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Written by daniel_alv on February 13, 2003 to .

GERMANY - The German website of EMI has now put links to snippets of the new songs from “Pop Hits” online on their website. The songs aren’t there yet though.

  It’s listed for March 24th and the new songs are previously known… And the site also refers to the CD as “limited edition”.

1. Opportunity Nox

15. Little Miss Sorrow (previously unreleased)

16. Stupid (from the movie “Spun”)

17. Makin´ Love To You (previously unreleased)

18. Better Off On Her Own (b-side “Stars”)

19. Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla (You Broke My Heart) (previously unreleased)


BTW EMI Germany is very good in placing links to non-existing sound snippets on their website. Some of the Ballad Hits sound samples reamin still unavailable.

(Edited: removed my reply to a posting that was deleted.)

This site a software site! How can snippets be there?

BTW, can’t understand most things in that site!

Carlos E., New York.

I can’t wait to hear Stupid! I wonder how much Marie sings?! All the best (and enjoy :-) Rich

Oh, EMI Germany forgot to delete the last two trax in favour to their great copy-protection! ;-)
Will we really get the WHOLE album in Germany this time? I can’t believe it, although there’s more space because the songs are shorter... wow!

Wow, we’re getting all bonus songs? That has to be a mistake! ;-)

yay! so coolies

“sorry, this track isn’t online yet”

...blargh not even ON is online on their site....


@LEO/Visa: Do you happen to have any info on whether the tracklist on the CRG-homepage is correct this time? You might remember the confusion with TBH when they had the wrong tracklist on there for weeks...

whats the sense of posting this is none of the links work?

no way i am gonna listen to them. Don’t plan to spoil the fun of waiting this time :)

@ gyllene tjej: Don’t worry, from this page you definetly not gonna hear the songs before you’ve bought the CD!

The people responsible for our 2 friends at Capitol are not doin’ a great job!!! (What a surprise, eh?)

By the way: STILL waiting to hear ON on the radio! Not to mention about the VIDEO on TV!


I just heard Opportunity Nox and I absoultely love it. It reminds me a lot of Make My Head Go Pop. Roxette are back. Get well soon, Marie.

hi everybody,

what a pitty ! i can’t listen to the new songs due to a technical problem and i suppose i’m not the only one ... :-)

anyway i prefer to wait for the CD; my point of view: this is great to listen to new numbers the first, but you haven’t got the opportunity (Nox !!!!) in such a way to wait and imagine by yourself how it sounds ...
Have a nice day everyone
Do wha

Hi everybody,

What a pitty i can’t listen to the new songs due to a technical problem but i suppose i’m not the only one. :-)

Anyway i prefer to wait for the CD; my point of view: this is an opportunity (Nox !!!) to imagine how it sounds and the results is always amazing because it’s always a bit different ...

Euh well ?
Have a nice day
Do what you want but don’t harm no one ...

what did i do ? oops !!! sorry :-) :-)

Hm, to be honest I REALLY don’t like snips of songs cos they really don’t say much about the song. Yea I know a remake by Thomas Anders of The Sweet, Hello The Sad Goodbye, there are others too of that song, but guess? I didn’t know he was from MT (Moderning Talking)...haha :)


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