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“The Ballad Hits” to be released in USA

Written by s-czopek on February 18, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - After several months of indecision and delay, “The Ballad Hits” will finally be released in the United States on Tuesday, April 22.

  Executives at Capitol USA have, apparently, been encouraged by the European and UK success of the album and the ability of the lead single, “A Thing About You,” to drive sales.

  “The Ballad Hits” has sold more than one million
copies already worldwide.

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(Even if I am not from USA.)

thank god :)

GREAT NEWS!!!! Just as long as they do a bit of promo - like here in the UK, then I am sure it will do very well indeed. This could be the making of Roxette again if it comes off.

I am nearly peeing myself with excitement!

Great news! This album should be released in the entire world anyway....

Guys, hold your horses. We had been told too many times that the Ballad Hits would be released in the US but it always gets prosponed.
I do not believe it gets released until I see it!

Äntligen!!!! Wouw!!! this news is Great!!!!!
viva roxette!!!
rox on!!!!

Good news indeed but I got something in my mind. EMI did some promotion in U.K because was the Valentine’s Day was near. It is history now, so atleast I am not sure about any kind of promotion in U.S.

The pop hits will make it IF TBH becomes a sucess in U.S.

Let’s cross our fingers!! The key for ROXETTE to come back with Success is “PROMOTION”, without it they are not going to get far in the US market.
Let’s organize another ROXattach in the US!! And show the World who really ROXETTE Fans are.
Sebastian - Miami

Great news! They have to do promotion for the album!


I agree that without promotion, no commotion!!! I still think there should be more done here in UK!!!

ROX ON FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fantastic! I definately agree that we need to get a USA support team rolling along. If anyone has any good ideas to get the initial promotion going, state them here.


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