still together?” people will see how active they have been. And a good way to boost sales of their past records.

I think that EMI wants to make more money, not Roxette

Wow, the cover looks really nice. I like it.

the old one looked definitely classy, it had style and though i haven’t seen the new version (my monitor does not displays the pictures) i’m not convinced about the changes as that suited very well. it was just perfect and perfection should not be changed.

please say the pop album is getting released in the u.k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
as 4 the cover-i think its great,and anyway its the tunes on it that matter!!!!!!!!
its a shame roxette are’nt touring yet-as a young
fan i’ve never had the pleasure of seeing them live!!

imi place .... pe bune.....suna-ma 0723687898

The first time I saw the Opportunity Nox video, I love it, absolutely! Sounds more like their earlier stuff. Can’t wait to get a copy!!

Hello all,
I am in Canada, and I just checked the website, and it shows Pop Hits with a release date of 2003-04-22 @ $24.99 CDN. However, it also shows Pop Hits Japanese import that had a release date of 2003-03-12 @ $48.99.

I thought it wouldn’t be released until March 24th. Unless the date for the Japan import is incorrect. I wonder why the Canada release date is so much later.


Thanks for your time.


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