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Ballads hit the UK just in time for Valentine’s Day

Written by steven on February 2, 2003 to .

LONDON - It’s an event that rarely occurs in the UK and when it does, it typically happens with little or no publicity. But this time, not only is the UK getting a new Roxette CD… the record label appears to be willing to spend some money promoting it!

  British fans who are excitedly awaiting the release of Roxette’s “The Ballad Hits” tomorrow (Monday, February 3rd) were delighted this evening to witness a rare glimpse of prominent promotion.

  During the commercial break of one of the UK’s most popular TV shows, Coronation Street, a short commercial was aired announcing the release of the new album and indeed Roxette’s new single “A Thing About You.”

  The advertisement was repeated immediately after the program as well, mentioning that the album will be available from Tesco, HMV, Woolworths and Virgin.

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Good to hear that at least in the UK, Ballad Hits is getting some promotion, unlike the release they had here in Canada.

it’s good

hope atay will reach no. 1

@Anonymous: what was that?? :)

Anywayz great news!!! Hope ATAY makes a dent in the UK market!


yAY yAY!!

Wow. Did anyone see this commercial. Btw, just saw that Erasure entered the uk charts at #17. Sure Roxette could beat them, couldent they?

@Anonymous. Lets hope that “The Ballad Hits” will be a B-I-G hit in the Uk so that ppl in the US wake up and see Roxettes potencial!

i normally watch corrie aswell. dame i missed it , i cant believe it.

Hope ATAY will top the charts in the UK.

What about Australia???

What a surprise!! EMI doing some work for a change!!

When is this single released? Rich

next week, by all accounts

yaaaaaaaaay!! i have it!!!! and without the copy protection it plays much better! yay!

No EP version for UK...


@steven: at least we have it thou!


Small comfort for me my friend...

Why can Mainland Europe enjoy the benfits of an EP, but rip-off Britain has to ’make do’ with the regular edition? Are we considered lesser deserving?

Surely there cant be that much more in terms of production costs?

The way I’m feeling right now I can see a strong argument for MP3’s.

Steven, a bunch of countries in mainland Europe didn’t get the EP. As far as I know, the one disc edition was released in Hungary, Austria, Spain, Portugal, etc. Maybe the only place with the bonus EP is Sweden?

Oh YAY! I missed the ad though, went to the cinema instead. GRRR!
I’ll be watching the ad break in Corrie without blinking tonight! Hehehe!

Haven’t seen the Ad yet but tomorrow ’Pretty Woman’ is being aired - what an opportunity for some more promotion

CCCCOOOOOOOLLL!!!REAL COOL!!!! FINALLY I HAVE IT!!!! C’mon.lets start requesting for airplay, best way to advertise the song! By the way, does anyone know if there will be the Jewel box set of ATAY??

LET’S ROX THE UK’S SOX OFF!!!hehehehehehe!!!!

Wait for it. I went into my local Woolworths today and guess what, they had SOLD OUT of their copies (don’t know how many they had in but who cares!!!!!!)

according to there will be a bonus EP edition for UK.

@louise:”Wait for it. I went into my local Woolworths today and guess what, they had SOLD OUT of their copies (don’t know how many they had in but who cares!!!!!!) “


I’m not surprised Woolworths were sold out, our woolworths had all of four copies! Not difficult that is it?

gosh id love a speacial

@Twilight-Ghost: what about Australia?
it was released here with no promo so far and thats about it (no EP as well). I’m gonna email them and see what’s happening with The Pop Hits.
Maybe they’ll promote both together. Otherwise i’m importing again!

I have been emailing my local station and they said they would listen to it and then make a decision....not sure though :(

i couldnt find anything on the TOTP2 Website about a special... but i suggested it. lol

if you wanna harrass them into considering a rox special go here:

good luck :)

have emailed them too / hey cannabispete - I’m from Shrewsbury!

hey there onlywhenidream, yea, i just replied to your message on faceparty...

how cool is that? theres only afew miles of fields between us, i didnt think there was another rox fan within 100 miles or something. lol.

anyway, its great to hear from you. keep in touch :)

can i just add, i think that if roxette dont release breathe in the UK then theyre CRAZY. i mean i’m no music expert, but its fresh, beautiful, and not overdone, and infact very much what the UK market is going for at the moment...

definately one of the best roxette songs of recent times...

Hey thanks a lot Steve :). Hm, well wait a minute! I remember Per Gessle saying that it would be released in UK AND USA? I remember Per!! I have a sharp mind ;). Hm, but I don’t mind if you don’t wanna release it in USA it is okay.

Hm I hope it does wonderfully in UK.

i hope it does well tooooooo! and i agree that they should release BREATHE... after all, most people remember and recognise Roxette for Marie’s voice after all!!

HEJ all you other UK roxers! i’m from milton keynes ;) hope you all have the album :)

just bought it it’s great

chris ie: Lemmi shake your hand! Good on ya! Hehe! :)

I HATE living in Devon. Nearly all the Roxers I know of, or have read messages from live South East and North etc.

I told my sister to buy the album... the reply I got was, “Pffft, no thanks”... GRRR! She used to like Rox.


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